Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Back To Work For Genevieve Nnaji

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Genevieve Nnaji is back from her vacation travels and it is straight to work. The Nollywood actress was spotted at a brand event by Amstel Malta looking all kinds of gorgeous.

New hairstyle,  lovely smile,  a simple but suitable outfit,  jewelry to match, classy shoes and handbag ... check. Check. Check.

America Reveals Secret Ebola Cure! Experimental Drug 'Reverses' Infection in Sick Missionaries

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An experimental drug for Ebola called ZMapp may likely have saved the lives of the 2 US aid workers, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, who contracted the virus while working in Liberia.

According to reports, three vials containing the experimental drug stored at subzero temperatures were flown into Liberia last week in a last-ditch effort to save the two American missionary workers.

The drug appears to have worked, and Dr. Kent Brantly's and Nancy Writebol's conditions significantly improved after receiving the medication, sources say.

Could the drug explain why the American Government allowed the aid workers to be flown home, because they were already cured?

Also, while I'm happy for the aid workers, and glad there's a cure in sight, I want to know if this drug meant for Americans alone? There are people dying in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea who could do with this drug.

Vanessa Amadi Shares Testimony of Surviving Cancer And Giving Birth to Her Son

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Vanessa Amadi got married to husband Oki in September last year and the couple welcomed their first child - a boy - a few weeks ago.

The new mom and daughter of a pastor posted the above photo of herself holding and kissing her little son, and as the congratulations flooded in, she shared a brief testimony about her journey to motherhood.

“Awww thanks SO much guys! When Jesus says YES nobody can say no. With Him all things are possible. I remember when having treatment for cancer years ago, my oncologist told me I must freeze my eggs as I’m unlikely to conceive…Today God has answered! May God grant you your hearts desires. In Jesus’ might name. AMEN.”

Vanessa was diagnised with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells in 2006 and managed to beat it after treatment.

Michelle Obama Shares Loving Message To Barack Obama For His Birthday

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President Barack Obama is celebrating his birthday today and his beautiful wife, First Lady Michelle Obama took to her social media pages to wish him a good one.

She shared the sweet photo above and tagged it;

Happy Birthday to the man who always makes me proud. Thank you for your friendship, honesty and compassion. I will love you always. -mo

British Aid Worker's Touching Diary Reveals How Health Workers Are Worst Affected by Ebola

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54 year old Cokie van der Velde, a sanitation expert volunteering with Medecins Sans Frontieres has revealed how six of the nurses she worked with have died from Ebola. Cokie has been helping out at a treatment centre in Liberian capital Monrovia and a hospital isolation ward three hours away.

The World Health Organisation said that 60 medics had so far died in West Africa, falling ill as they bravely battled to save other people.

American aid workers Dr Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, were infected in Liberia, and have been flown home for treatment. Sierra Leone top Ebola doctor died of the virus and a doctor in Nigeria was recently infected after treating an Ebola Victim in Lagos.

Cokie said: “It is heartbreaking to see such brave people perishing at the hands of this awful disease.” Despite the risks, Cokie plans to return to the region next month.

Below are excerpts from her diary.

Taylor Swift Visits And Performs For Sick 5-Year-Old at Children's Hospital [Photos + Video]

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Taylor Swift visited Boston’s Children Hospital yesterday to spend some time with very sick children where she met 5-year-old Jordan Nickerson. Brave Jordan is battling both leukemia and William’s Syndrome, a debilitating developmental disease.

His Facebook page “Jordan’s Brave Page ,” follows the boy’s struggles and they posted to the page, pictures and video of Taylor Swift chatting and playing with the little boy. In the video, they try and decide what song he wants her to sing and she finally chooses to play her 2012 song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

As Jordan sings along as he best he can, you can see that she certainly makes his day!

Daddy Time - Kanye West Takes Daughter North West To The Studio

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North West is becoming more like her pretty mama day by day.

In this picture shared by Kim Kardashian, their little baby girl is shown with Kanye West as he works on his music in the home studio.

The happy mom tagged it, "#BringYourDaughterToWorkDay" ... Sweet :)

Nigerian Doctor Who Treated Ebola Victim Patrick Sawyer Tests Positive For the Virus

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The doctor who treated Liberian Ebola victim Patrick Sawyer while he was receiving treatment in a Lagos hospital has tested positive for the virus. This is the second confirmed case in Lagos.

"This new case is one of the doctors who attended to the Liberian Ebola patient who died," said Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu.

The Minister of Health revealed this today Monday August 4th and also said that eight people who had first degree contact with the Liberian have been quarantined and are under strict observation.

Nigerian Prostitutes Campaign For Legalization Of Sex Work With The Red Umbrella Protests

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Under the auspices of different organisations, scores of prostitutes marched on the streets of Lagos, chanting provocative slogans.

This boldness is unprecedented, and the protesters carried their signature red umbrellas and T-shirts with the inscription "Sex work is work, we need our rights."

There have been a couple of protests in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital, demanding the rights of prostitutes in a country where sex vendors suffer physical harm at the hands of their punters.

Some of these protests are led by 48-year-old Patoo Abraham who is not only proud of her profession but is also campaigning to ensure that prostitution is legalised and that sex workers are respected in Africa's most populous country.

Kim Kardashian Falls In Love With A Lookalike Thai Orphan And Tries To Adopt Her

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When one has a reality show like Kim Kardashian, it becomes hard to know when the person is doing something for real, or simply putting on an act for the TV audience.

In recent episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, they have been in Thailand and on a visit to a local orphanage there, Kim fell in love with a 12 year old orphan named Pink. She told her mother, and then got on the phone to Kanye that she wished to adopt the girl who looked just like her.

‘She is so sweet, I like literally want to take her home with me. Honey, I would like literally adopt her". Kim gushed about Pink.