Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Christian Radio Host says Ebola is a Plague to Cure America of Abortion And Homosexuality

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Christian radio talk show host, Rick Wiles has compared the deadly Ebola virus to a cleansing plague on his program – Trunews.

He said. “Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion”

Wiles also claims that President Barack Obama may intentionally spread the disease so that he can have power to declare martial law. “It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming.”

Lauren Bacall Dead At 89 - Another Hollywood Icon Passes On

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I'm saddened to hear the passing of Lauren Bacall, another icon of Hollywood. She was 89.

Bacall, who made a career of playing smart, tough beauties, died Tuesday morning of a stroke in her longtime home near Central Park, New York.

Bacall and her first husband, Humprey Bogart, were one of the most popular Hollywood couples, onscreen and off, and their 11-year marriage was the stuff of romantic lore. In 1981, their love provided the lyrics for a 1981 pop hit “Key Largo” — “We had it all, just like Bogie and Bacall.”

They met just before they filmed her first movie, To Have and Have Not (1944), directed by Howard Hawks, her mentor. Although only 19, Bacall and her smoldering cool was the perfect match for the 44-year-old Bogart and his tough guy-persona.

Her best-remembered films, many of them considered classics, were with Bogart: To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep (1946), Dark Passage (1947) and Key Largo (1948).

20-Year-Old Mom Commits Suicide After Toddler, Omoyele Gonzalez, Dies Unexpectedly

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An Ohio mom killed herself hours after her mysteriously died at their home, police said.

Kayelisa Martin, 20, allegedly committed suicide Thursday by walking in front of a semitrailer after cops found her little 14-month-old son, Omoyele Gonzalez, dead in his bed at her Canton apartment.

Cops are continuing to investigate the deaths and say an earlier car crash could be relevant to their inquiries.

The mom and son were involved in an earlier accident at 6:35 a.m. the same day after Martin lost control of her Nissan Maxima when the wheel started to shake.

The vehicle hit a fire hydrant, shrubs and landscaping rocks before traveling across a parking lot and stopping. Martin was cited for operating a vehicle without reasonable control.

Nigeria Records Third Ebola Death - ECOWAS Staff Who Helped Patrick Sawyer Passes Away

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Another Ebola death has just been recorded in Nigeria from the outbreak brought into the country by Liberian Patrick Sawyer. The ECOWAS Lagos Liason office, announced that one of their staff, Mr Jatto Abdulqudir, has passed away.

In their statement, the management said the 36 year old man was among those who assisted the late Liberian Patrick Sawyer when he came to Lagos for a regional meeting.

Mr. Jatto Abdulqudir was quarantined after Sawyer died of the deadly disease but was already sick of Ebola. He died today in the Lagos Isolation Hospital.

His death brings to three the total number of deaths from Ebola in Nigeria. The first two victims were Patrick Sawyer and a Nigerian nurse who was among those that attended to him at the First Consultants Hospital Obalende Lagos.

Find the full text of the ECOWAS statement below...

Teenager Charged as an Adult After He Raped And Murdered 6-Year-Old Little Girl

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17-year-old Gabriel Gaeta who allegedly raped and murdered his 6-year-old neighbor has been arrested and charged for both crimes as an adult. The day before he was arrested for the shocking crime, the teenager had attended a vigil for the girl, Jenise Wright, 6, who went missing Aug. 2.

Gaeta “clearly nodded yes” when asked during an interview Saturday if he had killed the little girl, court documents say.

The teen, who was a High School wrestler, faces life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder and first-degree rape of a child. A judge set bail at $1 million.

Gaeta strangled and beat to death Jenise after raping the little girl, police said. She died of blunt force trauma to the head and her body was found Thursday submerged in a muddy bog, covered by a wooden pallet in a patch of woods.

Transformation Tuesday - Funniest Pictures Of Using Makeup To Change Into A Celeb

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Transformation Tuesday started as a way to make fun of makeup tutorials where the makeup artist usually looks completely different

Transformation Tuesday started as a way to make fun of makeup tutorials where the makeup artist usually looks completely different by the time they finish putting on their makeup.

Extreme makeup uses a lot of highlighting, contouring, fake lashes and the works to transform ordinary looking women into stunners who rival the most beautiful celebs.

Now, both men and women have taken those makeup tutorials as a social media meme, where in four steps, they are transformed into the celeb of their choice.

Couple Get Married After Winning Punching Above Your Weight Contest - Looks Aren't Everything!

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Darren Donaghey and Kate Cathart are proof that love is not all about looks, and sometimes, personality and other factors are more important. The couple got married this August at Matfen Hall, England.

And their love is not a new or temporary thing. The loved-up couple have been in a relationship for eight years and have a two-year-old son called Jaxon.

Back in March, Darren was crowned champion of ‘Punching Above Your Weight’ competition, for plain looking men married or dating stunning women.

Before winning the competition Darren and Kate had made plans to have a short weekend break as a honeymoon, but now their prize provides for an all-inclusive two week holiday to Rhodes, Greece.

Nigerian Woman Unfairly Detained At Swiss Airport For Carrying Fake Designer Handbag

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For those who may not know, carrying fake designer bags is illegal in the Eurpoean countries hosting designers like Chanel, Hermes, LV and other high end bag makers.

In Spain and France, it is actually constitutional to confiscate bags suspected to be fake or counterfeit on the streets. However, most bags are taken from users at airports when passing through customs.

A BellaNaija reader who has asked to be referred to as ‘FOB’ went through the following at the Geneva Airport. I think the treatment she received was unfair, if not racist. Read on....

I arrived Geneva from London at about 11:00am on British Airways Flight No. 726 on August 9th to pick my kids who had been in camp in Switzerland for 3 weeks from the airport.

After going through immigration with no issues, I was walking through the nothing to declare section when I was called aside by a gentleman for questioning. At this point, he didn’t introduce himself as a customs official.

He asked to search my bag which I handed over to him with my passport and at this point the first question he asked me was “where did you get your bag from? The streets?”

Transgender Couple Prepare To Tell Their Children That Dad Is Their Biological Mother

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Bianca and Nick Bowser and their two sons are not your average family, they are actually a transgender couple where the dad is actually the biological mom.

Nick, 27, was born a girl called Nicole and has lived as a man for the past seven years while Bianca, 32, was born a boy called Jason and transitioned to live as a woman 11 years ago . The transgender couple still both have their original sex organs because they’re unable to afford reconstructive surgery.

So it was Nick that got pregnant and gave birth to their sons, and now the couple are beginning to prepare on how to explain to their boys that mom actually used to be a boy, and dad was originally a girl.

But the parents insist their children, Kai, 3, and Pax, almost 1, will be fine when they tell them, because their upbringing has been a loving, supportive, secure and ‘normal’ one.

Porn Actress Shares Graphic Pictures of Injuries From Brutal Beating By Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Christy Mack, a well known porn actress, has revealed on Instagram and Twitter how she was physically assualted by her ex-boyfriend, Jon Koppenhaver, at her home in Las Vegas last Friday morning.

She shared a detailed story and also posted pictures of her terrible injuries taken while she was being treated in hospital. She said her ex beat up her face, stabbed her and ruptured her liver.

Jon, who is running from the police, with a $10,000 reward for his capture, also took to twitter to address the incident. Though he's yet to give himself up to the police, the cage fighter claimed he came to surprise her with an engagement ring but couldn't believe what he found.

See their stories and pictures below...