Thursday, September 11, 2014

Covers - Nicki Minaj For Dazed & Confused Magazine

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Nicki Minaj finds a middle ground between her colorful signature look of the past and her more recent natural look for the two covers of the the autumn issue of Dazed & Confused magazine. The magazine says;

Take a journey into the fantastical world of rap goddess Nicki Minaj in the autumn/winter issue of Dazed. To celebrate our biggest edition of the year, photographer Jeff Bark and Dazed Fashion Director Robbie Spencer have created a pair of covers that explore two very different sides of Her Minajesty – the demure fashion obsessive and the provocative pop culture bombshell. Alongside an 18-page shoot, Ms Minaj lets loose on everything from fame to feminism.

See the second cover and more pictures below...

Joan Rivers Remembered As A Difficult Tenant in Funny Yet Sad Eulogy By Her Daughter

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Joan Rivers had joked in her memoir about the kind of funeral she wanted [here] and her real funeral service held last week, tried to give her that. Several celebrities attended the red carpet event, and sang or gave eulogies.

A bittersweet part of the funeral, was the eulogy delivered by daughter, Melissa, 46, who read from a letter to her mom, sent before Joan Rivers died. The letter talked about the comedian as a tenant.

In the last few years, Joan had stayed with Melissa and her son in L.A. once a week, when she flew in from New York to tape E!'s Fashion Police. Apparently, Joan Rivers had some issues with her part-time landlord and accommodations.

Check out the tear-jerking letter below...

Beyonce Sparks Pregnancy Rumours By Hiding And Constantly Touching Her Stomach

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Beyonce and Jay Z are still enjoying their well deserved break in the French town of Antibes in the Côte d'Azur, and they are joined by their daughter, respective mothers, and a few family and friends with kids.

While there is nothing too out of the ordinary about their trip, Beyonce has been sparking pregnancy rumours is constantly touching her stomach. Most of her outfits have been loose too, and always seem to cover her lower tummy. Time will tell.

And of course, Beyonce is also sporting several new temporary tattoos, with circular geometric designs on her forearm and leg. A new trend?

Photos - Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade's 2-Part Honeymoon

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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are back from their week-long honeymoon in the Maldives and then Tanzania.

The couple got married in Miami on Aug. 30, and jetted away the next day. They kicked off their trip in the ocean island where Gabrielle Union said she, "refusedtowearclothes," wearing only a white hot bikini in pictures she shared on Instagram.

The second leg of the honeymoon was a safari in Africa's Serengeti.

Check out more photos, where the couple show they can be silly with each other, below.

42-Year-Old Mother Speaks Out After Being Deliberately Infected With HIV By Sick Lover

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Kara Wilkinson, 42, a mother from Cumbria (pictured left in 2009 and right today), says she has suffered four heart attacks, pneumonia, osteoporosis and severe hair loss since she was infected with HIV by boyfriend Alan Mason, 45 (inset), in 2011.

According to Wilkinson, Mason knew he had the virus before asking her for unprotected s*x.

Mason yesterday started serving two years and eight months behind bars for grievous bodily harm, but Miss Wilkinson is still pained saying she has been condemned to 'a life sentence of misery'.

'Before I had HIV, I was never ill and had loads of energy. Now I seem to be permanently ill. My long blonde hair has started to fall out and I look much older than I am.

Covers - Oprah Brings Lots of Sparkle And Bold Colors To O Magazine

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Oprah Winfrey covers all the editions of her self-named magazine and for the October 2014 issue, the 60-year-old billionaire dials the bold and glam button all the way to the top.

Across 4 dazzling covers, Oprah comes “up close and very glam” with close up shots that showcase the different ways colorful makeup can be used to bring out the best of one's features.

The edition is about seeing life through new colorful, bold and sparkly lens.

Nigerian Man Arrested And Charged For Kidnapping And Raping 21-Year-Old Victim

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Samuel Okorie, a 29 year old Nigerian man in Brookline, Massachusetts has been arrested and charged with rape, kidnapping and robbery. Okorie was accused by a young woman of grabbing her at a public place, forcefully taking her to his place, and sexually assaulting her. The incident took place over the weekend in a residential neighbourhood.

According to police report, a 21 year old woman identified Okorie as the man who sexually assaulted her. Police say the victim ran up the street, crying for help.

A neighbor said the victim came running to her door Sunday morning as she was getting ready to go to church. She said the girl “had her shoes in her hands and was shaking uncontrollably, screaming, ‘Help me! Help me!’”

“The girl started crying louder and louder, yelling, ‘He raped me and he’s going to come and get me,’” the neighbor said. The woman called 911 immediately, and police were soon on the scene.

Finding Hubby - How Tunde Leye And Foluso's Love Story Started With His Blog Series

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Tunde Leye is one of my favorite writers, and it was his wildly popular online fiction series, Finding Hubby, that led me to his blog. I later got permission to republish it in full on Naijastories [here].

We've been in contact since then and finally met up while I was in Nigeria earlier this year, where he was very helpful during my book launch. I can still remember that day back in January when we were at a book event he put together and he whispered to me that he had met the love of his life and would be having his introduction in a few weeks.

Imagine my delight to find his love story with Foluso, his wife to be on BN this morning. Turns out, it was also the blog series that brought them together, and then twitter did the rest. Enjoy!

Hundreds Want Lewd Statue Of Satan With 'Full Erection' To Be Returned to Vancouver Park

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Petitions have been started to reinstate the nine-foot-tall statue of Satan which was removed by Canadian officials from a Vancouver park. The anatomically-faithful red-skinned Satan is seen holding one hand up in a devil-horn salute, and comes complete with horns and a visibly prominent erection.

The controversial artwork was mysteriously erected on a pedestal at the park, and was removed to protect public interest, but now hundreds of people are demanding that the sexually explicit Satan statue be resurrected.

At least three petitions have sprung up calling for its return. Two petitions, which have collected more than 450 signatures combined, want the statue to be public art. One petition reads;

“By removing the statue of Penis Satan, you are taking from us our freedom of expression, restricting our sexuality, and stigmatizing our religious beliefs. Please return him immediately.”

Phaedra Parks Shuns Apollo Nida As He Turns Himself Into Prison

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Phaedra Parks, a lawyer and reality TV star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is reportedly upset with her jail-bound husband Apollo Nida for ignoring his children and spending much of his time drinking in clubs during his last weeks of freedom, and she has cut him off.

Phaedra's abandonment seems to have caused an incident with her husband just before he reported to prison yesterday to start an eight-year federal sentence for a fraud conviction. He had said back in July that the marriage was as good as over [here].

According to CNN, Apollo Nida "took a side trip to have a final word" with his wife and was still in their Atlanta home till after the noon deadline that U.S. marshals gave him to turn himself in to the minimum-security federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky.

Park's publicist, Steve Honig, who was at the home when Nida arrived Wednesday afternoon, told CNN "there was an incident" around 4 p.m., although he declined to give details on the record.