Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Transgender Couple Prepare To Tell Their Children That Dad Is Their Biological Mother

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Bianca and Nick Bowser and their two sons are not your average family, they are actually a transgender couple where the dad is actually the biological mom.

Nick, 27, was born a girl called Nicole and has lived as a man for the past seven years while Bianca, 32, was born a boy called Jason and transitioned to live as a woman 11 years ago . The transgender couple still both have their original sex organs because they’re unable to afford reconstructive surgery.

So it was Nick that got pregnant and gave birth to their sons, and now the couple are beginning to prepare on how to explain to their boys that mom actually used to be a boy, and dad was originally a girl.

But the parents insist their children, Kai, 3, and Pax, almost 1, will be fine when they tell them, because their upbringing has been a loving, supportive, secure and ‘normal’ one.

Porn Actress Shares Graphic Pictures of Injuries From Brutal Beating By Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Christy Mack, a well known porn actress, has revealed on Instagram and Twitter how she was physically assualted by her ex-boyfriend, Jon Koppenhaver, at her home in Las Vegas last Friday morning.

She shared a detailed story and also posted pictures of her terrible injuries taken while she was being treated in hospital. She said her ex beat up her face, stabbed her and ruptured her liver.

Jon, who is running from the police, with a $10,000 reward for his capture, also took to twitter to address the incident. Though he's yet to give himself up to the police, the cage fighter claimed he came to surprise her with an engagement ring but couldn't believe what he found.

See their stories and pictures below...

#Fatkini - Plus-sized Women Post Instagram Pictures Wearing Bikinis To Show Body Love

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I blogged last month about plus-size fashion models posing in bikinis for an inspirational calendar [here], and now #fatkini is a new hashtag on Instagram inspired by those ladies. #Fatkini is all about bringing a positive body image message to the beach for women of all sizes.

Fat activists have been using the fatkini hashtag to show that everyone can look good in a swimsuit and more and more women are getting on board.

See more pictures below...

Kim Kardashian Styles Nori In Matching Black, Talks About Having More Children

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Kim Kardashian was photographed with her one-year-old daughter North West, dressed in a head-to-toe black outfit similar to hers.

Kim and Nori have dressed in matching denim earlier, and they both also arrived New York from LA wearing coordinating grey tops, so it seems this is about to become a trend for the mom of one.

In the latest pictures, North West is wearing a black tank top with ruffles and bicycle shorts with black tennis shoes that had a hint of sparkle and a white sole. Her diamond studs adorned her pierced ears and a side-part hairdo completed the cute baby look.

Man Who Kicked Toddler to Death Because She Soiled Herself Sentenced To Life In Prison

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The man who killed the 2-year-old Amina Agboola,  has been sentenced to life in prison in England. 20-year Dean Harris was dating Amina’s mother Sarah, and killed Amina after becoming frustrated at her soiling herself.

Harris killed Amina Agboola by kicking her so hard she was thrown six feet across the room and ruptured her liver. The force of the blow was severe that it tore her liver in two. According to reports, paramedics say they found her body lying “like a rag doll”.

In a detailed confession letter, Harris admitted to manslaughter but was convicted of the child’s murder. He will spend a minimum of 17 years in prison.

Mercy Johnson On How She Handles Criticism and What Success Means To Her

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Mercy Johnson-Okojie has opened up about criticism in both her personal and work life as well as what success means to her. In the interview with City People Magazine, the actress looked back to her humble beginnings as the biggest part of what drives her to keep achieving despite all odds.

On if she is distracted by criticism: “Haaa! I couldn’t have been distracted. For several reasons. One, because I grew up knowing what Tears and Hunger mean. One of my biggest phobias was failure.

Because people will keep criticising when they want exactly what you have. They hate and they talk, but they want what you have. They crave to have what you have. So when they talk, the only way to shut them up is to even do better and up your game. The criticisms you get mostly are not constructive.

They are just bitter. When you see the one that is just bitter you know.”

Zmapp No Guarantee Against Ebola - Infected Priest Dies And Liberia To Get Sample Doses

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75 year old Fr. Miguel Pajares, the Spanish priest who was infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia and evacuated to Spain for treatment, is dead.

The priest was airlifted from Liberia on August 7 after contracting the disease while working for a non-governmental organization. He was being treated at Carlos III hospital Madrid where he had been quarantined since his return from Liberia.

He was put on the experimental drug, Zmapp, last Saturday August 9th after the drug arrived from the United States. However, it may have been too late as the reverend father has now lost the battle to the deadly virus.

May his soul rest in peace.

"At The Time We Got Married, He Was Still Legally Married To Another Woman" - Ara

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Nigerian drummer Ara will be 40 in January 2015 and in an interview with Encomium Weekly, she opens up about regrets from her 3 year marriage to Olalekan Saliu.

On being 40 and fabulous: “Maybe my gene. I also try to do the right things. I try not to overdo things.”

On regrets at the age of 39: “How I wished I were still a virgin. Yeah, but it’s a good thing I have a beautiful son.”

On her split from her hubby: “It’s not even divorce. As at the time we got married, he (Olalekan Saliu) was still legally married to another woman. I wasn’t aware. So, automatically, our marriage was annulled Ab Initio.”

#RIPRobin Williams - Talks On Battling Alcohol Addiction And Being Famous

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Robin Williams revealed in a 2010 interview via [Mirror UK] how he succumbed to his alcohol addiction in 2006 after 20 years of being sober. That period of his life coincided the end of his second marriage.

After this interview, Robin Williams continued working and even got married for the third time to wife Susan Schneider. However he passed away yesterday of an apparent suicide after a bout of depression.

May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

"I was filming in Alaska. I was away from everything, I was kind of isolated from things I normally get to do, like ride my bike, seeing friends and family.

All of a sudden I thought, 'I've been 20 years sober, I can drink a little'. It's like, 'I can be somewhat circumcised'. It's that idea that you can have one drink - and no you can't.

Watch Gidi Up Season 2 Online - Episode 6

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The dream continues as we find out what happens next to Tokunbo, Eky, Obi, Folarin and Yvonne. On this episode of Gidi Up, Eki and Tokunbo confront the consequences of their actions as she reveals her secret to him.

Obi is blackmailed into taking a listener of Gidi Fm on a date; and things continue to heat up between Yvonne and Meka, while the situation between her and Sharon becomes worse.

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