Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prince Harry Takes Camilla Thurlow, His New Girlfriend On Romantic Cruise

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Prince Harry is currently on a romantic getaway with new girlfriend, Camilla Thurlow in St. Tropez in the South of France. The new couple have been staying at a friend's luxury villa and have barely left the premises while on vacation, a source tells E! News.

Instead of going out to clubs or restaurants, the lovebirds have been spending every minute together by the pool and out of the eyes of the prying paparazzi. Harry and Camilla first started dating about six weeks ago and have bonded over her job as a charity worker. Says the source;

"They've been talking until late into the night and having one of those magical times that you have when you first fall in love and want to find out everything you can about the other person. Harry's had no interest whatsoever in going out and just wants to focus on Camilla without any distractions."

"Camilla's the full package—she's got beauty and brains. Harry loves how she's devoted her life to charity—she's fully committed to helping other people and he sees a lot of his mother Diana's goodness in her.

BET Apologizes For Blue Ivy Hair Joke, Fires 106 & Park Producers As Show Goes On Break

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Less than one day after Blue Ivy was mocked on BET's 106 and Park by Karrueche Tran, who read out a rude joke via teleprompter, the whole show has gone on break.

The joke was along the lines of Blue Ivy saying she woke up with messy hair because her parents never combed her hair. 

BET yesterday issued a public apology in which they said necessary reprimands have been handed out to those involved. Now it appears the punishment included the producers of the show being fired leading to the whole show being shut down.

The BET President of Music Programming and Specials, Stephen Hill, had mentioned punitive actions in his apology posted on Twitter; but no one thought it would be so extreme. He wrote;

Parents Sue Daycare For Duct-Taping Their Toddler To His Cot During Nap Time

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A mother on her way to pick up her child from daycare, received a call letting her know that a daycare owner had strapped the child down to his sleeping mat with duct-tape during nap time. If you were the one, how would you feel?

This is a real story, and the mother in question and her husband, Kristi and Brad Galbraith have sued the daycare - Heart2Heart in Parker County, Texas, for being negligent in properly carrying out responsibilities and supervising employees, resulting in injury and pain to their 21/2-year-old son.

The allegations surfaced June 17 after an employee, Hannah Tidwell, called Kristi Galbraith advising her that her son and another boy had been forcefully secured by duct tape to their napping mats by one of the facility’s owners, Pamela Decker.

Mom Arrested For Letting A Friend Sleep With Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Who Then Got Pregnant

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Tina Durant allegedly knew a 23-year-old man was sleeping with her 11-year-old daughter and still allowed him to continue to share the girl’s bed, even after others tried to intervene, Iowa police say.

The girl, now 12, is pregnant.

According to the police report, the girl was overheard telling Durant at a doctor’s appointment, “I tried to tell you several times.”

Durant, 37, was arrested and faces charges of child endangerment. Meanwhile, Jacob White has been charged with third degree sexual abuse.

Mercy Johnson Marks 3rd Wedding Anniversary, Asks Fans For Prayers

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Mercy Johnson and husband Odianose Okojie got married back in 2011 amid some drama, but they have moved on since. The actress who is currently in the United States to welcome her second child is full of love and praise for her husband of 3 years.

Today, 27th August, being their third wedding anniversary, the Nollywood actress shared some messages with fans on Twitter. She wrote;

if i was born 2 liv jus dis 3yrs wit u,den am satisfied,luv isn't all we need _luv is all there is.U've given me more dan I need.HWA My Hope.

i hav peace n happiness,nothing else matters.D magic isn't in getting married_its in staying married.pray 4 me cus dis is where I wan 2 be.

Tomi and Korede - A UK-US Long Distance Love Story

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In this cute love story first shared on BN by the intending couple, Tomi and Korede discuss how they met and sustained a friendship that turned to love over 7 years. Enjoy!

