Monday, January 19, 2015

Actress Georgina Onuoha Finally Opens Up On Failed Marriage

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Georgina Onuoha left Nollywood over 10 years ago to get married and focus on her family and personal life. She moved to the US and was married to Dr. Ifeanyi Igwegbe for over 5 years and they had two beautiful daughters, pictured above when things were good. About 4 years ago however, Georgina left the marriage though she never gave reasons for the breakup.

However, 2015 is another new beginning and the former Nollywood actress, now nurse practioner, has found the courage and strength to talk about her painful experience. On the 7th of January, she shared a detailed post on her Facebook page recalling her heartbreak, her share of the blame in her marriage and her respect for her ex-husband. Read below...

Miss Lebanon Rejects Miss Isreal Selfie At Miss Universe Pageant

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Miss Lebanon, Saly Greige, is representing her country at the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, and because she wants their support for the voting aspect, she's being careful with the other contestants she associates with. One of those is Miss Isreal, since both neighbouring countries are not exactly on very good terms.

However, Miss Israel, Doron Matalon wants to bury the hatchet, at least at the event and between them as personal friends. She took a selfie in which Miss Lebanon appears and posted it on social media. While Miss Lebanon did not protest at the time, she has now written an apology to her fans explaining she did not consent to the picture, and also cropped out Miss Isreal in the contentious photo.

Tiger Woods Loses Front Tooth As Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn Wins World Cup Title

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Tiger Woods has been dating athletic girlfriend Lindsey Vonn for a couple of years now and he made a surprise visit to Italy today to watch her receive her record 63rd World Cup title in ski racing.

Because of his notoreity and how much the paparazzi like taking his pictures, the golf star decided to go incognito, wearing a hat drawn down over his face with sunglasses over his eyes, and a skull-designed bandana around his lower face. However, he had to pull down his mask to greet his girlfriend and photographers got pictures of Tiger Woods with his front tooth missing.

14-Year-Old White Girl Defends Her Box Braids Against Internet Backlash

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14 year old Mallory Merk received criticism from a wide section of Black Twitter after this picture of her went viral on the social media network. The cyberbulling was because she was a white girl wearing box braids.

Like most young girls, Mallory shared her her new look on Twitter with a bathroom selfie that showed off her blonde extensions flowing down one shoulder. After the backlash, issued an apology saying she never meant to offend anyone and just wanted longer hair look. What do you think, should black people own the box-braid look? Why are other races not permitted to wear black women's hairstyles?

Michael Moore Insists Snipers Are Cowards, Praises American Sniper Movie

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Filmmaker Michael Moore started an online fuss over the weekend when he called snipers cowards, except if you were protecting your homeland. The two tweets were said by commentators to reference plot points in the the movie "American Sniper" which I saw yesterday. I thought it was a powerful and touching movie, and while I'm not a big fan of war, I respect soldiers and the role they play to protect civilians when necessary.

The movie so far has six Oscar nominations, and broke highest grossing record for January after leading the weekend box office. And in the wake of people seeing the movie, the Twitter war continued with sides for and against Michael Moore's tweets.

Amber Rose Shares New Bikini Photo, Slams Haters Who Criticize Her Because She's A Mother

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Amber Rose has been on a social media offensive with sexy photos and not everyone is pleased. The mom of one and her girlfriend and fellow former stripper, Blac Chyna have been hosting parties in Miami over the weekend and she's using the photos to drum up publicity. Amber also shared photos of her outfit to a party where she got a lap-dance from a female fan.

Fans on Instagram love the photos, but some feel Amber should stop the nudity since she's already a mother and put some clothes on. Ambers has some choice words for them as well as the picture above showing off her curvy bottom. See her response and more photos from her night out below...

#MartinLutherKingDay - See Quotes, Iconic Photos From Beyonce, Common, Lupita, Gabrielle Union

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Happy MLK Day everyone! Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of God who sacrificed his life fighting for a better future for everyone. He stood for peace, he stood for freedom, and he taught us how we can advocate for both in a non-violent way. The winner of the Nobel Peace prize while just 35, MLK fought for civil rights for African Americans including the voting rights in 1965 as portrayed in the powerful movie, SELMA.

To honor the legend today being the first Monday in January, celebrities, including Beyonce, Lupita Nyong'o, Gabrielle Union, Alicia Keys and more, took to social media to share their favorite quotes, tributes and iconic photos.

Steve Harvey Celebrates 58th Birthday With Wife, Has Street Named For Him [Video]

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TV host, comedian and actor, Steve Harvey marked his 58th birthday over the weekend and celebrated by taking his wife Marjorie on a boat cruise in Miami where they showed each other major love. Remember when Marjories clocked 50 and Steve bought her a Rolls convertible? See photos.

For her husband's day, Marjorie stormed his TV show on Friday, to moderate as Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson was shown proclaiming January 17, 2015 as "Steve Harvey Day".  Steve cried like a baby! But his wife was right there with him. See video and more pictures of the couple on their boat cruise below.

‎30 Days In Atlanta Is Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time in Nigerian Cinema

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30 Days in Atlanta has been confirmed as the highest grossing movie - both nollywood and hollywood -  of all time in the history of Nigerian cinema. Ben Bruce made this known in a campaign speech that chronicles how far Nollywood movies have come since he revived cinema showings in Nigeria 10 years ago. The speech included a countdown of the six highest grossing movies in Nigeria and how much they each earned.

30 DAYS IN ATLANTA grossed 76million Nigeria Naira within seven weeks after it premiered on October 31st in Lagos Nigeria, and by Wednesday January 17, 2015 the Award-Winning movie has grossed a box-office smashing 137million Naira. Ben Bruce says he expects the movie to gross over 200 Million naira or $1 Million USD at the end of their cinema run. Kudos to AY and crew!

TIFU - Man Finds Out Wife Is Cheating On Him By Reading Her Text Messages, Shares It Online

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TIFU is a category on Reddit where commentators share confessions [Today, I F_cked Up]. Over the weekend, a man posted about how his life is now messed up, saying "TIFU by reading my wife's text messages. She's cheating on me." Simply known as MyLifeSuxNow, the mystery man first shared about the messages that blew a hole in his marriage, and then as his wife arranged to meet her lover, he decided to a live blog about the on-going affair.

According to his report, he hired a private investigator to monitor her and report back to him, and after he got confirmation, he has hired a divorce lawyer. Some do not believe his claims of being heartbroken saying he sounds too factual in his narration, and that such a real life trauma of finding out about his wife's cheating should be too emotional to share online in real time. What do you think? Read below...