Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sofia Vergara Dating Joe Manganiello - The Hottest Couple Ever?

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Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara have started dating, according to reports which then say the two are just starting to get acquainted with each other. So maybe they're not?

Apparently, the two only met recently at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner in May, and above is the picture of the two of them meeting for the first time.

I think this is another couple made in blogger's heaven - most beautiful woman meets hottest bachelor?

Who remembers Jennifer Lopez and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, have we heard anything more about that?

Couple Love - Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Kiss on Italian Vacation

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According to reports, Zac Efron, 26, and Michelle Rodriguez, 35, are now a couple as they vacation in Italy. The two were photographed kissing and cuddling on a yacht last weekend. 

They "were laughing with their friends, cuddling and playing a lot," says a source who saw them on Sunday. "They looked like a new couple very much in love and excited to be together."

The group spent about four hours on the boat, adds the source: "They were climbing, doing flips into the water, taking pictures of each other."

Well, fingers crossed for these two, I think they're probably just having fun :)

Klose Sets World Cup Goals Record + Some of The Funniest Memes On #BrazilVsGermany

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Miroslav Klose of the German National team has become the top goalscorer in World Cup history. The striker is trending after his goals in Germany’s semi-final against the Brazil team earlier today.

And the memes have started flooding in following the extreme thrashing Germany gave brazil today. Check on some of the funniest below...

Germany Vs Brazil - 5 - 0 at Halftime, Ends 7 - 1 And Germany Proceeds To Finals!

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Twelve years ago, Ronaldo, Rivaldo & Ronaldinho’s Brazil were tearing Germany apart in the 2002 World Cup final - how things have changed!

Germany is fairly tearing the host nation apart in this heated semi-final. Where is the Brazil that defeated all the countries in their group?

Germany scored the first 5 goals within the first 30 mins of the match. Let's see if Brazil can match that. Brazil has just about 20 mins to salvage any of the goals against them, but I doubt that's going to happen.

UPdate - The game has ended 7 - 1 to Germany who will now play at the finals.

A Slimmed Down Stella Damasus Debuts New and Sleek Hairstyle

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Stella Damasus is currently on an acting hiatus from Nollywood and is focusing on some other projects with friend and director Daniel Ademinokan.

Stella Damasus is more commonly known to use curly and bigger weaves, but she debuted this sleek look on her social media pages. The actress sure looks great and I think the new hair and makes her look younger. And she made the wig herself too - " I am not perfect yet but working on it seriously. " she said.

I think she lost some weight too. Suits her.

What's your take?

Nigerian Prostitutes in Italy Reveal How Their Dreams of Freedom Turned To Nightmares

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MANDATORY CREDIT: Elena Perlino/Rex Features. IMAGES OUTSIDE OF PRINT VERSION NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTIONS. FEES APPLY FOR UNIQUE IPAD USE. Only for use in story about Elena Perlino's work. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Elena Perlino/REX (3870599as) Turin 2012. Police control find a Nigerian woman working as a prostitute in the outskirt of Turin. Photo Series Highlights The Issue Of Human Sex Trafficking from Nigeria to Italy The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime declared Nigeria among the top eight countries with the highest human trafficking rates in the world.  In her long-term project Pipeline Paris-based Elena Perlino delves into the shocking reality, concentrating specifically on women trafficked to Italy from Nigeria.  The 42-year-old photographer who is originally from Italy, began to notice the presence of young African women working on the streets when she would commute from Turin.  I decided to start from this surreal vision to tell a story. I have been working on
Police control find a Nigerian woman working as a prostitute in the outskirt of Turin

The plight of trafficked Nigerian women forced to work in the sex trade has been highlighted by Paris-based photographer Elena Perlino, originally from Italy.

These Nigerian women are being trafficked to Italy under the pretence that they will be working as nannies or in factories – but often end up working the streets as prostitutes.

She began to notice the presence of young African women working on the streets during her commutes from Turin. She said:

'I decided to start from this surreal vision to tell a story. I have been working on the topic for several years, focusing mainly on the Italian connection.'

Couple Love - Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego Married Over a Year

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Zoe Saldana surprised many when she announced last year that she had secretly married artist, and long-time friend, Marco Perego in June 2013.

Zoe prefers to keep her relationship with Marco out of the limelight and has rarely discussed him in public, except to confirm they tied the knot in England and she is very happy.

RML celebrates the couple as they grow in their love and marriage.

Serge Ibaka Is The Naked Athlete Selected For ESPN Body Issue Cover [Photos]

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Today, the sports magazine finally unveiled its official cover, which has NBA player, Serge Ibaka, who is also currently dating Keri Hilson, showing off what he does best, but this time, naked.

Last month, ESPN Magazine trailed their 2014 Body Issue with tennis champion Venus Williams posing nude, here, as she hyped her Wimbledon return. Yesterday, we also saw some more naked athletes.

On the ESPN cover, the Congolese-Spanish basketballer bares it all with his athletic body in the air as he aims for a net. In the story, Serge Ibaka spoke about fitness, choosing basketball instead of football, playing basketball in Congo, his past major injury and what drives him.

See another picture and read excerpts from his interview below...

Legal Marijuana Goes on Sale in Seattle and Around Washington State

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SEATTLE –  Washington became the second state Tuesday to allow people to buy marijuana legally in the U.S. without a doctor's note as customers eager to be the first to buy pot lined up outside stores.

People began purchasing marijuana at 8 a.m. at Bellingham's Top Shelf Cannabis, one of two stores in the city north of Seattle that started selling pot as soon as it was allowed under state regulations. Several dozen people waited outside before the store opened.

The first three customers in line were residents of Kansas, in Bellingham for their grandfather's 84th birthday. Sarah Gorton, 24, of Abilene, Kansas, came with her younger brother Robbie, as well as her boyfriend.

"It's just a happy coincidence and an opportunity we're not going to have for a long time," said Sarah Gorton, a 24-year-old with dreadlocks and homemade jewelry. "I'm really thrilled to be a part of something that I never thought would happen."

Would You Use a Contraceptive Computer Chip That Works For 16 Years?

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A computer chip contraceptive that can be adjusted using remote control has been developed as an option for women's birth control. When implanted under a woman's skin, the chip will continue to release a small dose of the hormone, levonorgestrel, into her bloodstream daily for 16 years.

This will happen every day, but can be stopped at any time by using the wireless remote control.

Developed by a company in the US, the project has been backed by Bill Gates, and will be submitted for pre-clinical testing in the US next year - and possibly go on sale by 2018.

The device is small enough for size not to be a deterrent, and is "competitively priced" the creators said.

Would you use this? Check out the details and some people's reactions below..