Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations - Netflix and NBC Abandon Upcoming Shows

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Netflix announced yesterday they were postponing the Nov. 27 premiere of a new Cosby standup comedy special, and now NBC says it has scrapped a Bill Cosby comedy that was under development.

The statements from the two media heavyweights that had been behind Cosby's comeback to TV are in the wake of the latest sexual assault allegation against the comic legend by model and TV host Janice Dickinson.

Solange Opens Up On New Husband, Wedding Allergy And Dancing With Her Son

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Solange Knowles got married to fiance Alan Ferguson last weekend in one of the coolest weddings of the year. The couple rode to the wedding on bicycles, Solange wore jumpsuits for most of the day, and her entire wedding party were dressed in white.

We saw all the pictures on Monday [here] and now, the gushing bride has finally opened up about her wedding. In a sweet Instagram post, Solange shared the sweet photo above with an even more heart-touching message for her new husband.

'Hot Car Mom' May Have Squandered $100K Donations On Drugs And Designer Clothes

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When single mom Shanesha Taylor was arrested for leaving 2 of her children in a hot car while she attended a job interview many were moved to pity by her teary-eyed mugshot above. At the time, her children were taken into care after she was charged with felony abuse.

A lot of those people who defended her did not just talk online, a fund raising page for her was set up with over $100K in donations raised for her over the following weeks. Prosecutors also offered her a lenient plea deal which would allow her avoid jail. All she had to do was put $40,000 in a trust fund for her children along with other minor requirements.

Virginity Tests Mandatory For Female Police Recruits In Indonesia

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Women who want to be police officers in Indonesia, reportedly have to prove they're virgins by undergoing mandatory physical exam to verify the hymen is still intact. This is directly from the Indonesia police recruitment website which says, ‘All women who want to become policewomen should keep their virginity."

Human Rights Watch says they are working with the government to get rid of the practice as its ‘discriminatory and a form of gender-based violence’.

Canadian Mom Charged Almost $1 Million After Giving Birth in US Hospital

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A Canadian mother is facing bankruptcy after being charged almost $1 million for having a baby in America. Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel gave birth nine weeks early while on holiday in Hawaii in November 2013. Her baby daughter had to be hospitalized for over two months which racked up a huge $950,000 bill.

This Viral Break-up Text Sounds Like It's From A Nigerian Man

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This numbered breakup text has gone viral, supposedly sent by a 30 year old man to his girlfriend of 2 months who has now shared it online. The aggrieved ex-boyfriend listed reasons he decided to breakup with her, #2 of which is that he is annoyed she attended a wedding she was invited to without taking him along.

Why do I say the man sounds like a Nigerian? Well, his name appears to be 'Bobo', and some of his issues include that she uses foul language and won't disclose how many sexual partners she's ever had. One reason I'll agree he's not Nigerian, he says she was 'rude to his cat". I don't think Nigerians do cats, and definitely not young Nigerian men. Or am I wrong? LOL...

Chris Hemsworth Named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2014

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31-year-old new dad and Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth has been selected as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2014 according to public votes.

The cutest part is that when asked what the sexiest thing in the world was to him in his accompanying People Magazine interview, Chris Hemsworth said it was his wife, 38-year-old Elsa Pataky. He adds that he would rather be home in Australia, where he and wife recently bought a home for their family than anywhere else in the world.

Bill Cosby's Lawyer Refutes Rape Allegations By Janice Dickinson

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More than 13 women had come forward over the years with allegations of rape involving Bill Cosby who is now 77. The latest woman to come out with her story is 59 year old model Janice Dickinson who gave a teary interview on Entertainment Tonight yesterday.

The supermodel claims the incident occurred in Lake Tahoe, California in 1982, and explains why she's only coming forward now;

"I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do, and it happened to me, and this is the true story. I believe all the other women."

Baby Born With 4 Arms and Legs In India Causes Family & Locals To Rejoice

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A baby boy born with four arms and four legs is causing some commotion in the streets of Baruipur, east India, as locals believe he is the reincarnation of a god.

The child has been named God Boy, as multiple limbs are common among Hindu deities, and people are travelling from across the region to the city in West Bengal State to get a glimpse of the child.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10 Strippers in Thongs Twerk For Floyd Mayweather In Instagram Video

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In addition to the pictures of cash Floyd Mayweather regularly posts on Instagram, yesterday he put up a short video of a private party he was having in what looks like a hotel room. There are about 9 or 10 women twerking while wearing G-strings and other small bikinis that showed off their butts. The champion boxer captioned it, “If GOD made anything better than a woman, I don’t want it.”