Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kim K Nudes Trending After Pics Leaked On Twitter

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Kim K was named in the massive celebrity nude photos leak at the start of the month [see list] but I said back then that she could be less concerned as she posed totally nude for GQ Magazine.

The same hackers or a new set seem not to be fazed by that fact and have gone ahead to release the nude photos of Kim Kardashian West on Twitter today.

Though the photos are trending, many twitter users seem not to care so much one way or another about the nude pictures with comments along the line that they've seen it all before.

Be that as it may, one cannot escape the invasion of privacy involved in how these Kim K nude pictures came online in the first place. Kaley Cuoco spoke out about it HERE.

Audio Proof - TB Joshua Offers Blood Money To Reporters With Bribe of N50,000 Each

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There is an audio recording by investigative reporter Nicholas Ibekwe who was among the reporters sent to cover the synagogue church building that collapsed last week. According to him, and as heard on the audio, TB Joshua coaches the reporters on how to frame the news story after he had told them they would each be getting N50,000.

Nicholas Ibekwe says he was the only journalist who turned down the bribe while all the others in the meeting took the money. So you can imagine that most of the news reports you have read/ heard/ watched about the incident has been tainted by blood money, and spun to suit the tastes of TB Joshua.

Read my commentary on TB Joshua and his official statement on the collapsed church building, here.

That Nigerian journalists collect "transport money" or "brown envelope" at press conferences and events is not hidden, I've had to turn away or give in to some of their requests myself. But that they would do it over the deaths of almost 100 people?

How low has our press gone to that they collected this blood money? What else have they collected bribe for and misinformed the masses? We may decry the work of bloggers, but can we at all trust the Nigerian fourth estate?

Check out Nicholas Ibekwe's tweets and listen to the audio below. Read the full transcript here.

#HenNight - Florence Ita-Giwa's Daughter On Her Last Night As A Single Woman

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Their traditional wedding of Senator Florence Ita-Giwa‘s daughter Koko and Chimaobi Shawcross Obioha Jnr. took place last weekend in Calabar [see pictures here]

The couple are having their white wedding today, 20th September 2014, and are already in Lagos to get ready for the big event. The bride-to-be took time out for a small hennight with her girlfriends.

Here's wishing the beautiful couple a happy married life. Wedding pics to follow soon.

Another Hot Mugshot Goes Viral - Photos

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Angela Coates is a former Jet magazine Beauty of the Week, but when she was arrested in DeKalb County for disorderly conduct, she had to take a mugshot like all criminals. Well, just like Jeremy Meeks, the fine guy felon of a few months ago, Angela Coates has become an internet celebrity for her attractive mugshot.

Many guys on Twitter offered to help the 22-year-old Tampa native get up her $360 bail. Even the men who called out us women for their admiring Jeremy Meeks were not left out.

Also like Meeks, many modeling offers were issued and soon a ‘Free Angela Coates’ campaign soon popped up with a hashtag on Twitter – with hoards of men expressing their admiration for Coates.

“I got that bond money for you, baby” one Twitter user offered. Another said “I would sell our family house for the bond money, leave my wife and kids homeless.”

 SMH... see a picture of Angela when she won Jet Magazine beauty of the week below...

7 Reasons Some Women Change In Marriage

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By Nike Adedokun

Women can be difficult to predict. So many men out there keep wondering why a lot of their ladies change after some years in a relationship/marriage. Your woman may be like a flower, wanting to be nutured and pampered.

She will bloom out all her beautiful colours to get your attention. She would do anything to be the best woman and the source of your joy but along the line, things may begin to change,

After marriage, quite a number of women feel there is no reason to do more since they have caught one man for themselves and that will be the beginning of changes in them that will be uncomfortable for their man.

Other changes in a woman can be natural, expected and/or based on their mens' attitudes, such as their dressing, size, thinking and actions. Women change for so many reasons like:

#DomesticViolence - Julius Agwu Makes Elevator Fight [Jay Z & Solange, Ray Rice] Parody Video

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In a campaign against domestic violence from both sides, Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu is telling us the truth using some humor.

In two short clips, he reminds us of the elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z and how bad it looks. There may be little physical damage but it is a terrible blow for a woman to fight her man, or any man and him having to refrain. It is just as bad when the man retaliates and beats up a woman, worse, the physical damage is usually too obvious.

So Julius advices everyone to desist from the violence. I say let's make love not war :)

Check out the video below...

Calling Someone Fat Makes Them Eat More And Less Interested In Losing Weight

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Experts say that being criticised for their weight drives those who are already sensitive about it to comfort eat. Fear of ridicule may also mean they avoid exercise. Researchers from University College London said  public health campaigns should also avoid making people feel bad about their weight.

Lead author Sarah Jackson advises medics to avoid using the word ‘fat’ where possible and replace it with the terms overweight or obese.

The study, published in the journal Obesity, found that those who were victims of ‘fat shaming’ put on just over 2lb on average over the course of the study. They were also six times as likely to become obese.

President Jonathan On Boko Haram: Things Will Change by Next Month

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President Jonathan on Thursday declared that by next month, Boko Haram insurgence will reduce drastically. He said this at the 66rh National Executive Committee, NEC of the PDP. Jonathan stressed the fact that insecurity is the ultimate challenge of the country but plans to stop Boko Haram is well in place as he wants to instill his own leadership.

Commiserating with victims of killings in Kaduna and Kano states, the President disclosed that he would be attending the United Nations General Assembly summit on Global Terrorism which all the super powers would attend. He said:

“Nigeria is having an unfair share. Terror is a global problem, and Nigeria situation is going beyond terror. When terrorists think about holding ground, attempting to install leadership, it is no longer terrorism, it is almost like going into the line of succession. Between now and October, things will change.

Emma Nyra Shows Off Long Legs In Little Black Dress Inspired Photoshoot

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Singer Emma Nyra has just recently released several singles, including collabo with Davido, titled ELELE. To promote the songs, she decided to do an LBD photoshoot with a longsleeved black tunic-minidress and knee high gladiator sandals.

On the photos she said, “And I really love these photos - they're fantastic! I am excited by these photos because I think they find a way or reflecting who I really am inside and how I see the world: simple, happy, ready to take on the world. I am just a girl having fun, singing from her heart, sharing with her fans, looking at the world with a smile.”

Check out more photos below;

2Face Idibia Shares Old Photo of Late Dad With Touching Message

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Tuface Idibia shared this picture of his late father, Pa Michael Idibia who lost his life in August after battling prostrate cancer for a few years. 2Face captioned it;

The kindest and most humble person I ever met in this world.

May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace.