Saturday, March 7, 2015

Man Connives With First Wife To Sell Off New Born Baby By Second Wife

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A 31-year old man, married two women, has connived with his first wife, who was yet to have a child to sell the new born of his second wife for the sum of N500,000. The reason according to him was because he was unemployed and needed a loan. The couple succeeded in selling the baby after deceiving the new wife to come to Lagos with her child, where she and the baby were put in a hotel. The husband took the baby away and locked the mother in the room without alerting anybody or dropping the hotel key.

She was there for four days until an employee thought of opening the door and alas they met her there weak and almost dead. The police were called him, and they managed to trace the man, arrested him alongside with his wife and the person that bought the baby. Read excerpts from the story below...

Dele Momodu Blasts Patience Jonathan - Apologize to APC, Buhari and The North!

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Dele Momodu has dedicated his regular column published on today's Thisday Newspaper to Patience Jonathan, the wife of the incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan. The former presidential candidate called out three recent utterances by the First Lady which he insists crossed the line from politicking to insult and outright defamation. He asks that Mama Peace speak more words of peace and apologize to those she has insulted. Read below...

Couple Love - Mark Zuckerberg Appreciates Wife In Sweet Facebook Message

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Mark Zuckerberg is known for being the founder of Facebook, and most often his public page on the site is all about his work. But a few days ago, he took the time to show some PDA to his wife, Priscilla Chan, by giving her a shout out on the occassion of her winning an award. He wrote;

I'm so proud of Priscilla Chan for all the good she does in the world. When we first met at Harvard, she was running a program to mentor students in the nearby projects. After she graduated (she actually made it!), she became a school teacher. She went to medical school and became an award-winning pediatrician, working with underserved families at our local public hospital. All this while working with me on our education and health philanthropy, and now working on new ways we can care for children as well. Priscilla, you're such an inspiring person, and I'm so proud to support you and see what you do next.

Omawumi On Why She & Husband Waited So Long After First Pregnancy To Get Married

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Singer Omawunmi has opened up in a recent Punch interview  that she got pregnant for her now husband, Tosin Yussuf, when she did not know him well enough for a committed relationship. She said that was the main reason they had to take their time after the baby was born and not jump into marriage. She admitted that they wanted to be sure it was love, and they were not just getting married because they have a child together.

The Wonder Woman singer got married to Tosin Yussuf a few weeks ago and is expecting her 2nd child any moment from now  Their first child is now four years old. Read an excerpt from the interview below;

Friday, March 6, 2015

Couple Love - President Goodluck and Patience Jonathan Keep Fit Together

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President Jonathan is going to lead Physical Training Exercise in Abuja tomorrow and his special assistant on media, Reuben Abati shared this photo of the president and his wife, first lady Patience Jonathan, keeping fit at the Aso Villa recently. Another photo below of the two at the gym.

As they say, the couple who work out together stay happy together. This must be a stressful time for them both, and no matter our politics, I wish them the best and may their love see them through...

Photos of 8-Month Pregnant Model With Flat Tummy Goes Viral

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Model Sarah Stage has shocked many with her pregnancy baby bump which has made her Instagram photos go viral. The eight months pregnant beauty has been documenting her bump growth on her social media, and the picture above is one of her latest photos. At 8 months gone, many find it hard to believe she is even pregnant.

She spends most of her time in the gym and started off her pregnancy with completely toned abs. Some see that as a good enough reason for her small bump but others worry that the baby will be born underweight with health issues. Check out her progression from the time she was one month pregnant till date.

#WomensDay2015: 5 Inspiring Women Who Defied Space & Time To Make It Happen

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By Chinelo Ngene

Women around the world have been making it happen since time immemorial, across industries like travel, power, music, education, medicine, you name it. When we talk about adventurers and explorers, we often think this is an area conquered mostly by strong men.  However, history is littered with women who have bucked the trend of staying at home and explored the world their way.

Here are 5 women who have overcome the stereotype, who broke ultimate records, who challenged the world, who took the road less travelled and continue to inspire a new generation of women to do more and be more. Meet 5 extraordinary women who traveled the world and led adventurous lives, because they wanted to expand their horizons, earn money, or simply because boredom was not their style.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

World's Oldest Woman Celebrates 117 Years Birthday [Photos]

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The oldest woman in the world, Japan’s Misao Okawa, celebrated her birthday today, and the 117-year-old insists living this long is really no big deal. When asked about how she felt about reaching the milestone birthday, she simply said, “It seemed rather short,” but added she was “very happy.”

Okawa celebrated her birthday today early wearing a pink kimono at her nursing home and was presented with a bouquet of flowers. Okawa is one of the five documented people born in the 1800s who are still alive today (she was born in 1898).

Kim Kardashian Sparks Memes, Compared To Draco Malfoy After Blonde Makeover

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Kim Kardashian got a new platinum blonde hair makeover and trust the internet to go straight to memes as a way of poking fun at her new look! Some say the new blonde hair makes her look just like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter right. Others compare her to big bird, a white cobra, an albino owl, Jar Jar Binks, Olga from the rug rats, and more. See the interesting side-by-side comparisons I could find on Twitter below...

Not Funny! Mariah Anderson Old Baby Memes Cause Cyberbullying Controversy

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Mariah Anderson is a two-year-old baby born with Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Her mother, Kyra Pringle, a South Carolina resident first posted the baby's pictures online on October 22nd, 2013, in a GoFundMe page created by to raise money to help with her daughter's health complications due to the genetic disorder Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome.

Last month, Kyra Pringle posted the photograph below on Facebook, which shows her daughter on her latest birthday, and it went viral as many people posted a a series of insensitive memes poking fun at a photograph on various social media including Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter. The memes listed the child among the oldest babies and joked about her features.