Thursday, October 16, 2014

#MyLoveLifeIn3Words - What Is Yours?

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So the hast tag '#MyLoveLifeIn3Words was trending on US twitter when I logged on and I decided to check it out. One guy shared the picture above and succintly tweeted "Guy in Blue!" LOL...

See more creative summaries people thought up for their love lives, and do share yours :)

US Vice President's Son, Hunter Biden, Discharged From Navy For Cocaine Use

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Hunter Biden, the Son of the US Vice President Joe Biden, was discharged from the Navy Reserve earlier this year after testing positive for cocaine.

Second Nurse With Ebola Was Planning Her Wedding, Visited Bridal Shop With Friends

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Amber Vinson, 29,  was confirmed yesterday as having contracted Ebola after treating Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan at a Texas hospital. It was also revealed that Amber had visited her hometown in Ohio last weekend while being monitored for Ebola, and had taken a commercial flight from Cleveland to Dallas just a day before she was hospitalized.

Now, reports say that Amber Vinson travelled to Ohio because she was planning her wedding. Also, though Amber stayed close to home during the monitoring, she had visited an East Tallmadge Ave. bridal shop with five friends to shop for her wedding gown.

Father Of Kidnapped Child Speaks Out - I Was Not An Absent Parent

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Izuchukwu Ehiemere is the father of 2-year old Liya who was allegedly kidnapped from the mother in the UK and taken to Nigeria by the paternal grandmother. Izu has finally decided to share his side of the story and maintains that he was not an absent parent.

He says even though he initially did not want a baby with Moronke, he changed his mind and was there for baby Liya's birth. He says he has also been involved with the child's upkeep since then. Meanwhile, Liya has now been returned to her maternal family. Read Izu below...

Can You Make Your Boobs Twerk? Sara X Does It To Mozart - WOW!

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Sara X Mills just uploaded her first video to Youtube 3 days ago and in it, she twerks her breasts to Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”. The video has gone viral with over 11Million views since then! She says of the video;

"This recording of Eine Kleine is from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's 1936 performance. Yay public domain!"

I think what is more stunning than public domain is her breast movements. I know some body builders, mostly guys, can do it, but a lady this big-breasted? Check it out below..

Bride-To-Be Impregnated By Dwarf Stripper On Her Bachelorette Night

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A new bride must have had an extra wild bachelorette night because she's just had a baby for the dwarf stripper that entertained her and her girls that night!

Reportedly, the cheating woman's husband of 9months was of the firm belief that he was a fast scorer and the child was his - until the day the baby was born. I wonder how many men this happens to?

The guilty woman had to confess to cheating on her husband with the performerer after giving birth to a child with dwarfism at a hospital.

Australian Couple Discover No Genetic Link To Their Child Born Of Indian Surrogate

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An Australian couple has made the shock discovery that they have no biological connection to their child, who was born via surrogate in India.

The case is the latest in a string of international surrogacy controversies, with three new cases revealed in a new report into surrogacy by the Attorney-General’s office.

The couple, who chose not to be named, have come forward after the report exposed a range of startling problems within Indian surrogacy, according to Woman's Day.

1000 Prophets Accompany Fayose For Spiritual Cleansing Of Ekiti Govt House

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The inauguration of the Governor-elect, Mr Ayo Fayose toook place today in Ado Ekiti but the very interesting fact was that about 1,000 prophets, pastors and muslim clerics were expected to do spiritual cleansing for him at the Oke Ayoba Government Lodge.

Speaking during a television programme at NTA, Ado Ekiti on Tuesday, the Governor-elect , Mr Fayose said the Pastors and Prophets are welcome from all the 16 local government areas of the state.

The Fear of Ebola - Waiting Passenger At Washington DC Airport Is Fully Prepared!

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A passenger at Washington, DC's Dulles Airport was seen wearing a partial-Hazmat suit while waiting for a flight, coming a day after the second health worker tested positive in Texas was said to have travelled by commercial airline a day before her hospitalization.

Covers - Rita Dominic on TW Magazine

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Rita Dominic is one of Nollywood'd foremost actresses, she is also a producer and behind the runaway hit - The Meeting. Known for her fashion acumen, Rita looks amazing in a white halter-neck top and turban for the cover of this month's edition of TW' magazine. See another photo below...