Monday, September 8, 2014

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Addresses Congregation On Divorce Suit By Wife, Admits It's Unbiblical

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Pastor Christian Oyakhilome finally addressed his church congregation about the divorce suit brought against him bu his wife, and the attendant allegations of adultery in the press. This is coming after more than a week of maintaining silence other than threatening the media through his lawyers a few days ago.

Speaking on Sunday evening during the monthly global communion service of the church, he said the allegations of adultery against him were “crazy” and “stupid”. Oyakhilome acknowledged that divorce is unbiblical but said he will answer his wife in court if she insisted on it [read here]. He urged members of his church to pray for his estranged wife.

I understand that some media houses particularly in Nigeria and maybe in South Africa (I don't know) but there are some of them that have been writing some real stupid things...real stupid things, and errrrhh...frivolous charges...that's crazy.

Pregnant Kate Middleton Sick Again With Hyperemesis Gravidarum - Does This Strike Each Time?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child. It was announced all over social media after Kate had to pull out of an engagement in Oxford today as she is down with Hyperemesis Gravidarum aka severe morning sickness.

While the announcement says said Prince William and Kate were "very pleased" to share the news that they are expecting a brother or sister for Prince George - with the Queen and members of both their families also "delighted" - I can't imagine that this would be an easy time for the Duchess.

I hope she gets well soon. And to think she also suffered severe morning sickness with her first pregnancy. Has anyone had the same experience?

Read their Facebook post below...

Adaeze Yobo on How She Met And Married Her Husband And Being A Mother

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Adaeze Yobo, former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2008) and wife of Joseph Yobo, former player of Fenerbache F.C and Nigeria’s national football team captain has opened up about her life as a mother and wife in a new interview with DailySun.

When exactly did you leave Nige­ria?

As soon as I met my husband, I left the shores of Nigeria for further studies. I went to New York. I got married in 2009 and in 2010, I had my son.

What’s it like being a mother?

It’s been a wonderful experience being mother to this wonderful son of mine. When the little boy came out from my body, I dis­covered that he’s my first real love. I thought I was in love with my husband not until I saw my son. I have never loved somebody that much in my life.

Video Of Ray Rice Heartlessly Knocking Out Fiancee In Elevator - Watch

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Domestic violence is real my people, and for some couples, it seems to be a casual part of their life and relationships. Shocking images and video has been released of the alleged domestic assault by Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice on his then-fiance inside an Atlantic City casino elevator.

The incident took place Feb. 15th at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City -- after Ray and then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer got into a heated argument on their way into the elevator.

Inside the elevator it's apparent he strikes first ... she hits back ... and then Rice delivers the knockout
blow. The punch knocks Janay off her feet and she smashes her head on the elevator hand rail knocking her out cold. Ray doesn't seem phased and when the door opens, he drags her out into the hotel.

Adultery Is Not Anita Oyakhilome’s Primary Reason for Divorce, But Total Neglect

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Facts have emerged at the weekend that the ground on which Pastor Anita Oyakhilome is seeking to divorce her husband, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the President of Believers’ Love World Inc., popularly known as Christ Embassy, is not adultery but on behaviours that suggest that she cannot ‘reasonably be expected’ to  live with him.

There had been media reports that Anita decided to divorce Pastor Chris based on allegations of ‘adultery’ and ‘unreasonable behaviours’ but a copy of the court papers for the divorce process filed at the  Principal Registry of the Family Division (PRFD) of  the High Court of Justice in possession of THISDAY,  revealed that she applied for “divorce on the ground that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.”

In her statement of case in support of petition at PRFD with number FD14001650, Pastor Anita however, accused her husband of having inappropriate relationship with some of his female staff members.

Dear Myne - I'm African-American And My Nigerian (Igbo) Man Won't Introduce Me to His Mother

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Hello Myne,

I have been following your blog for a short time and I found you because I am dating a Nigerian Igbo man and was curious about his culture.  I would like to post a question on your blog for some responses. Here is my story:

I been dating my Igbo guy for 11 months and he has been everything that I wanted in a guy.  He communicates with me daily via text/call, we see each other at least 2-3 times a week depending on our work schedule.  Last what I love the most is whatever he says he's going to do he does it. If I need anything he's there. He does not say I love you often, but he greets me with a kiss every time I see him and he does show affection so I am ok with that.

However my issue is in the 11 months I have known him I have not been to his house, or met any of his family.  I know that he works and what he does, but I don't know where it is located. His mother lives with him right now and he has shared with me that his mother wants him to marry and African woman because his brother married a Jamaican woman and since his parents were in Nigeria at that time they had no say on it.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Police Officer Investigated For Taking Selfies With Suicide Victim About to Jump From Bridge

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A policeman who is supposed to be on duty was busy taking a SELFIE as a man prepared to jump to his death from a bridge.

During the desperate man's final moments, the selfie-obsessed cop is seen posing for snapshot just feet away.

The clearly distressed man is caught in the background of the sick shot, clinging to the bridge in the Turkish capital Istanbul.

Just seconds later he leapt almost 600ft to his death, after attempts by other officers to talk him down failed.

But a picture of the policeman's heartless selfie has sparked fury in Turkey, and the officer in question now faces an investigation.

Man Jailed For Deliberately Infecting Lover With HIV

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A 45 year old man identified as Alan Mason has been jailed for deliberately infecting his girlfriend with HIV, and “ruining her life”, a court heard today.

Alan Mason, knew he had the virus but still had unprotected sex with his 39-year-old lover. She only learned the truth when she visited her doctor because she was feeling ill.

Mason had known for five years that he had the virus.

He was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm.

Uganda Expresses Fears Over Boom in Children Being Adopted Overseas

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Where do you stand over children being adopted out of their country, especially if they are adopted by parents of a different race? Does it matter? I had expressed the desire to adopt from Nigeria, but you'll be surprised how complicated the whole process is. I salute parents who adopt, irrespective of where they choose to do it, but this article has got me thinking.

Authorities in Uganda have raised fears that the country's children are being left vulnerable to abuse and exploitation by a staggering increase in unchecked overseas adoptions.

An official report, details of which were published on Tuesday by a local newspaper, said a boom in what it called the "international adoption industry" had led to some children who were not even orphans being taken into care for adoption or child sponsorship schemes.

The report also said there was no system for the government to track adoptions, leaving children at risk of being kidnapped or trafficked.

"There is no assurance that their fundamental rights have been respected and thus abduction, sale or trafficking of children cannot be ruled out," the paper quoted Uganda's Auditor General John Muwanga as saying.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dethroned Beauty Queen Refuses To Return $100k Pageant Tiara

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May Myat Noe, the dethroned 16-year-old beauty queen from Myanmar [aka Burma] said she won't return her bejeweled crown until pageant organizers apologise for calling her a liar and a thief.

According to the Telegraph, May Myat Noe is the country's first winner of an international beauty contest, and she said representatives of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant lied about her age. They said she was 18 instead of 16, and they also tried to pressure her into getting plastic surgery "from head to toe."

David Kim, the director of media for the South Korean-based pageant has admitted they gave the winner surgery, provided free of charge, as part of efforts to boost the teen into super-stardom. Ms Noe  denied having the breast implants as he claimed.