Monday, October 20, 2014

Ex-Boyfriend Leaves Suicide Note Apologizing For Brutal Assault Of Christy Mack

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Do you remember porn star Christy Mack, who was almost beaten to death by her ex, after he came to her house for a reconciliation, and found another man there? [Read here]

The ex, Jon Koppenhaver, who is himself also a porn actor and MMA fighter known as War Machine, is currently in jail awaiting trial for the brutal assault. Last week, he tried to kill himself after leaving a suicide note which has now been obtained by TMZ.

Second Wife Abducts Stepchildren And Kills One Because Husband Neglected Her

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Aminat Akanni, has been arrested by Lagos police for allegedly abducting her stepchildren and killing one of them.

Moshood Mubo, the father of the two children, told police that Aminat is his second wife, and he believes she abducted the children because she wanted to “punish him for not buying Sallah clothes for her own son, and for failing to take care of her.”

Daddy Time - President Jonathan And Daughter Attend Gowon's 80th Birthday Service

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President Jonathan was accompanied by one of his grown up daughters to the 80th Birthday thanksgiving service of former head of state, General Yakubu Gowon at the National Christian Ecumenical Centre in Abuja.

Some of the dignataries who attended the service included Senate President David Mark, Bayelsa Governor Imoke Dickson, Gov Mimiko. Gowon is now known as a man of prayer, and also invited several men of God and bishops. Happy birthday to him.

Fayose Lies Flat To Give Testimony With Wife During Thanksgiving At Deeper Life Church

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Ayo Fayose and his wife the first lady were at the Deeper Life Bible Church in Ado-Ekiti last weekend to give thanksgiving after the recent swearing in of the newly elected governor of Ekiti State.

The above photo of Fayose reportedly laying flat down flat on the ground during his testimony, has now gone viral.

Vincent Enyeama Really Missing His Wife And Children

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Nigerian goalie Vincent Enyeama is a family man at heart, and he doesn't hide it at all. This is currently football season and the dad of three is really missing his family. The international player shared the picture above with the caption;

I'm coming home.let the rain wash away,all my pains of yesterday.i know my kingdom await and I can't wait to come back home.i am missing you.
Awwww... see more of his emotional tributes to his wife of 9 years and his kids as he looks forward to going back to them.,

Nurse Unrepentant After Killing 38 Patients In 3 Months

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Daniela Poggiali, 41, has been arrested and charged for murdering her patients in an Italian hospital just for pleasure.

The nurse was held after doctors at the hospital where she worked in Lugo, noticed that 38 patients had died during her night shifts over a three-month period. The average number of deaths for other nurses during the same period was ten.

List Of Most Influential Women In Nollywood - Do You Agree?

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The list is supposed to be of the truly powerful women in Nollywood, those who control true money and who influence things, issues, style, trend, business and market in the industry. Made by iCampus magazine, they set out the criteria used in generating their most influential list as follows;

"the kind of money being generated in the industry, from investment, endorsement, volume of work (directly owned), popularity, brand value, and influence among the powers-that-be in politics, business and industry."

And yes, the list is not in any particular kind of order, so don't bother about who's first or last. But you can say who you think is missing.

Winners List And More Pictures From The Nollywood Movies Awards

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Nollywood Movies Awards has been described as "Nigeria's own Oscars", and as 2014 marks Nigeria's centenary anniversary, the awards organizers themed this year's awards, '100% Nigerian, 100% Nollywood'.

See red carpet pictures HERE.

I'm Born Again But Can't Stay Away From Sex - What To Do?

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Many young unmarried people find that abstinence can be very difficult, especially if they are dating while looking actively for ThE ONE. Former BBA winner, Uti Nwachukwu decided to be honest while being interviewed for Vanguard. He insists he is a born again christian but admits to be still imperfect, his besetting sin? Not being able to abstain from sex.

RML Woman: Souraya Christine - Author, CPR Trainer, Domestic Violence Advocate And More

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There is certainly no putting Souraya Christine in a box! She says she is a lover of Christ first, a mother second, an author, CPR trainer, domestic violence advocate, and the founder of W.A.T.C.H, amongst other things. Souraya has preiously published an article on RML titled, Stop Suffering in Silence and Love Yourself.

Please read our exlusive RML woman interview with Christine below...