Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nigerian Woman Allegedly Murdered By Husband In Texas, Baby Missing

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Houston police are now looking for the husband, Achilles Lambert, of a Nigerian woman named Anastacia Oaikhena Lambert who was found dead in her home in Houston, Texas on Monday December 8th. The estranged husband is said to have gone missing with the couple's 11 month old baby son.

27 year old Anastacia was found stabbed to death and her body stuffed inside a refrigerator in the Houston apartment. The decomposing body was found by maintenance workers after a strong foul odor was perceived coming from the woman's home.

‘Paralyzed’ Beggar Caught Running To Catch A Bus [Photos]

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A beggar was exposed as a fraud after being caught walking. The beggar who claimed to be a paraplegic, was seen using a skateboard to get around Wenling, Zhejiang, China.

People helped the sad-looking man by giving him cash. The man managed to get the sympathy of many people who thought he was paralyzed from waist down. The man added some drama to his situation by playing soft music and pulling himself around on the skateboard.

Instagram Overtakes Twitter With 300 Million Users

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Instagram was a baby network following in the wakes of Facebook and Twitter, but now, they have come into their own. The picture-sharing network now has 300million followers compared with Twitter's 284 million. Facebook is still the giant in the group with over 1Billion users.

The exponential growth of Instagram can be tied to them being bought by Facebook in 2012 when Mark Zuckerberg decided the two networks will work best together. His vision has turned out to be true as both continue to grow and overtake their competitors.

Annie Idibia Celebrates Daughter's 6th Birthday With School Party

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Annie Idibia has been gushing since morning over her first daughter's sixth birthday, which she celebrated by having a small party for her classmates in school. The little girl was dressed in a pink dress as a princess with her tiara, the same as the topping of her beautiful pink cake.

The actress had the child for husband 2Face Idibia before their marriage last year and was a single mom for about 4 years where it was just her and her daughter Isabella. And that bond remains strong as the excited mom shared the following captions and photos on Instagram.

BBA Hotshots Tayo Finally Meets Son, Reportedly Gets $350,000 From Billionaire Ayiri Emani

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BBA Hotshots Nigerian Rep, Tayo Faniran, may not have won, but life continues. Tayo who came second in the BBA season 9 is entitled to no consolation prize, meaning he came back to Nigeria with nothing. However, he's being showered with accolades from all sides since the end of the show.

First and foremost, he met his son for the first time, and don't they make a pretty picture? Tayo's girlfriend gave birth to their first child together on October 16 while he in the house and though he was able to see the baby on camera, this is the first time, he saw the boy in flesh and carried him.

28 Chat Acronyms Parents Absolutely Need to Know

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Everyone agrees that the work of a parent is never done, and whether parenting toddlers, or parenting teenagers, it's one day, one trouble. When I saw the title of this post trending, I assumed it was talking to out of touch parents about acronyms like LOL, SMDH, WTF, TBH or OMG. How wrong could I have been?

It shows that even I with all my social media waka have no idea about the kinds of things young children of nowadays talk about when they chat online using Internet slangs. Acronyms have reached a whole new level – and not in a nice way. In fact, parents should be disturbed, very very disturbed!

Kerry Washington Already Separated From Husband Nnamdi Asomugha?

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I believe these are bad belle people, or what else can it be? Kerry Washington famed for her role in Scandal as go-getter Olivia Pope, does not like to put her personal life on blast and prefer people talk about her career instead.

But since her marriage to Nigerian American NFL player, Nnamdi Asomugha, and the birth of their daughter several months ago, that is all some tabloids want to focus on. And this time, they are using her close-mouthed nature to attack her marriage.

Susan Peters Shows Off Her Huge Engagement Ring

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Nollywood actress Susan Peters is full of smiles in this picture she shared today showing off her sparkling engagement ring. Yesterday, she also took to her Instagram page to announce her happiness at the engagement, writing; ‘Jehovah you are the reason! Becos am happy!’

Some of her fans were asking questions in the comments section, while others, including her Nollywood colleagues have sent congratulatory messages. For now, the actress is keeping the identity of the lucky man close to her chest. More pictures below...

K. Michelle Accused of Stealing Model’s Nude Poses For Album Artwork [Photos]

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K. Michelle’s new album, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? has been out just a few days but it's making headlines already, if not in a very good way. The album reportedly comes with a booklet which features a controversial photoshoot with K. Michelle as the star.

The singer is photographed in various poses, completely nude, but not because of the nudity. In some poses like the one above, she has some flowers to add a pop of color to the black and white palette of the photos, and to protect her modesty, of course. Very artistic but maybe not so original. In fact, the singer may be facing copyright infringement if proved.

Nigeria Has 2nd Highest Number Of Foreign Criminals Living in the UK

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The UK Home Office has for the first time, published a detailed breakdown of the offences and nationality of all the foreign criminals from around the world, who are currently on the books for having been convicted of offences within the UK.

The report shows that there are more than 700 murderers and 500 rapists among nearly 12,000 foreign offenders living in Britain.