Friday, June 20, 2014

Magazine Covers - Nneka Talks About Being Mixed Race on TW

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Musician Nneka Egbuna covers the June issue of  TW Magazine. In the issue Nneka opens up about her mixed Nigerian-German parentage, her bittersweet relationship with her father, her mother’s absence during her childhood, and her journey to Germany at 18 as a refugee in search of her birth mother.

2Face Idibia ft Bridget Kelly – Let Somebody Love You [Music Video Romance]

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“LET SOMEBODY LOVE YOU” by 2Face featuring RocNation’s Bridget Kelly is my kind of music, a smooth ballad that just flows over you. The video is also nice, nothing much story-wise, but it highlights the musical chops and chemistry between 2Face and Bridget.

See it below...

Maternity Style - Kelly Rowland Keeps Fit With Pregnancy Yoga

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Kelly Rowland is expecting her first child with manager/husband Tim Witherspoon, and from this picture she released on Instagram, she is keeping fit and getting ready for childbirth using pregnancy Yoga. She looks amazing, and her skin is glowing.Wishing her a safe and healthy pregnancy.

World Sickle Cell Day - Tosyn Bucknor is Thankful as She Talks About Life With Sickle Cell

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"It's World Sickle Day and it's a day I can say I am thankful. Thankful for a dad that would miss work to take me to the hospital, a mum that would know I was ill before even I knew it and a sister that was the easiest and the best to live with.

Thankful for the years I spent full of self-pity (why me o Lord), and the depression, because without battling that, how else would I recognize it in others and help?

 Thankful for the turn around. I can never fully explain it, but between writing poems, stories and thoughts down, I found a breakthrough. And even though it is uncool to talk about God, I can't deny that I had a personal encounter that changed my life.

When You Marry Young, You Don’t Really Understand Marriage. Agree?

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Kevin Hart and girlfriend of 5 years Eniko Parrish

Comedian Kevin Hart thinks you should wait to marry. His own first marriage, he and his ex-wife Torrei Hart were both 24 when they got married - ended in divorce, and since then he's had a rocky relationship with Torrei, with whom he had two children. Sometimes, the former couple's feuds are public and play out on social media [read here].

“When people get married young, you don’t really understand the true definition of marriage. You have to learn to be partners for real, and in my first relationship, I didn’t understand that definition because I was young, so you do things that you shouldn’t do.” 

Now Kevin Hart is taking his time before another marriage, having been dating his current girlfriend for over 5 years. