Friday, June 27, 2014

Career Choices - How Being a Nursing Professional Can Help You Touch Lives and Make a Difference

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A nurse is more than just someone who helps a doctor with patients. Nurses are a line of communication for those who may have no one else to talk to. They can serve as a confidante for those who don't want the rest of the world to know why they are seeking care.

Inspire Hope in Others

As a nurse, you are the one who is going to talk to patients about their status, give them their medicine and otherwise be there when a person needs someone to talk to. If someone is going through a battle with cancer or a child is going through an illness, you can be there to give hope to that person.

There have been stories where nurses will hold a spa day inside a patient's room or just spend extra time talking to that person even when their shift is over. Just knowing that someone cares can provide the hope that a person needs to keep going.

Pregnant Uche Ogbodo Separates From Her Fiance and Father of Her Baby

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Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has confirmed that she is split from her fiance and the father of her coming baby Ato Ubby.

The actress - who is heavily pregnant and currently in America to birth her baby and her ex footballer beau had a private engagement/introduction ceremony in October 2013 but their relationship broke down before their marriage could be finalized.

There were earlier speculations that the couple had split because Norway-based Ato Ubby was already married to a white woman with kids but Uche said that is not true. She said this in an interview with Stella Dimorkorkus

Read some excerpts below...

Friday Man Candy - Drake. Shirtless. Selfie.

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Drake Selfie

It does make one kinda speechless. Canadian rapper Drake shared a selfie of himself in the bathroom and with no shirt on. The thirst is real for some ladies right about now, lol.

Someone mentioned that the best thing they like about shirtless Drake is the lack of tattoos. Even our Peter PSquare has some. I don't mind tattoos myself, but give me a fit manly chest anytime, tattoos or nay.

Ladies which do you prefer, tattoos or none on a guy?

See another picture below...

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde Again, Which Color Do You Prefer on Her?

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Newly married Kim Kardashian West shared some pictures yesterday which made some think she had gone from brunette to blonde again. Kim also had blonde and ombre hair soon after she gave birth to her daughter North West [see here].

She shared the picture on her Instagram page and was also later photographed with her new hair in New York wearing an all black leather outfit.

Kim later cleared the air by stating that the hair was just a very real looking wig and she did not dye her hair. Some says she looks a bit like Ciara or Beyonce with the straight blond locks, do you agree?

See more photos below!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Celeb Insta Fashion - Adaeze Igwe Yobo Keeps It Casual in Khaki Shorts

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Adaeze Yobo is keeping it simple and cool in this casual combo of sleeveless top and khaki shorts. 

The beauty queen wife of Nigeria's Super Eagles hot captain, Joseph Yobo, ups the ante of the outfit with her black sandals. The silver metal embellishment on the toe and ankle strap foot wear gives the ensemble a rock-chic vibe.

President Barack Obama Watching The USA Vs Germany Game Aboard Air Force One

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The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama saw the World Cup game between the United States men's national soccer team and Germany aboard his Air Force One while he was en-route Minneapolis.

While people like Ann Coulter keep ranting rubbish about the beautiful game, fans of soccer keep winning. I pray the US team goes far in the world cup.

The United States lost 1-0, courtesy of a Thomas Muller strike, but still progressed to the second round of the World Cup where they will meet Belgium.

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Ann Coulter Bashes The World Cup, Says Soccer is a Sign of America's Moral Decay Due to Immigration

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Ann Coulter is an American republican, she loves being controversial, and her favorite past-time is goading liberals and bashing minorities - now the list includes football, or soccer as it is known in the United States.

The conservative columnist took the time yesterday to air her views on the apparently increasing popularity of soccer in America since the 2014 FIFA World Cup. And she chose the morning of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s most important match of the mundial to stir up the waters. Her title? “America’s Favorite National Pastime: Hating Soccer.”

Ann Coulter complains about everything in the beautiful game, from the length to the rule about not using hands, to the team play required. Everything about soccer according to her is dirty and disgusting. She rounds off by saying soccer is only enjoyed by immigrants and real Americans don't watch soccer.

Check out excerpts from her commentarys below

Matt Lauer Asks Mary Barra If She Can Run General Motors and Be a Good Mom Too

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In an interview for the TODAY Show, Matt Lauer asked the CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, if it was possible for her to run a major company and be a good mom at the same time. 

I'm kind of disappointed in Matt Lauer. Like, really? Did he have no better questions to ask the CEO of General Motors than whether she thinks she's a good mom? There are recalls and failures in leadership at GM and we're emphasizing on the CEO's parenting skills?

Maybe we should ask Matt Lauer, are you able to do your job as anchor of the TODAY show at NBC and be a good dad? Parenting should be the last thing a serious news anchor like Matt Lauer should ask someone when they have come on air for an interview about their professional life!

Below are some excerpts from the transcript of that part of the interview:

Photos: Beyonce Shows Bare Pregnant Belly During On The Run Tour With Jay Z

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Beyonce and Jay Z have started their On The Run concert and during the show, the couple played private home video that showed Beyonce's bare baby bump. This is for those who believe or think that the singer didn't carry her baby.

With Kelly's recent pregnancy and her the former Destiny Child's bandmate of Beyonce loving to show off her bump [see here], many are talking again of Beyonce over protectiveness of her own pregnancy belly. Well, Jay Z and Beyonce are using their concert and these home videos to open up further to their fans and squash a lot of the rumors about them.

The couple not only shared Beyonce's bare pregnant belly, they also shared home movie clips of their private 2008 wedding as well as those of growing baby Blue Ivy. Beyonce had talked about her earlier miscarriage and giving birth to Blue Ivy HERE.

See some videos below...

Woman Gives Birth After 14 Years Pregnancy - Some Say Miracle, I Call Foul!

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Mercy James of Lagos is said to have delivered a baby girl after 14 years of being pregnant, and she has named the baby 'her miracle'. Mercy will be a single parent, since the man who supposedly got her pregnant 14 years ago abandoned her a year after she said she first got pregnant.

In her story, Mercy said she gave birth to the baby at a Celestial Church, and admitted that she was unconscious for over 15 minutes during labor, and it was only after she was revived the midwife handed the baby to her. If this is not proof enough for those who believe this story how much of a scam it is, then I don't know what else to say.

Oh yes, I know what to add. Do a DNA test!

Read on for the Vanguard report of Mercy's testimony and the support from the midwife and one of Mercy's friends who took her to the church but also did not witness the birth.