Monday, July 7, 2014

What?! These Parents Discover Their Baby Is InterSex When They Go For Female Circumcision

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8 days after Success Chisom Aniekwe was born a year ago in Anam in Anambra State, her parents took her to be circumcised. However, finding out that the baby is Intersex, meaning that she had both male and female sex organs, stopped the circumcision from being done.

After all the reports and campaigns via the news and even Nollywood movies, one would think female circumcision would be a thing of the past for new parents. But some Nigerian parents are apparently stuck to their traditional ways of doing things.

I'm dismayed that some people still believe that FGM has any tangible benefits in this day and age. The only good thing to come out of the ignorance of Chisom's parents would be that their child's intersex condition, also known as hermaphroditism, was observed early enough.

Unfortunately, due to lack of funds nothing has been done for over a year to streamline the baby's gender. Read on for the parent's account of Chisom's ordeal and how you may be able to help.

Long-Term Girlfriend or Wife? Will You be Happy With a Commitment Without Marriage?

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A friend of mine recently celebrated her 3 year wedding anniversary and posted pics on social media from that day as a way to reminisce. In many of her photos were pics of her proud parents who had been together for over 20 years. I found myself saying a silent prayer that she and her husband’s marriage would last as long as her parents’ had – until I remembered that her parents were never married.

That got me to thinking – is my friend’s union more “official” than her parents’ because she is actually married? And knowing that her parents have been together for so long, what made her want to get married as opposed to simply being in a long-term, committed relationship with her man – which is essentially the same thing right? Is there a big difference between being a lifelong girlfriend or partner as opposed to being a wife?

The 7 Keys To A Happy Wife By Frank Lodato

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1. Separate from Mamma. – Men, you are married to your wife, not your mom! When family matters invade a marriage, your wife needs to trust that you and she are a united front. She must not fear that you will go behind her and talk negatively, especially to your mom.

When you and your wife speak to your mom, it should be as one flesh, not competing teams. Your mom is usually going to fight in your corner, right or wrong. This will cause serious problems in your marriage. I love my mom and she is precious to me, but YOU leading your family is the best way to honor her, not the other way around.

An Open Letter to Women Living With HIV - Be Informed and Take Charge of Your Health

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This is an expansion of very short letter I wrote on a blog to a young lady living with HIV who contracted the disease when she was raped by two strangers at the market.

This vulnerable young woman has recently been raped again by a friend, and then taken advantage of by someone in position of power. She believes she has infected them with the virus and is not very remorseful.

To this young lady I wrote this open letter, and to other women living with HIV who feel vulnerable and yet think like they have an edge to get back at men whom they hate.

I may not fully understand your life since I don't have HIV, but I can imagine that if someone harms me, I may feel good if I think I got my revenge on them in my own way.

BUT! And this is a big but, with HIV, going on a spree to infect others may actually backfire for a woman!

Man Who Stabbed Self To Death After Fiance Called It Quits Had Attempted Suicide Before

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Oluwatosin Otaiku who stabbed himself to death last Saturday after his fiancee called it quits with him, has attempted suicide in the past after being jilted by his undergraduate love.

33-year-old Otaiku, an orphan and a University graduate, stabbed himself to death in Ogun State after a mediation meeting organised by neighbours failed to get his estranged fiancee, Oluwatoyin Olaogun, to come back to him failed to achieve that aim.

Apparently, the deceased had attended the meeting with a knife in his pocket. He then stabbed himself on realising that Oluwatoyin would not change her mind.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ladies Don’t be Too Independent, a Man Needs to be Needed - IK Osakioduwa on The Juice

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The charismatic presenter, host and On Air Personality, IK Osakioduwa is on the couch with Toolz this week. The married father of two speaks on how he got started as a presenter, how he met the love of his life, and how he went from a "shy guy" to a confident guy. There is also some twerking involved.

IK Osakioduwa, who calls his wife Olohi the love of his life [see couple love post], also gave advice to ladies on how to keep their men – they should not be too independent. He said that men need to feel needed. Do you agree with him?

Watch the video below...

Ciara Shows Off Dreadlocks, And She Totally Rocks It!

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Ciara's fiance Future was the first to tease her new dread-locked look when he posted a picture on social media of Ciara carrying their new born son Baby Future last month. The elder Future has been wearing the dreadlocked style for some time now.

Ciara who gave birth to her first child with rapper Future on May 19th, premiered her blonde and brunette dreadlocks on Instagram, possibly inspired by her fiancé. 

She shared several pictures that show off the dreads in their full glory with the caption, “Attitude.” In another picture where she posed in a Calvin Klein “Obsession” sweatshirt, she captioned it, “Back 2 Work and Im Obsessed…:)”

See the pictures below...

Celeb Insta Fashion - Rita Dominic Stuns in Ankara Prints

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Rita Dominic was in Mauritius recently where she and some other media personalities showcased the entertainment industry in Nigeria as part of a Multichoice event. For two of the occassions, the beautiful actress chose to go the Ankara and jeans. She said

#someofthethingsigotuptoinmauritius.. First look: Press conference, second look: interview. Both tops from needlepoint and styled by @bubuogisi. 

Check out the second look below..

Magazine Covers - Jessica Alba On Her Amazing Body and Sin City Sequel With GQ UK

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American television and film actress and model wows in sexy swimsuits for British GQ magazine’s August 2014 issue.

In the cover story, the 32-year-old actress talked about how the death of her Into the Blue co-star Paul Walker affected her, how she got her body back after having her children, and her role in the upcoming Sin City sequel.

More pictures and excerpts below;

US Keeper Tim Howard Says Christian Faith Helped Him Deal With Tourettes And Excel in Football

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During the U.S.-Belgium game this week, Tim Howard blocked 16 shots on goal, a World Cup record. And although the United States was eliminated from the competition in a 2-1 loss, Howard was still voted the best player of the game.

Last Tuesday's defining game with Belgium drew an audience of 21 million television viewers in the United States, a nation that is slowly catching on to the rest of the world's top sport.

The team returned to the United States Thursday with its now-famous goalie a social media phenomenon. A trending hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave includes saving the Titanic from sinking and the White House from the alien attack in the movie "Independence Day."