How we Met
From the bride to be Tomi

“I recall going to the States (Maryland) to visit my aunty in February 2007. I was so excited! On the Sunday after I got there I decided to go to church with my aunt whilst my mum stayed at home. At the end of the service, the pastor asked for visitors to stand and introduce themselves. I did just that, told the church my name and that I was from London and some people were intrigued, Korede being one of them, Lol.

He came to introduce himself as the pastor’s son and that was how the journey of friendship began. I was excited that I had a fellow young person to always chill with anytime I went visiting. Getting back to the UK I added him on Facebook and that’s how we were able to stay in contact.

I loved the way he spoke so I’d always call to keep in touch but later gave up since he actually never called, and I was not ready to always be the one calling.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Couple Love - Pregnant Kelly Rowland Steps Out With Husband Tim Witherspoon

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Pregnant Kelly Rowland recently stepped out with her husband Tim Witherspoon. The couple were photographed on their way to lunch with Kelly Rowland, who is 5 months pregnant all smiles as she held hands with her husband.

Kelly announced her pregnancy in June with a photo on Instagram showing adult men's sneakers sitting beside a tiny pair of Jordans, with the caption, 'I'll be stuntin like my daddy.....'

The pretty singer, and former Destiny's Child member has been looking great and is certainly enjoying every moment of her pregnancy.

She has since confirmed the baby will be a boy.

Monday, August 25, 2014

WATCH - Beyonce Performs Full Album Receives Video Vanguard Award From JayZ and Blue Ivy

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Beyonce and Jay Z put the rumors of imminent divorce to rest at the MTV Video Music Awards last night after the couple kissed and appeciated each other as Jay Z and Blue presented Beyonce with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award.

He called her “the greatest living entertainer” and she called him "my beloved". Beyonce was crying as she took her award from her husband and her young daughter. She said;

“I have nothing to say, but I’m filled with so much gratitude,” Beyoncé said. “I thank God for this moment. I love y’all so much. Blue Blue, I love you. My beloved, I love you. My fans, I love you. MTV, I love you. Goodnight.”

The part I liked best was Jay Z and Blue Ivy watching Beyoncé perform songs from her latest album, and all the while Blue Ivy was miming her mom's songs and flicking her hands. Enjoy the videos below...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Man Abducted By Boko Haram For 3 Months Tells of Daily Rape of Wife, How He Went Blind

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Alhaji Mustapha Oy­eyinka is now cursing the day he decid­ed to relocate to Nigeria from Europe where his family has been doing fine. Today, he has not only lost his sight to Boko Haram but lives with the agonizing memory of his wife being raped along with other women almost on a daily basis for three months.

Excited about his return to Nigeria, the victim sometime in February 2011 decided to take a trip to Kaduna to attend a wedding ceremony with his wife, Rachael. Unfortunately, they were kidnapped on their way there, and ended up in a Boko Haram camp.

50-year- old Oyeyinka said he has remained in hiding in Lagos since he regained his freedom and refused to tell his story because he was too terrified. He said he decided to open up now because he has made up his mind to return to his base in Spain in Europe where he expects a miracle to regain his sight. He told his story to Saturday Sun.

Watch Terrifying Moment Chris Brown 'Shot At', Suge Knight Hit During Pre-VMA Party

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According to various news reports, Chris Brown may have been the target of a shooting at a pre-VMAs party at 10AK night club in Los Angels.

Chris Brown was hosting the party, and other celebrities in attendance with him in the VIP area were label boss Suge Knight, Justin Bieber, Tyson Beckford, and Black Eyed Peas member Apple de Ap. Witnesses at the scene and those who were inside the party said they heard several gun shots.

Chris Brown was not injured but Suge Knight, was shot more than once. He was taken to Cedars Sinai hospital where he's being treated. Two others were injured, one of them said to be in critical condition.

Some reports claims the shooting could have been from former gang-banger friends of Chris Brown who want to get back at him for abandoning them after his recent rehab and court woes.

Chris Brown has now tweeted about the incident. Tweet, video and more details below...