Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Addicted To Food - How The World's Heaviest Man Ate Himself To Death

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A TLC documentary has shown how for many years Ricky Naputi, who at his heaviest, weighed more than 400 KG/900 pounds, battled with food addiction, and lost. His wife Cheryl described looking after him as 'just like taking care of an overgrown baby', as he fell in and out of a deep depression over his obesity.

Ricky Naputi was confined to his bed, and Cheryl did everything for him from cooking his food to cleaning every inch of his huge body, and helping him go to the toilet. At the time of his death hadn't walked on his own for more than 7 years.

Ricky could barely speak without becoming short of breath, let alone stand up or move from the bed he was confined to. He often needed the assistance of an oxygen machine.

But Cheryl and Ricky had dreams to start a family and have children, despite never having consummated their marriage due to Ricky's extreme obesity.

Exclusive - Omawumi With Her Daughter And Baby Daddy Tosin Yussuf

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Yesterday, the name and pictures of Omawumi's baby daddy, were revealed, [see here]. Now see more pictures of the couple with their adorable daughter.

Her daughter is named Kamillah and the father is Tosin Yussuf.

#Ebola - South Korea Restaurant That Turns Away Africans Slammed For Being Racist

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An American-owned restaurant in South Korea has caused controversy online after pictures of their discriminatory sign against Africans was uploaded on the Internet 2 days ago.

The sign says that Africans are not welcome in the bar due to Ebola, and everyone has been accusing the owners of ignorance and racism. Many are going further by boycotting the bar since the sign was put up.

See reactions below. Do you think the bar has a point for doing this?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bride Set On Fire By Groom After She Spent Their Wedding Night With Her Ex

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Veronika Filippova was soaked with alcohol and set on fire the day following their wedding by her newly-minted husband because she spent their wedding night with an ex-lover.

The mother-of-one had sought out her former partner because her new spouse had fallen asleep after getting dead drunk at their wedding reception. The 27-year-old had 80% burns on her body and died despite frantic efforts by doctors to save her.

Ivan Kuzmin, 30, her new husband, has confessed to murder after being arrested by police in Volgograd in southern Russia, according to police.

Kevin Hart Proposes To Eniko Parrish [Photos And Video]

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Kevin Hart has been dating girlfriend Eniko Parrish for five years, and today he popped the question at a private dinner with friends. Guess what she said? The funny man shared the picture above with the caption;

She said YEEEEESSSSS...... #Happy #MyRib #iFuckingLoveHer

Eniko Parrish had her 30th birthday over the weekend, so I guess this was a belated and very welcome birthday present. Congrats to them!

See his birthday message and the video of the proposal below...

#MichaelBrown - Trayvon Martin's Mother Writes Open Letter To Bereaved Ferguson Family

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Sybrina Fulton is the mother of Trayvon Martin and the founder of the Trayvon Martin Foundation. In an letter addressed to the family of Michael Brown, the Ferguson teenager shot and killed by a police officer, Trayvon Martin's mother tries to comfort them.

The letter was posted on TIME, and in it, Fulton writes about the, "exclusive yet growing group of parents and relatives who have lost loved ones to senseless gun violence." She writes;

To The Brown Family,

I wish I had a word of automatic comfort but I don’t. I wish I could say that it will be alright on a certain or specific day but I can’t. I wish that all of the pain that I have endured could possibly ease some of yours but it won’t. What I can do for you is what has been done for me: pray for you then share my continuing journey as you begin yours.

I hate that you and your family must join this exclusive yet growing group of parents and relatives who have lost loved ones to senseless gun violence. Of particular concern is that so many of these gun violence cases involve children far too young. But Michael is much more than a police/gun violence case; Michael is your son. A son that barely had a chance to live. Our children are our future so whenever any of our children – black, white, brown, yellow, or red – are taken from us unnecessarily, it causes a never-ending pain that is unlike anything I could have imagined experiencing.

Back Together - Karrueche Tran Still Crushing On Chris Brown, Makes Him Her #MCM

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Karrueche is back with Chris Brown and he's the subject of her Man Crush Monday (#MCM).

The aspiring model and socialite had been photographed cozing up to the rapper at a football game and she shared one of those photos on Instagram today with the tag;

"Lovers.. Friends.. We love, we laugh, we fight.. It's complicated and I can't explain it but it's not for you to understand but us .. My MCM ❤️"

Why do I feel like rolling my eyes? LOL... See the post and more pictures below...

#ShakeItOff - Taylor Swift Debuts New Single And Music Video

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Taylor Swift has just premiered her new song #ShakeItOff, along with the music video for the song. The singer also announced that her album “1989” will be coming out on October 27th!

I'll be honest and say it's not really my type of music, but it is very danceable. In the videom Taylor Swift is a Ballerina, a B-Boy and also a happy-go-lucky Cheerleader.

Listen below and see if you like it, and whether it makes you want to dance with her ...

Charlie Sheen Pours Cold, Hard Cash In Ice Bucket Challenge, Gives $10,000!

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Actor Charlie Sheen has joined the Ice Bucket Challenge, but instead of the usual bucket of ice water he showers himself with $10,000 in cash, which he said he would donate to the ALS foundation. In his video, released by TMZ, Charlie Sheen said;

"Let's face it. Ice is gonna melt, but this money is actually going to help people." 

Sheen joins the ranks of some of the biggest names who have taken part in the challenge, including Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Help My Ministry - Omoni Oboli Begs For Donations At Presidential Screening of Movie

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Omoni Oboli directed her first movie, Being Mrs. Elliot, and it was premiered recently amidst mixed reviews. The movie was selected for a screening to be attended by President Goodluck Jonathan and his cabinet and aides at the Aso Rock Banquet Hall in Abuja.

Omoni Oboli was also invited and in her speech at the event, she acknowledged that these were not the best of times for the screening, but noted that the movie was a comedy and will help relax the president.

She also begged for money, going all corny and religious, and asking the President to help her ministry and not forget to pay tithes after watching. Maybe that is how her pastor begs for tithes?

Read the full speech below...