Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Onyi Onwugbenu Carter Unveils Fiance In Pre-wedding Photos

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'2gether is our favorite place to be....#OB2015' That was Onyi MUD's caption of the photo above with which she unveiled her fiance to the world. Onyi is the CEO of MUD Cosmetics Nigeria and daughter of billionaire businessman, Chief Izu Onwugbenu, the Chairman of Louis Carter group. The couple got engaged to in November 2014 and will wed this year.

Onyinye Carter had previously shared some pre-wedding photos on her Instagram but they did not show her fiance's face. See them below...

Mike Godson On Intimate Photos & Relationship With Ini Edo

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A few weeks ago, photos of actress Ini Edo, in bed with younger actor, Micheal Godson emerged online. On the back of the photos, some reports had it that Ini Edo had moved on from her broken relationship with ex-hubby and had begun dating Mike Godson, read here.

Now, the fast-rising Nollywood actor, Michael has debunked the stories that they are a romantic couple in a recent interview with City People. On the intimate photos, he said “they were taken on the set of a yet-to-be-released movie.” On Ini Edo, the 'Losing Control' actor had this to say about why they have been spotted together at several events.

Snoop Dogg Celebrates Son's 18th Birthday With Coming to America Party [Photos]

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A lot of African Americans love the Coming to America story for it's portrayal of Africans as princes and royalty. And recently, parties themed after the 80's classic moivie have become more and more popular. Popular rapper Snoop Dogg has used the same theme for his 18-year-old son, Cordell Broadus, just a few weeks after Alicia Keys threw her husband a ‘Coming to America’ themed party.

The celebratory party held over the weekend and has gone viral on social media. Snoop Dogg’s family dressed in ‘Coming to America’ costumes with his wife Shante Broadus having the closest look as the queen, and the birthday boy as the anointed prince. See more photos below...

Mass Funeral Held For 12 Bayelsa Women Who Died In Bus Crash [Photos]

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12 Bayelsa women were killed after their bus crashed on their way from a meeting with the First Lady on February 14th. Today, the President and his wife attended the women's funeral. President Jonathan and First Lady Patience Jonathan were dressed in dark somber outfits at the event which had the family and friends of the women in tears. See the photos from the burial below..

Mom Arrested After She Beat Daughter for Failing In School & Made Her Wear Embarrassing T-Shirt

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A Florida-based mom, 30-year-old Melany Joyce Alexander, has been arrested for child abuse after she beat her middle school daughter for getting all Fs in her classes. The mom beat her daughter with a metal-studded belt, and also made her wear an embarrassing t-shirt announcing her failure.

Above is a photo of the front of the t-shirt she forced her child to wear to school. Check out the back, and a photo of the woman below...

Three Friends Celebrate Pregnancies With Joint Bridal-Themed Baby Shower

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What do three friend do when they coincidentally end up married and pregnant, all at the same time? Simple - get together, and have one big shower. That is exactly what three new mums to be - Mrs I, Olorunfemi Kus and LilMissHera decided to have - a triple bridal themed baby shower. Their beautiful friends all showed up to bless the day and one of the ladies shared some photos from the event on her Instagram page. See more below....

Don Jazzy Asks For Memes - Gets Hilarious Results

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Don Jazzy sure knows how to start trending activities on social media, whether he's giving away money, recharge cards or asking for memes. The music producer shared a couple of his recent photos from latest music video Collabo on Instagram and asked his followers to use them for creative memes. The results are hilarious. See more below and laugh it off...

Student Arrested After 50 Shades of Grey Inspired Bondage Assault On Girlfriend

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A college student who is now rape suspect told police he was only acting out the movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey' on his sex buddy who is now accusing him of rape. Mohammad Hossain reportedly tied up the 19-year-old, stripped her, and beat her until she was in tears, after she agreed to go back to his university dorm room on Saturday.

Hossain, 19, was said to have constrained her with several belts, before putting a cap over her eyes and stuffing a tie into her mouth. He is then alleged to have removed her underwear before hitting her with a belt.

Twins Conjoined At Chest Successfully Separated For The First Time in History

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Conjoined twins who were connected at the chest and abdomen have been separated after a 26-hour surgical operation that had never been successfully attempted before now. Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata were born in Texas last April and were welcomed by parents Elysse and John Eric.

The parents were told that their twin girls would be conjoined and when they were born it was found their shared the same chest wall, lungs, pericardial sac (the lining of the heart), diaphragm, liver, intestines, colon and pelvis.

Giuliana Rancic Apologizes For Weed Comment About Zendaya's Locs At The Oscars

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E! host Giuliana Rancic has apologized to Disney actress Zendaya Coleman after comments the presenter made about the teenage star's hairstyle at the Oscars backfired. The E! presenter said Zendaya looked like she smelled like weed while critiquing Zendaya's Oscar red carpet look and faux dread locks during Fashion Police Oscar episode.

Guiliana told the panel "Zendaya looks like she “smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed.” Since the comments aired yesterday, many on social media called out the previously beloved host. On twitter, many posited that the comment was racially insensitive. Giuliana apologized after Zendaya took to instagram to explain why she wore her hair in locks, and saying she felt racially stereotyped by the comments. See the apology and Zendaya's note below...