Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#TurnipForWhat #AskTheFirstLady Michelle Obama Makes Dance Spoof Vine Video

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#TurnipForWhat? You're probably wondering why Michelle Obama is saying holding a turnip? Well, she's actually singing and dancing to a spoof of DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What" song.

The first lady's sense of humor was stirred by a Twitter Q&A, #AskTheFirstLady, where she was asked by President Barack Obama impersonator Iman Crosson using Vine video, "On average, how many calories do you burn every time you 'turn up'?!"

Mercy Johnson Has Given Birth To Baby Boy [Photos]

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Mercy Johnson and husband Prince Odianosen Okojie are now proud parents of a bouncing baby boy, born today in Maryland, USA.

#Snappening - Teenager Admits Posting Hacked Snapchat Pics On TheSnappening Site

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Snapchat is an app that allows users mostly young people between 13 and 17 to text each other with pictures and videos that are supposed to disappear after a few seconds. However, a leak reported today has shown that the images are saved somewhere on the system.

According to reports, when 98,000 Snapchat pictures and videos were hacked and then published online, many thought 4Chan was behind it. Then someone set up a website at to make it easier for others to view the photos and videos.

Second Nurse Contracts Ebola At Dallas Hospital Where Thomas Duncan Died

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A second health worker, a female nurse, has tested positive for Ebola virus disease. She was among the team who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who died of Ebola at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, in Dallas, Texas.

Just yesterday, 26-year-old Vietnamese-American, Nina Pham, was identified as the first health worker to contract the disease from Thomas Eric Duncan.

Daddy Time - Limbless Nick Vujicic Shares Adorable Photos With Son

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Christian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms and legs, has recently released some pictures with his young son.

Nick married his wife Kanae Miyahara in 2012 and the couple were blessed with their adorable son, Kiyoshi just a year later [see baby pics]. The little boy is now a year and 8months. It's amazing that even limbless, Nick spends quality time with his son, takin him along for a ride around their neighborhood, playing with him and carrying him. So inspiring!

Ode To Kath: Widower Writes Emotional Poem About Loneliness After Losing Wife Of 65 Years

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93 year old widower Bob Lowe, who lost his wife to Alzheimer's after 65 years of marriage has written a touching poem in her memory.

Titled Ode to Kath, the poem describes the deep loneliness he has felt since his wife Kath died three years ago.

Mistress Attacked By Lover's Wife And No One Intervenes?

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Yesterday, the story was all over the news of a 38 year old Chinese woman, Lin Yao Li, who was attacked in public by the wife of her lover and the wife's friends. The mistress was kicked in the groin and breasts, her clothes ripped off her naked body and generally given the beating of her life.

Wedding Night Sex as a Virgin - Bride Shares Her Experience One Year After

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Sexual talk is almost taboo in most Nigerian households, and most especially for women. Many of us didn't get the 'bird and the bees' talk beyond being bought a sanitary pad when our periods started and being told to stay away from boys. When one comes from a Christian home, with a reserved mother, the issues are compounded.

Whether male or female, deciding to remain a virgin till your marriage is a good thing for many reasons, including Christian morals. However, things really go south when some prudes use the bible to instil fear and revulsion for sex within their young charges, usually female. And this must stop!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Offered 'Blood Money' To Reeva Steenkamp's Parents For Her Shooting Death

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As the sentencing hearing for Oscar Pistorius continues, it has emerged that he offered a large sum of money to his dead girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp's parents after he shot her to death. However, the family rejected the offer of $34,000 as "blood money".

Pistorius' offer of the lump sum to the Steenkamp family was revealed during the cross-examination of defence witness. It was said that Pistorius had raised the funds from selling his car.

Are You Buying Goat Hair In Place Of Brazilian Natural Hair Extensions?

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These days it seems one hasn't fixed their hair if it's not natural Brazilian, Chinese, Russian or Mongolian hair. As you buy these hairs from your favorite shop, salons, or even your best friend, be aware that some makers and sellers of natural hair extensions may be scamming you. They have found a way to keep their expenses low while increasing their income by boosting their merchandize using goat hair!