Sunday, July 27, 2014

10 Qualities Men Want In The Women They Date Or Marry

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Via - Tressugar

With the recent release of The Fault in Our Stars, we're feeling a little misty-eyed thinking about true love. Maybe it really does exist, you know? Despite the odds and everything.

Maybe there's more to life than playing the field. Well, you can create your own relationship success by looking for the right traits in a woman instead of just swiping right on everyone on Tinder.

Let's take a look at the top 10 things in a significant other that'll make for a lasting relationship.

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Divorce or No Divorce - Images Of Beyonce and JayZ Showing PDA On Tour

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Beyonce and Jay Z have ignored all the speculations that have continued to trail them since the elevator fight, and then a recent report by a major tabloid that they will be splitting after their 'On the Run' tour.

Instead the famous couple have continued to show a lot of PDA both on stage and in their personal life as shown from their own pictures and that got by paparazzi.

Fans of the Bey who cannot imagine that the love between their Queen and her husband is anything but everlasting have made this gifs of the couple to keep the hope alive.

River Mysteriously Turns Blood RED Overnight Putting Entire Chinese City in Confusion

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The Chinese city of Wenzhou woke up yesterday to find their river running blood red... and no-one knows why. Locals say at 4am the water flow was normal but by 6am it had turned a frightening shade of scarlet!

An elderly resident who has lived by the river all his life says it has never happened before. Industrial contamination has been ruled out because there are no chemical plants along it length.

Now environment protection officials in the Chinese city of Wenzhou are taking water samples to find out what is going on. Wenzhou is a well-known town in East China's Zhejiang Province.

35-Year-Old Hides Phones, Batteries, Hacksaws and Pliers In His Butt To Smuggle Into Prison

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André Silva de Jesus, who was visiting his local prison in Ribeirao das Neves, Brazil, claimed he had a cardiac pacemaker, and informed the prison guards he couldn’t go through the metal detector.

However, he appeared “nervous,” to them and so the guards pulled him aside for further inspection.

All of the items in the above picture were removed from André Silva’s rectum. They include;

Retired Couple Receive Shocking Electricity Bill of Over £500m

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Nigel and Linda Brotherton were left shocked when they received an electricity bill for more than £500m. They were also told that their monthly direct debit was to increase from £87 to over £53Million.

The problem arose after the Scottish Power electricity board installed a new meter at the couple’s cottage home. Their electrician connected one of the wires the wrong way round so that instead of recording the number or units used it didn’t register any and continued showing zero.

Nigel and Linda, 59, say that they did not notice because they paid their bill by direct debit each month and were never asked to give a reading. But after they recently switched suppliers to Npower, a man was sent round to read their meter.

When he entered a reading of 'zero', Npower’s computer wrongly assumed the dials must have gone all round the clock – and automatically flagged up the huge bill.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

53-Year-Old Homeless Man Arrested For Stalking Rihanna By Sending Letters to Her Homes

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A 53-year-old homeless man has been arrested for stalking and harassing Rihanna by hand-delivering disturbing letters to her New York apartment.

According to the Daily News, Kevin Mcglynn was allegedly caught on video surveillance on on three occasions this month delivering the unsettling missives to a Rihanna employee, according to court records.

In the twisted letters, he “repeatedly called her a b--ch,” and threatened to “bum (rush) in her apartment,” according to his criminal complaint.

He also allegedly sent at least four letters to her in California, authorities said.

Megan Fox, Rosario Dawson, Jayden Smith and Mike Tyson At Comic Con 2014 [Photos]

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Celebrities, movie stars, directors, actors and superfans have trooped out to Comic-Con for the annual celebration of comics, movies and sci-fi. 

Among our favorites are Megan Fox, Rosario Dawson, Jayden Smith and Mike Tyson.

Megan Fox's cropped top and matching black skirt was said to be a hit but Jayden Smith was wearing his favorite white Batman costume [above], making it seem he's the only super comic geek among the group.

Remember he wore it at Kim and Kanye's wedding? See more photos below...

Aretha Franklin Disrespected At Johnny Rockets Outlet in Canada

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72-year-old Aretha Franklin was disrespected by an employee at a Johnny Rockets eatery after performing a sold-out show in Ontario, Canada.

The unfortunate incident unfolded Tuesday at a Johnny Rockets restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

A worker screamed at Franklin after she sat down to eat a hamburger that she had ordered to go, the singer’s spokesman said.

The worker, who was likely unaware she was dealing with the Queen of Soul, told Franklin she couldn’t eat inside the restaurant because she had ordered takeout, the spokesman said.

Jennifer Lopez Posts No Makeup Photo In Bathtub Before Her 45th Birthday Party

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Some say Jennifer Lopez can't look like this at 45, and that maybe some Instagram filters are lending a helping hand.

But if truly JLo looks this flawless without makeup, then whatever she is doing, she should keep it up!

Later that evening, Jennifer Lopez shared another selfie from her birthday party in New York, writing, "Let the games begin! #itsmyparty #funtimes #birthdaygirl #aintnuthingbutanumber".

Age ain't nothing but a number indeed. Happy birthday to JLo!

Pastor Adeboye At Tomi Michael Ashimolowo's White Wedding at KICC Prayer City Kent

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Pastor E. A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God was at the white wedding of KICC Head Bishop Matthew Ashimolowo's son Tomi Michaels as he married Dorothy Jeneba Kamara in Kent today.

Daddy GO of RCCG prayed for the couple and then joined other pastors in the reception.

See more photos below...