Saturday, July 19, 2014

PSquare to Work With Jermaine Jackson Who Is In Nigeria For Their 6th Album

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This is probably why Peter Okoye did not travel to Nnewi as they were expecting Jermaine Jackson, one of the iconic Jackson 5 and Micheal Jackson's older brother to arrive Nigeria.

Even if there is beef, it is only personal and their professional life remains solid, because Peter tweeted at Jude as he shared his exceitment at receiving Jermaine at Squareville after dreaming about it since he was little.

As a child this seemed like earth to Pluto dreams but alas, here we are working together... Keep your dream alive... Cc @jermjackson5 @judeengees @rudeboypsquare #6thalbum

Christy Essien Igbokwe’s Husband Opens Up On Their Life and His Remarriage 3 Years After Her Death

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Chief Edwin Igbokwe, the husband of legendary actress and musician, Christy Essien Igbokwe, gave his wife a fitting burial following her death on June 30th 2011 and set up a memorial foundation for her [read]. He has now opened up on how they met when she was still a teenager, and were together for almost 32 years before her death.

He also revealed that she predicted the manner and time of her death and expressly asked not to be kept in the mortuary. So the family kept her in their home for 3 months before the burial, during which time he alsways hoped she would wake up.

Below is narration of their life together and her death, as well as his grief, denial and acceptance following his loss, and how he recently remarried.

Dissatisfied Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Listing How Many Times She Denied Him Sex

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A Reddit user throwwwwaway29 posted the equivalent of a Dear Myne post on the forum saying;

My husband sent me an immature, inflammatory email as I was driving to the airport for a 10-day work trip. Now he has cut contact.

It seems her husband is so not happy with their sex life and he wants his wife to know just how much. In fact the thing has been paining him so much that he actually keeps tabs!

In that email he sent his wife, he attached a spreadsheet with the details of every single time since the beginning of June when he has asked for sex and been denied.

Genevieve Nnaji Congratulates Jude Okoye on His Marriage as New Wife Opens Up On Their Love

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Actress Genevieve Nnaji left a comment blessing his marriage in a picture posted by Jude Okoye on Instagram, and acknowledging his newly married status. She wrote;

Congratulations @judeengees Nnam. May your union be eternally blessed and fruitful

Meanwhile, the new Mrs. Okoye, Ifeoma Umeokeke also came out today to talk about her new husband and their love, gushing "Officially mine #handsome #awesome #allshadesofamazing"

Check out more of the pictures she shared and her thanks to all those that came out for their wedding, below...

Mommy Time - Sandra Bullock With Son Louis

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Sandra Bullock will remember 2010 as a bittersweet year, it was the year she won an Oscar, got divorced, and adopted her son after waiting for four years.

Since then, she and Louis are best buddies. In an interview with Vogue she said,
“Work was my life before. Now I have no reason to leave home. If all of a sudden someone said, ‘You have five more kids,’ I’d be totally OK with it”.
While filming “Gravity”, Sandra made sure the set was accommodating to little Louis. Outside of the movie sets too, she is always there for him. See more photos of them below..

Pepper Okwesa In Hospital, Showers Husband Jay Chikezie With Love on #Onye Hashtag

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Sometimes we think PDAs are only hugs and kisses and groping your partner in public. But in our internet world, great PDA also includes showering your SO with words of affirmation and love on your favorite social media network.

Waje is currently running this hashtag #onye on Instagram and Twitter where you are supposed to share a picture of your favorite personal person, as the igbo will say, Onyenkem. Often, I go on the hashtag and feed the sap in me by reading the comments people make about the ones they've chosen. #Onyes have ranged from mothers, fathers, children, besties, and of course spouses.

This #onye entry by Pepper Okwesa got my attention because 1. Her face looked familar, and 2. She looked like she was sick. Indeed she was, and her commentary on missing her hubby in hospital blew me away! Please read it below...

13 Strange Courtship and Romance Practices From The Past and Around the World

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By Hayley Matthews

How Do You Like Them Apples?

We’ve been taught the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s why in 19th century Austria, women used to give men apple slices they clenched in their (probably sweaty) armpits while dancing. If the dude was truly interested, he’d gobble them right up.

Juliet Ibrahim In Black Corset For New Music Single 'It's Over Now' Promo Photoshoot

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Some say Juliet Ibrahim is getting over her divorce and  her new single/video, ‘It’s Over Now’ points to that effect. I guess these promo shots serve the same purpose then?

The Ghanaian actress is in Dominatrix-mode in the new shoot wearing a black and red ‘leather lingerie with a pistol strapped at her holster.

She is as beautiful as always, but I can't help but compare these pictures to an earlier one I blogged about here.

All the best to Juliet in her music and acting efforts.

Two RML Blog Readers Get Married - See Their Wedding Pictures

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You've seen their pre-wedding pictures and love story - here, now our RML lovebirds are married! Check out some of their pictures below...

Celeb InstaFashion - Agbani Darego Is A Stunner With Red Lips Over Black and White Stripes

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Agbani Darego is an ethereal beauty in all senses of the word and she is aging like fine wine. The former Miss World can still compete with girls less than half her age in the looks department at any time or day.

Agbani shared these photos on Instagram that show that she's enjoying the best time of her life yet. She brought out the color in her lips with bright red lipstick and her off-the-shoulder tunic dress is patterned in bold black and white stripes.

With her hair in a sleek updo, she accessorizes the outfit with black tights, black purse, and ankle boots with silver studs. This night out was definitely one to remember!