Monday, February 16, 2015

Lady Gaga Engaged To Taylor Kinney - See Her Massive Bling!

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Gaga has just confirmed the engagement reports that surfaced a few hours ago. She posted on Instagram a picture of her huge, heart-shaped diamond ring with the caption; "He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day, and I said YES!" Congrats to her! See the ring and more photos from the love-struck Gaga over the Valentine's day weekend below...

Lady Gaga is engaged to Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney, whom she's been dating off and on since 2011 after they met on "You & 1" one of her music videos where he played her love interest. In a recent Howard Stern interview, Lady Gaga said that she would marry Kinney if he proposed, saying; "He is the right guy. How do we know? It's this feeling..."

#RIP Lorena Rojas - Fans React As Telenovela Actress Dies From Cancer Aged 44

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Lorena Rojas has passed away today from cancer aged just 44. Lorena Rojas was a well known Telenovel actress appearing in such shows as “Buscando el Paraíso,” “Bajo un Mismo Rostro,” “El Alma No Tiene Color,” “El Cuerpo del Deseo" and “Ladrón de Corazones”.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and managed to recover successfully. However, in 2012 she was diagnosed again, and the cancer had spread to her bones. In November 2014, she was diagnosed with liver cancer, in addition to the bone cancer. Although she fought as hard as she could, the actress passed away today to deep mourning from her fans. May her soul rest in peace. Read some of the online tributes from fellow stars and fans...

Khloe Kardashian & Amber Rose In Twitter Fight Over Kylie and Tyga Dating

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Amber Rose gave an interview, [read here] over the weekend where she slammed Tyga for dating 17 year old Kylie Jenner. She also said Kim came between her and Kanye while they were dating some years ago, and this was also at the same time as Kim was dating someone else.

Basically, Amber Rose said Kim was a love cheat and Kylie too young to be dating Tyga. Well, Khloe seems to have just heard the news this evening and took to Twitter to call out Amber Rose.

Kobe Bryant and Wife Take Helicopter Ride For Dinner Date On Valentine's Day

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Kobe Bryant is still nursing his sprained shoulder, but he made Valentine's Day extra special for his wife Vanessa over the weekend. The NBA star woke her up with a large bunch of roses and then in the evening, he took her out on a classy dinner date. And guess what? Their ride was a helicopter!

Vanessa Bryant took loads of selfies and shared the photos on her social media with the caption; Happy Valentine's Day baby! @kobebryant. She also added the tags #RomanticGetaway #ValentinesDay with lots of loves and kisses and flowers emojis.

Bruce Jenner Says He Knew Since 5 Years That He Was Female

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Bruce Jenner - pictured above with Kylie and Kendall, his two daughters with Kris Jenner, as well as his step daughters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian - has reportedly opened up to his family that he's known he was female since he was around 5 years old.

The reality star who has been reported to be transitioning to a woman also has three other children, two grown-up sons and a daughter from a previous relationship. The recent reports of knowing he felt like he should be female is according to TMZ. Read their report below...

Ashton Kutcher On Sex With Mila Kunis, Being a Father and Best Advice For Life

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Ashton Kutcher is still as much in love with his fiance Mila Kunis as he has ever been, and he made it clear that a major part of that love is their sex life. In a speech at a Tech event, he interjected,

"I get to have sex with her, it's amazing. .. I have sex with the queen of humanity, it's pretty fun." 

He added the last in reference to Mila's role in new movie, Jupiter Ascending. He also gushed about their 4-month-old daughter, Baby Wyatt.

Relax & Give Your Body A Break At Uptown Spa in Toronto

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The stress often crushes us. We are under pressure to make our quotas, to be productive and to work with people that we don’t necessarily like. Most of us are professionals in our fields and we are stretched between the family and our job. The modern capitalism can be brutal at times, leaving us with many obligations and little time to accomplish them.

In such a hectic world, we tend to forget about our wants. Nice things which we want to do for ourselves. Everyone needs a moment of clarity now and then, a place where they can feel at peace. In Toronto, such place exists at Uptown Spa.

Tyrese Puts Date On Blast For Searching His Net Worth Before Their Night Out

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While hanging out with a woman recently, Tyrese Gibson said he borrowed his date's phone briefly. And what did he find once he landed on her browser? Her last page visited showed she had just googled his net worth before coming out on the date.

The former singer, now more known for his role in the Fast & Furious movies,  immediately took to Instagram to put her on blast. He posted the picture above with the caption calling her ratchet, and asking if all ladies were now like that.

Jessica Simpson and Husband in Sexy Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired Photos

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Some men got lucky the past few days after their wives and girlfriends went to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie over the Valentine weekend. One of them was Jessica Simpson's husband Eric Johnson, and the couple are letting everyone know about it. Jessica Simpson shared these photos on her social media of she and hubby getting hot and bothered in a sexy 50 shades of Grey inspired shoot. She wrote, "I'm so in love with you V-Day #FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON."

While many of her followers are ecstatic and wishing them well for keeping the spark alive after many years together, others say the photos are too steamy to be shared in public seeing that the couple are married with 2 kids. More photos below...

Comedian Seyi Law & Wife Suffer Heartbreaking Loss of Baby

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Comedian Seyilaw and wife Stacy Ebere are currently mourning the loss of their child. Stacy lost the baby she was supposed to give birth to later this April. The couple who tied the knot in 2011 sadly lost their child before the birth.

The expectant mother has been in the United States for the past few weeks anticipating their bundle of joy before the tragedy occured. RML mourns with them and our prayers is that God strengthens and consoles them.

Seyi posted the sombre message on his Instagram page yesterday.