Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five Great Ways to Have Date Night at Home

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By Jenna Brown

These days, finding enough time in your hectic life to really connect and enjoy your partner can be pretty tough. Between working, caring for the children, and carrying out the daily routines, there seems to be minimal time to really enjoy each other. While taking care of business is important, cultivating a relationship with your spouse or significant other is an ongoing process. Many couples introduce a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly date night that allows them to get away and reconnect.

Don’t have the money for an expensive night out on the town? Or maybe you don’t have a sitter willing to watch the kids? Don’t let that discourage you. What you don’t realize is that you can enjoy and reconnect with your significant other from the comfort of your own home. Now before you start frowning at the idea of having a date night indoors, check out these creative ways to spend time while saving a dime.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Divorce Court Husband Wants N1.4M Wedding Expenses Refunded By Wife

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A middle-aged-man, Collins Nduka, on Thursday pleaded with an Ojo Customary Court in Lagos State to order his wife, Sefinat Nduka, to refund N1.4 million he spent in marrying her. He pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage and order Sefinat to return his belongings which she allegedly parked away and money to him so that he could continue with his life.

Collins told the court that his wife, whom he married three years ago, had decided to abandon her matrimonial home for more than a year. According to him, the three-year-old marriage is being threatened and every bit of her action portrays her as someone no longer interested in the union.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Man Says Lady He Met Online Was Greedy For Wanting To Meet At Fast Food Joint [Photos]

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It would be funny if it wasn't so depressing that some educated online Nigerians think like this! In a viral Facebook rant, a young Nigerian man, Azolike Nonso Afamefuna lamented about what he called the greed of a lady he met on social media. They quarelled while discussing how to meet up in person after months of social media love, because he was not happy that she demanded they meet at a fast food joint. For this, he says she's not wife material. Read his rant below which has received several likes and shares and has over 1000 comments, majority of them bashing the author...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kate and Prince William Show Off New Princess To The World [Photos]

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Congrats to Kate and Prince William as their family has been added to with a new baby girl! The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby girl at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington around 8.34am this morning UK time. The new royal baby is reported to have weighed in at 8lbs 3oz, and came almost one week late after 3hrs of labor.

News of the birth was announced earlier with a notice attached to the railings outside Buckingham Palace around 11am this morning. The newborn is 4th in line to the throne. Prince William was present for the birth, and now the parents of two have showcased their new daughter to the world. See all the photos below...

So Sad! Rio Ferdinand Loses Wife Rebecca Ellison To Cancer

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This news is so sad because I remember while I was still in the UK, reading about English footballer Rio Ferdinand in the papers falling in love with Rebecca Ellison. I was dating Atala long distance at the time, and as it turned out, they got married the same year as we did.

So imagine my shock when I read the news today that Rebecca Ferdinand died in a hospital in London following a short battle with cancer. Rio Ferdinand's announcement of the sad news is terribly heartbreaking.

Lauryn Hill Apologizes For Missing Nigerian Concert In New Video

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Lauryn Hill released an official apology to Nigerians for not showing up at the May Day Live event yesterday, blaming it on the promoters and flight schedules. While the singer's apperance in Nigeria has been postponed, the former FUGEES member took her apology to heart by releasing a video apologizing again. She also performed one of her hit songs, 'That Thing'. Check on it below!

Eye-popping Facts About The Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight - Tickets, Betting, Cash Winnings!

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The highly anticipated fight between boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is happening today and some of there are some eye-popping facts and figures emerging about the bout! Like the picture above shows, some people paid upwards of half a million dollars for tickets to watch the match live. Also, it has been reported that the betting on the fight is unprecedented.

Rita Dominic & Other Actresses Turn Out For Funeral Of Oronto Douglas [Photos]

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The funeral for former presidential aide, Oronto Douglas, took place earlier today in Bayelsa State and Rita Dominic among other Nollywood peeps turned out to say their final goodbyes. She shared these photos on Instagram saying;

Funeral service at the Church Of Nigeria(Anglican Communion) in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state for late Oga Oronto Natei Douglas.. Final journey home.. May God rest your kind soul.

Men Are The Biggest Gossips + Gossiping Is Good For You

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Men cannot keep a secret - and are now worse gossips than women, according to a study last year. Researchers have found that, contrary to the assumption that women can't wait to spill the beans, it is men who are first to pass on confidential information.

Thanks to social media, men no longer wait to see their mates in the pub and typically share a secret within three hours, the study found. And almost half of men admit to blabbing about a secret within minutes of first being told about it. In comparison, women will keep it to themselves for at least three and a half hours before passing it on.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

African Husband Threatens Hunger Strike After 88-Year-Old UK Wife Is Remanded in Care Home

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Ousman Jatta, 45, married British Beryl in the Gambia, when they were 32 and 75 years old respectively. The couple moved to the UK 9 years ago and Ousman soon took up a job as a store secrity officer. He has remained devoted to his much older wife who has since declined in health and developed dementia.

The much younger man, who is his wife's primary carer, received an emotional blow after he took her to a care home for respite - and social workers refused to hand her back. The devoted hubby dropped her off at a care home in February for respite while he took a well-deserved three-week break to his homeland. But when came back to the UK and went to pick her up, he was told social services had intervened and ruled his dementia-suffering wife couldn't return home with him.