Monday, February 2, 2015

Mariah Carey Caught In Lip-Syncing Fail As She Forgets Lyrics To Fantasy

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Mariah Carey was one of the performers at the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival Friday, but in a part of her segment unflaterringly caught on tape, the music star - much hailed and loved for her vocal prowess - fumbled badly.

But in this clip, Mariah Carey does such a bad job lip-syncing to "Fantasy", one of her greatest songs of the '90s. She forgets lines, mixes it up, and adds new words, but not in a good way. We understand that a lot of singers and performers lip sync, but the professionals learn to do it so well that no one is none the wiser. I hope Mariah's doing OK, the divorce, her kids and all must be taking it's toll...

Man Walks Naked On Freeway Wearing Only Cowboy Hat After Snow Storm

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Travellers on the metro Detroit's freeway were shocked over the weekend to see a naked guy walking down the middle of I-75 just after a massive snow storm. One of them, Francis Gojcaj was able to make and post this video after seeing the man walking on I-75 in Auburn Hills on Sunday.

Gojcaj was very concerned that he stopped to see what was wrong with the man who was wearing only a cowboy hat as he strolled down the middle of the snow and ice-crusted freeway in bare feet.
Luckily, as you can see in the clip, someone must have called police and they soon arrive.

Auburn Hills police say the man suffered from a crisis medical condition and was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. Police say it is unlikely that charges would be filed in the case.

NFL Analyst Warren Sapp Arrested For Hiring Escorts & Assualting Them Over Payment

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Warren Sapp was arrested in Arizona on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute, in addition to other charges including assault. A spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in Phoenix, Lt. Brandon Jones, says Sapp was arrested Monday at a downtown Phoenix hotel on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute and assault allegations.

K Michelle Flaunts Curves In New Sultry Photos

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Singer K Michelle made the news last December when her new album, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? featured a controversial nude photoshoot with K. Michelle in the artwork. The portraits were very artistic but the singer faced copyright infringement accusations from another model who claimed she had done the poses before.

Putting that drama behind her, the curvaceous star shows off her curves in a bikini above, and also her underboobs in new sexy photos posted on her Instagram. Check them out below...

White Waitress Writes Viral Blog Post Defending Black Boyfriend From Racist Bullies

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Ashlyn Sullivan wrote a blog post in December 2014 that is still buzzing over the internet. Ashlyn works as a waitress in Wichita, Kansas and she wrote the post because six drunk teenage guys had given her a hard time at her work and made rude comments about her relationship. She said she had tried to use her boyfriend to get them to behave initially, but things got out of hand when she showed them a photo of her and her black boyfriend.

Ashlyn says one of them resorted to racist abuse, asking; “Awh girl, why are you dating a n*gger? They ain’t gone treat you right.”

There was a blow up and it was later that Ashlyn wrote the blog post titled, "I am not dating a Racial Slur", and defending her boyfriend which has now gone viral. Read an excerpt below...

Kim K Gushes Over Kanye At Super Bowl After Party, Fans Slam Him For Mean Selfies

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I can't talk about the Super Bowl without saying how knocked off I was by the Seattle Seahawks losing. For thefirst time, I watched the game from beginning to end, and actually understood and enjoyed it, except for the final minutes we flunked our chance to win. Too tense and sad for me. Anyway, the day has come and gone, and now it's time to move on.

Kim Kardashian gushed over the picture above of her husband Kanye West saying; "Love this pic from Kanye's performance in Phoenix over the weekend at the Direct Tv party!"

However, some other poeple are not so happy with Kanye West - who has said in the past he doesn't like smiling - because he took his mean mugging a little too far as he kept his poker face on for selfies with fans. See below...

Rita Dominic Endorses Goodluck Jonathan For President

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Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has endorsed President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, saying she will vote again for the incumbent in the upcoming elections. She listed some of the reasons for her decision in a new video released today as, his support of women in government, rule of law, support of Nollywood, freedom of information, social media freedom, etc...

9 Key Tips to Stress-Free Travels And Vacations

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By Chinelo Ngene,

When you’re going on a vacation, or traveling for recreational purposes, one can only assume that your intention is to relax and take a load off. And even if you happen to be travelling for business purposes, I’m sure you want to rest as much as possible before arriving at your destination and getting to work. Whatever the case, traveling should be stress free and not make you regret deciding to go on a trip or invoke multiple curse on yourself and several other people.

Besides the obvious things like planning ahead, using a packing list, and getting to the airport early, there are some pretty simple things that we often overlook which could actually significantly reduce our stress levels during trips. Below are some key tips for having a stress-free holiday.

Amber Rose Agrees She Was Bad at Dancing Shoki At Dbanj Concert

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There are varying reports about Amber Rose and her time at D’banj’s 10th anniversary kickoff party which she hosted. Some outlets said she only stayed 7 minutes after her brief time on stage before she left the event. But while on stage, Amber sure allowed herself to have some fun.

Like RML earlier posted, Amber Rose tried to learn shoki dance from a couple of Nigerian dancers. I said she danced like a learner, and now the budding model, actress and mom-of-one has basically said the same thing.

Dakore Akande Shares Photos Of Second Daughter For Her 1st Birthday

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Dakore Akande’s second daughter, Dasola Zahra, is celebrating her 1st birthday today and the Nollywood actress shared a collage of the pretty little girl with her parents to celebrate. She captioned the post;

‘It’s our little angel Dasola Zahra’s 1st birthday today!!! I’m not to crazy about posting my kids pictures but I really can’t help it…She is such a special little girl and I’m eternally grateful to God for her life…Pls celebrate with me! #proudmama #proudparents#aquariusbabiesrock #happy #grateful #humbled#blessed #momoftwo #lovepersonified #beauty ❤’