Monday, July 14, 2014

#MarriedMen, Pastor Tony Rapu Has Some Words To Help Make Your #Marriage Happier

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Dr Tony Rapu is a well known pastor in Lagos that ministers at the Present House Church. He used his Twitter to reach out to married men, giving sound advise from the most simple to the most difficult.

He talks about quarells, "Conflicts in marriage are inevitable. Resolving them is a part of the process of bonding with your wife" or simply, "Talk to your wife."

We often say nobody talks to men and I love it when someone stands up to hold men accountable for what happens in their marriages and their homes.

A fellow blogger collected some of the quotables here, and below, I've made his tweets into a storify so it will never be lost to the transient nature of twitter. Read and share.

International Loving - Tuface and Annie Idibia Play Love in Ghana

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Annie and Tuface Idibia are currently in Ghana for an appearance on Yvonne Okoro's cookery show "Dining with". The loving couple have been busy sharing pictures from their trip on Instagram.
#ifItellUthestory #nobesmallthingo #internationalloving #naghanawedey oooo

From pictures on the set of the show, to 2Face and Annie coordinating in matching brocade outfits, to 2Face acting as his wife's photographer, check out their "love-in-ghana" photos below...


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Jude Okoye Flaunts Fiance Ifeoma Umeokeke With Message to Their Unborn Children

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Are they having twins? Jude Okoye proposed to his girlfriend back in April and last week, they announced they are expecting their first child as well getting married in a traditional ceremony later this week.

The drunk in love with his future wife's looks shared the picture above on Instagram wth the caption;
MESSAGE TO MY UNBORN CHILDREN "My dear future Children, look at ur mum and take all u need from her looks. Don't pay much attention to my face o especially my nose. Bcos if u do, oh well, ask 'Kermit' the tea drinking frog. 
See more pictures of his pretty fiance below...

Fast & Furious 7 - Tyrese Gibson Pays Emotional Tribute to Paul Walker as Film Wraps

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Tyrese Gibson has paid another tribute to his late co-star and friend Paul Walker as their upcoming film, Fast & Furious 7, wrapped production.

The actor posted the picture above on Instagram of himself with director James Wan and Walker's brothers Cody and Caleb - the two brothers had stood in to finish some of the action scenes and other parts of the film that were not completed before Paul Walker's tragic death last November.

He also posted another one of him and Paul Walker's look-alike brother, Cody Walker.

See the picture and tribute below...

Tyler Perry Wins 'What Would Jesus Do' Trademark From Woman Who Says He Stole It From Her

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Tyler Perry has reportedly won the patent to use "What would Jesus do?" in in a suit filed by another applicant who wanted to patent the popular phrase.

Reality star Kimberly “Poprah” Kearney had registered the trademark in 2008, several months before Perry did. Kearney had it trademarked to use as the title for a reality show, and claims she was developing a reality series with the title, but has got no backers.

According to THR, she says she had submitted the idea to Tyler Perry Studios in 2007 for backing, and alleges that Perry and his lawyers essentially stole the phrase from her but Tyler Perry Studios challenged her claim due to lack of use, and registered theirs later the same year.

Karrueche Tears Up As She Talks About Three Way Romance With Chris Brown and Rihanna

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Karrueche Tran, the on--then-off girlfriend of Chris Brown has opened up about battling Rihanna and her millions of online fans any time she's with Chris Brown. 

She discussed the ups and downs of their relationship during an interview on Just Keke, hosted by Keke Palmer, saying;

“... my boyfriend is a celebrity whose ex-girlfriend is even bigger… so, not only am I fighting a battle with her, I’m fighting a battle with her 14 million fans or however else. Imagine how that feels for me when I gotta get on Twitter and I gotta  see a whole bunch of stuff. They make up all kinds of crazy stuff and it’s like they know nothing about me.”

Three-year-old Girl Who 'Woke' at Her Funeral Has Been Declared Dead Again

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A three-year-old girl in the Philippines woke during preparations for her funeral but has now been declared dead, according to new reports. A cellphone caught the moment the young girl started breathing again at a church in Aurora in the Philippines where her funeral was taking place.

The little girl was originally declared dead on Friday morning after suffering a fever in hospital. Her family were preparing for her burial on Saturday afternoon when a neighbour of the girl's parents saw
the girl move her head. After being lifted out of the coffin she was given water and taken to the hospital.  It was later found that the girl was in a state of coma, not dead.

But sadly, reports now suggest the girl did not survive and has been declared dead finally. A doctor assessed her again today and found no signs of life.

The Church of England Approves Women as Bishops at the General Synod

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The Church of England's national assembly, known as the General Synod, has approved the historic measure to allow women to enter its top ranks as bishops!

The Church voted this decision at its meeting in York today, according to UK media.

The measure had the support of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Prime Minister David Cameron.

The vote comes two years after similar legislation failed to reach a two-thirds majority among the General Synod's lay members, despite approval from bishops and clergy.

“Weird Al” Yankovic Parodies Pharrell’s Williams “Happy” in New Video “Tacky”

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"Weird Al" Yankovic made his musical fame from spoofing other popular musicians, songs and their videos. The comic singer is releasing a new album called Mandatory Fun this week, and has just premiered the first video off it, a parody of Pharrell Williams Happy, but this one is called “Tacky”. 

The song and video indicts “Happy” and its 24-hour-dancing video as an embodiment of almost every annoying trend in today's pop-culture. Some of the lines read;
I Instagram every meal I've ever had/
I would live-Tweet a funeral /
Take selfies with the deceased. 
Check it out if could use a laugh this Monday.