Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mom and Her Two Pregnant Daughters Widowed After Husbands Die in Plane Crash

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A mom and two daughters who should be celebrating both sisters having babies the same year are instead mourning the loss of their husbands and their father in a freak plane crash accident. 

It happened last week in California. Doug Symiczek, 49, Jacob Griffiths, 32, and Kyle Parton, 29, were killed on July 6 after their single-engine plane crashed near Los Angeles.

The men reportedly took a quick early morning trip on Symiczek's plane from French Valley to Corona Airport but were planning on returning in time for breakfast. Unfortunately, the small plane's engine failed, they hit some trees, and crashed into the mountains before ending up in Lake Elsinore.

Mom Arrested For Letting Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Play in the Park On Her Own?

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For those who think they can parent their children in the way they themselves grew up, things have changed in 2014 America. In this case, I think some people have watched too many SVUs and CSIs, and will panic at the littlest thing when it comes to children.

Many commentators are against the arrest of Debra Lynn Harrell, who was charged on Monday after she left her 9-year-old daughter to play in a park while she was at work.

But is 9 years too young to be left alone at home or in a busy park? The news called the little girl neglected, and authorities said the mother has abandoned her child. I think they are exagerrating.

Should this be a crime? What do you think? Below is the whole gist of the matter...

Super Model Gisele Bundchen Earns $128,000 A Day, Twice As Much As Ronaldo

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Forbes has ranked Gisele Bundchen as the world’s highest earning model for the sevethe consecutive year. The super model and mom earns £74,000 ($128,000) every single day.

She’s the face of H&M, appeared in a film shot by Baz Luhrmann for Chanel and unveiled the World Cup, so it comes as little surprise that Gisele Bundchen is the world’s highest earning model.

But according to a new report, the 33-year-old, who’s also a clothes horse for Carolina Herrera, Isabel Marant, Emilio Pucci and Balenciaga, has raked in a reported $47m (£27m) in the past 12 months alone.

Diner Finds Cockroach in His Food, Waitress Eats it To Prove It's Edible and Normal

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A waitress has shocked diners at the restaurant in China where she worked by picking up a dead cockroach from a customer's plate and eating it right it in front of them.

The bizarre incident began when a man, Zhang Yen, went to a restaurant in Sichuan and found a cockroach in his food. When Zhang complained about the cockroach, Jin Kuo, the waitress, engaged him in a heated argument, telling him it was very normal to find a cockroach in restaurant food. She said;
'No matter which restaurant you go to, you will always find cockroaches in the food. It is very normal.'
It was at this point that one of the people who was with Zhang grabbed his mobile phone and started to video the incident.

Vanessa Williams Sexually Abused At 10, Says It Made Her Sexually Curious and Promiscuous

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Vanessa Williams has spoken out about being molested when she was only ten by an 18-year-old girl and how it's had a negative impact on her as a child and in her sexual life since then.

The actress and former Miss America opened up on Oprah Winfrey's Master Class and spoke about a traumatic summer when the older 'cool girl' performed oral sex on her when she was staying with family's friends in California. According to Vanessa;

'She was one of the cool girls. She made you want to feel like you were a grown-up.'

Then, one night when they were sleeping, the older girl sneaked into their room and woke Williams with a strange request.

Man Who Sends Fake Threats of Boko Haram Attacks Using Text Messages Arrested In Abuja

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Who has not received one of these messages? I know I have, and continue to receive them on my BBM too from contacts who feel they are being helpful.

The State Security Services (SSS) operatives in Abuja have arrested a man who specializes in sending out text messages threatening attack by Boko Haram terrorists thereby creating panic in the populace. 

The DefenceHQ reports that the suspect is still undergoing further interrogation preparatory to prosecution.

Meanwhile, the suspect, Ugwu Lawrence who was tracked by security operatives after dispatching text messages of impending bombings of some hotels in Abuja confessed that he employed the gimmick because the management of one of the organisation failed to offer him employment.

Wedding Bells! New Studio Photos From Sisi Yemmie and Bobo Yomi

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Like play like joke, the day is here. Our own Sisi Yemmie and Bobo Yomi are getting married tomorrow and Friday - traditional and white wedding respectively!

I was pleasantly surprised when Sisi Yemmie contacted me via BBM to invite me specially to her big day, thank you sweetie. I wish I was in Naija, I would so dance at the wedding, and meet all those other bloggers I know will certainly make it!

My prayers are with you Sisi and your cutest Bobo. As you embark on this new phase of your lives, goodness will follow you. God will bless you with all abunance in all areas of your life. Amen.

Check out Sisi and Bobo's new set of pre-wedding photos by Tap Studios below, more on her blog.

Prophetess Kills Boy, Lands His Brothers in Hospital With Fake Spiritual Cleansing Drink

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A prophetess has been arrested by the police in Ondo State for allegedly causing the death of a 10-year-old boy after she gave him a poisonous substance to drink.

It is reported that the mother of the deceased boy had taken him and his siblings to the prophetess for spiritual cleansing and she had given them the drink. The two other siblings of the deceased who also took the substance administered by the prophetess are currently in hospital.

Ironically, the prophetess had told them that taking the spiritual holy water would free them from any food poisoning, spiritual attack and bad dreams.

The police say that the prophetess prepared and gave the substance to her clients, which the mother gave to her three children to drink. I wonder if the so-called prophetess did not taste/test her own concoction?

Mom Stalks About-to-Wed Couples At Registry So Her Daughter Can Be A Flowergirl?

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4-year-old Annabelle Earl had heard about the joys of being a flowergirl from her baby-sitter's daughter and wanted to be one too so her mother came up with a plan to make her one though they didn't have anyone in their circle close to being married.

The mother is obviously the type to go to any lengths to get her daughter's wishes granted, and her plan was that they go to the marriage registry in New York, where ouples get married for $25, and Annabelle would advertise her services.

However, when they showed up, nobody wanted Annabelle and her mother began to ask directly.

I don't know how I feel about this, it sounds romantic, but I imagine being forced or shamed by this mom to have a strange little girl as part of a private ceremony like a wedding.

Couple Love - Mario Gotze And Girlfriend on Holiday

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Gotze and Ann-Kathrin Kiss After the World Cup Final
Gotze and Ann-Kathrin After the World Cup Final

Germany’s Mario Götze who scored the winning goal of the World Cup final, has a thing for his model girlfriend, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel, sweet love and a boner!

The couple were on a trip to Ibiza together back in July 2012 and were photographed hugging and cudding and playing as they relaxed on a yacht, and we can say that Mario was superexcited to be with his beautiful girlfriend.

I find it sweet because physical attraction and sex are part of most romantic couple's live, adding that zing that keep us loving each other. But really, that giant bulge in his briefs is seriously something else. The thing just refused to go down!

The sweetest part? The couple are still together. And from recent pictures - she was with him at the world cup in Brazil - maybe we'll be hearing wedding bells soon :)