Thursday, June 26, 2014

George Clooney Gets Two New Protection Laws in Lake Como Ahead of Marriage to Amal Alamuddin

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George Clooney and his lawyer fiancé Amal Alamuddin, are planning their wedding this fall, and it appears he wants his big day to be very exclusive.

The very private actor and humanitarian activist does not want fans or paparazzi to spoil his big day so he has been able to get the council of Lagilo to approve new laws meaning that anyone who trespasses around his home in Lake Como, Italy, or is an uninvited guest will be fined heavily.

The couple have been notoriously private since they got engaged last April and are rarely photographed together. It is expected that Goerge Clooney and Amal Alamuddin will have a small wedding in September.

Luis Suarez Gets Four-Month Ban as Funny Memes For Italy Bite Go Viral

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Luis Suarez has been suspended for nine international matches and banned from football for four months for biting an opponent. Fifa took action after Suarez sank his teeth into Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder during Uruguay's world cup match with Italy.

In the time since the bite took place last Tuesday, plenty of memes and jokes have been doing the rounds on social media mocking the Uruguay striker.

Check out some of the funniest memes below..

Magazine Covers - Rihanna on Harper's Bazaar Arabia is Glam and Demure At The Same Time

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Rihanna has turned Arabic, lol... maybe not. But she is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia and as they say, when in Rome, I mean Arabia, you do like them.

Just a few weeks since Rihanna's controversial, sheer gown at the CFDA Awards [read here], the singer is very conservative for the July cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and the only sheer material is the veil covering her face.

The pop star poses in sequins, hoods and head wraps for the glamorous spread which she shared on her Twitter earlier today. One shot in particular, showcases her in a glittering black bodysuit that practically covers her from head to toe, and she has on a face mask too.

Maternity Style - Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her Baby Bump in White Crop Top

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Kelly Rowland sure loves showing off her baby bump [see here]. The singer was photographed attending the JayZ and Beyoncé's On the Run opening concert in Miami.

The mom-to-be who confirmed her pregnancy a couple of weeks ago, showed off her growing baby bump, again, in this white crop top and form fitting skirt that fell to just below her knees.

She is simply beautiful, and that pixie cut always looks great on her. More photos below...

Public Sex is Legal In Amsterdam and Copenhagen Parks, But Will You Do It?

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So, a couple of public parks in Europe allow sex in them. The rules at the Amsterdam Vondelpark says it's totally ok to have sex in the park as long as it is in the evening or night time when children are less likely to be there. Also, you have to pick up your condoms. That is assuming you use one

The Dutch police are in full support of the legalization and are actually encouraging other parks to follow suit so as to make their work easier. They say people already do it and arresting mating couples is just too embarrassing and unnecessary.

The same as another park in Copenhagen (Denmark) with the following rules.

Rihanna Will Not Be Happy as Kevin-Prince Boateng Suspended and Sent Home From The World Cup

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 Rihanna had her eyes on Kevin-Prince Boateng during the Ghanaian -USA world cup match last week, when she said she was team Ghana because of him, "Da Bae doe! I might have to b team Ghana on this one idc idc idc," she had tweeted.

Unfortunately, Kevin-Prince Boateng, and Sulley Muntari have been suspended indefinitely for disciplinary reasons, and sent home immediately from Brazil. They will not be playing the next Ghana match with Portugal.

Boateng was suspended indefinitely for what the FA said were “vulgar verbal insults” aimed at the team’s coach, James Appiah, during training.

Boateng confirmed he had been sent home, but denied the charges, telling the German magazine Sport-Bild:

Looking For the World's Biggest Boobs - There's a Map For That

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world's largest fake breasts

Do you ever wonder which country has women with the world's biggest boobs? You won't be too wrong if you say America, after all Norma Stitz, the woman with the world's biggest natural breasts is from Atlanta, Georgia. Maxi Mounds, the lady above with Guinness world record for largest breasts in 2005 is also an American. So does America have the world's biggest boobs?

Well, there's a map to give us a scientific answer. Generally, the women in the U.S. have mostly D-cup breasts, along with South American countries, Venezuela and Colombia. Not to my surprise the smallest breasts, are apparently those found on women in Asia, particularly in East Asia. So now you know. What I did not foresee was that women in Africa, including Nigeria were also classed in the A-Cup group, the smallest sized breasts. I'm beginning to think this map is biased.

5 Reasons Many Christian Women Remain Single - Should You Settle?

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This interesting article about why many Christain women remain single, talks about 60 years old Sarah - never been married - with very high standards. At a Christian singles conference, Sarah was trying to comfort another single woman in her thirties who was tired of being lonely and was on the verge of ‘settling’.

In encouraging the younger woman to stay strong and wait for her Mr. Right, Sarah spoke about the men who had been her potential suitors and why she had turned them all down. As she spoke, it became clear to those listening that Sarah's standards and behavior were to blame for her being single at 60.

Basically, Sarah was expecting too much from a mere human being, and some of the men she called "counterfeit", and whom she did not settle for, could have been her Mr. Right long time ago.

Below is listed some of the things that may have kept Sarah and other Christian women like her single. Read and let us know if this talks to what you believe too about single Christian women.

Couple Love - Comedian AY and Wife Mabel in Brazil For The World Cup

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Comedian AY and his Wife, Mabel Makun are in currently in Brazil cheering on the Super Eagles at the World Cup.

The funny man has been sharing pictures of the loved up couple on his Instagram page.

Obituary - Suleiman Bisalla, New Telegraph’s Managing Editor, Dies in Abuja Bomb Blast

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The Managing Editor (North) of the New Telegraph Newspaper, Alhaji Suleiman Bisalla, is among the 21 persons confirmed dead in Wednesday’s bomb blast at the EMAB plaza in Abuja. He was 46 years old.

Bisalla left the Abuja office of the New Telegraph newspaper at about 3.30pm Wednesday for the EMAB plaza to go and fix his phone, where he met his untimely death.

Bisalla’s corpse has been deposited at the Maitama General Hospital, where he and others killed in the blast were taken to. Bisalla’s younger brother, Mohammed, who was the only person allowed into the hospital among many that trooped to the hospital, confirmed the death.