Sunday, July 13, 2014

Germany Wins! And Rihanna's Swimsuit Selfie For The 'German Boys' at #WorldCupFinal

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Rihanna may not be wearing the German colors at the #argentinavsgermany2014 match right now, but you can bet she will be a very happy girl. Germany has won the World Cup!

One only need to check her Twitter profile picture to see which team she is cheering for, as she posted a swimsuit photo with the sexy one-piece in German colours.

Rihanna captioned the shot, 'For my German boys'. There is also a small German flag painted on her face.

Congrats to the Germany Team.

Rio Live - Celebrities Who Travelled to Brazil to Watch #ArgentinavsGermany2014

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David Beckham and sons Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo 

David Beckham and his sons are being very clear which team they are supporting, and that is Argentina. But they are not the only stars and high profile personalities who trooped out to the Estádio Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro where the final match and ceremony took place.

Pele, Ashton Kutcher, Kaka, Mick Jagger, and Brazilian models Gisele Bundchen and Adrianna Lima were there. Presidents Jacob Zuma and Vladimir Putin also came out as well as Angela Merkel who came to see if she will be lifting the world cup with the German Machines.

Shakira performed at the closing ceremony and her son was on hand to congratulate her when she finished...

#WorldCupFinal ArgentinaVsGermany Draw at Full Time + Closing Ceremony [Photos]

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Germany versus Argentina match, the final of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is going on right now and it looks like it will end in a goalless draw at the final whistle of the full time.

Who is going to win? Argentina seems to have an edge but it's so hard to call. If it goes into penalty, it's anybody's game!

Check out some pictures from the closing ceremony earlier...

DJ Exclusive Has Popped The Question To His Girlfriend of Four Years And She Said Yes!

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Wedding bells are ringing! DJ Exclusive, real names Rotimi Alakija popped the question to his long time girlfriend of over four years in one of the most beautiful spots in London - on the banks of the River Thames. And of course she said YES!

Her name is Tinuke Ogundero whom he had been flaunting her lately and tagging as woman crush on his Instagram page. Atinuke is reported to be a Chartered accountant and business consultant and has said they will be married soon.

Congratulations to the couple :)

Ireti Doyle's 27-Year-Old Daughter, Bimbo Weds at Ikoyi Registry [Photos]

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Nollywood actress and star of Tinsel soap, Ireti Doyle was the happy mother of the bride as her first daughter, Bimbo got married to her fiance yesterday at the Ikoyi registry, Lagos.

The 46 years old actress had Bimbo when she was 19 years old. Ireti has spoken about being a teenage mother in an interview here.

Maternity Style - Stacy Keibler Keeping Fit as She Counts Down to Baby

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Stacy Keibler was featured in one of the RML date night posts when she was dating George Clooney but the couple broke up over a year ago and have both moved on. George Clooney is engaged to Amal Alamuddin while Stacy is pregnant with husband Jared Pobre.

Stacy was photographed keeping fit as she counts down to her baby. She is no stranger to fitness -- she was a professional wrestler and fitness buff. So of course she is a fit pregnant mama-to-be.

Teddy Don-Momoh Shares Touching Tribute For Kefee + Their Love Story and Wedding Pictures

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Teddy and Kefee were married for just over two years but had known each other for nearly ten years, first as work colleagues, then as friends and finally lovers and a married couple.

The widowed husband who was inconsolable at Kefee's burial last Friday - see pics - read out this short but poignant tribute to his wife who is definitely gone too soon. He wrote;
"You were a woman of principle, straightforward, strong willed and determined. You were the symbol of hope. When I look through your eyes little did I know that the end has come. Death is inevitable but no man desires death at the time it comes. I am consoled by the fact that you are now translated from this sinful environment to a better place where the lord has made for the righteous men of your kind. Farewell my desire. Rest in the bosom of the lord till we meet on the lord's appointed time."

Recovering Tracy Morgan Sues Walmart Over Deadly Car Crash in New Jersey

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Popular Comedian Tracy Morgan who recently recovered from coma after a car crash - read here - is suing retail giant Walmart following the incident.

Walmart truck driver Kevin Roper is accused of falling asleep at the wheel and causing a multi-vehicle accident when he slammed into the back of Morgan’s limousine in New Jersey, killing Morgan’s colleague James ‘Jimmy Mack’ McNair and hospitalising several others.

The lawsuit, filed in New Jersey on Thursday, alleges the company should have known Roper had been awake for more than 24 hours and that his drive from Georgia, where he lives, to work in Delaware was “unreasonable”.

The suit reads,

Hillary On Staying With Bill Clinton After The Monica Lewinsky Affair - Forgiveness is a Choice

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Hillary Clinton is promoting her latest autobiography and faced questions about her private life, especially about moving on with Bill Clinton after his very public cheating scandal.

The interviewer wanted to know how she felt about her husband's role in the Monica Lewinsky affair, and what it was about Bill that had enabled her to 'forgive his infidelity'.

"Forgiveness is a choice. And I fully respect those who don't make that choice, for whatever reason, in their personal or their professional lives but for me it was absolutely the right choice. For me, it is something that is incredibly difficult but I am grateful everyday that that's the choice that I made and I've counseled others to see if in their own hearts they can also do that. But it's not by accident the great religions, the great writers talk about how the person who forgives is liberated, maybe even more than the person who is forgiven."

World Cup Final - Rihanna Meets Football Legend Pelé, Shakira To Perform at Closing Ceremony

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Today, I had the opportunity to meet the young @rihanna - Pele Twitter

Singer Rihanna has been invited by Budweiser beer to watch the final between Argentina and Germany, and flew into Rio de Janeiro, Friday. Part of the trip was to meet football legend Pele for a photo-call. Yes, she's so lucky!

Pele even tweeted about the meeting!

Rihanna has been following the World Cup diligently, unlike most other American stars. She has tweeted about different games, her favorite teams and players and now it seems it has all paid off for her. Not that she could not afford to pay her way, but who doesn't like better thing?

It has also been announced that Shakira will be performing at the World Cup closing ceremony. Pictures to come...