Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let's Make Love - Steamy Valentine Note Will Heat You Up & Melt Your Heart

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If you are hooked up, what did you get for Valentine's Day? This lady on Facebook shared an emotional love note she received from her boyfriend and it has gone viral. Continue reading below...

Rita Ora, Meryl Streep, Diane von Fürstenberg, Gugu Mbatha-Raw at Pre Oscar Brunch

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These women are the real boss ladies and it's no surprise finding them at the Woman inspiring pre Oscar Brunch which held yesterday. Rita Ora shared some photos from the event which was hosted by Diane von Fürstenberg. Meryl Streep gave a talk, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw also attended with her director and producer from Beyond the Lights. Rita wrote;

Listening to these women who are so influential in our society today and they support each other tremendously makes me love being a woman. Supporting one another makes our passion increase our delivery will surprise the rest of the world! Ladies let's stick together! thank you @dvf for hosting such a great pre Oscar Brunch and Meryl for inspiring us all #Oscarweek here we come!

Viral Post - Teen Is Addicted To Selfies And Has Mom Worried

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15-year old Olivia Russell is a selfie addict and above is a collage of some of the photos she shared online in one day. Olivia’s mom has explained how her daughter cannot go a day without posting numerous photos of herself on 6 different social media sites. She says she takes numerous photos even when she is dressed for school making her wait for several minutes before dropping her off.

Tracy Russell says that while the first thing that comes to her mind is how to eat this food fast when they get to a restaurant to eat, with Olivia, she has to take 12 different pictures of the food first and then post on her 6 social media pages. Tracy says she is worried. Read her touching post below...

Asari Dokubo Questions APC About Boko Haram - Does He Have a Point?

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Asari Dokubo is currently on holy pilgrimage to Mecca, but that is not stopping him from being very interested in Nigeria politics and the upcoming election. The former militant who has threatened war if President Goodluck Jonathan loses the elections posted the message below to APC on his Facebook page asking how come Boko Haram is never a problem to them. It got me thinking and while we wait from an answer from APC leadership, if they will deign to do so, I wonder if he has a point. What do you think?

Sammy Okposo Shares Romantic Message To Wife On Her Birthday

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Ozioma Mkparu, wife of gospel musician, Sammie Okposo, was a year older yesterday and he took the opportunity to shower her with praises on his social media. He shared the photo above with the caption;

"The 18th of febuary is one of the most exciting and important days in my life cos thats the day you came into this world i bless God for the day you were born cos God was most definately thinking about me when he created you and i seriously suspect that God must have created you on the 8th day after he had rested

Olusegun Obasanjo Explains Tearing PDP Membership Card

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A few days ago, former President Olusegun Obasanjo made headlines when a video of him emerged in which he watched smiling as his PDP ward chairman tore his membership card in pieces. In a phone interview with Premium Times, the two-time head of state has explained why he ‘tore’ his PDP membership card. Read below..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ayomide Defends Fiancee For Lewd T-shirt on Valentine's Day

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On Valentine's day, the lady in the picture above wore a T-shirt with the words, "I love f*cking you Ayomide Mi" inscribed on it, and photos of it went viral. Soon after, commentators came after the apparently crazy, free-spirited but love struck couple on social media, while some wanted to know who the Ayomide was to inspire such love.

RML shared his first photos here, and now Ayomide has come out to defend his fiancee, and according to him it was a printing error which they decided to go along with seeing that the 'tees' arrived late. Below is his statement:

Rapper Vanilla Ice Arrested in Residential Burglary - Police

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Vanilla Ice, 47, real names Robert Van Winkle, was a popular 90s rapper and is now TV host. Recent reports say he has been arrested for stealing furniture from inside a home in Florida close to the one he was renovating.

The rapper is facing burglary and grand theft charges, according to NBC. The burglary happened sometime between December 2014 and February at a home in the 100 block of N. Atlantic Drive, Lantana Police said.

Kim Kardashian In Cute Drawings of Her Family By Fans

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Kim Kardashian loves to interact with her fans on her Instagram and one of the sweetest ways she does that is by reposting their fan art of her photos. Check out the ones she posted recently below...

4-Year-Old Writes Heartfelt Letter To Bad Men Who Stole His Dog

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Ethan Ferrie was just 2 when his beloved dog, Fern, was stolen in April of 2013. Now the four-year-old boy from the UK, has written a touching letter to the crooks who stole the puppy. And with the hashtag, #findfern, people all over social media are helping the little boy look for his pet.

In his heartbreaking note, Ethan begs for Fern’s return and even draws a picture of his family, Fern included. See below...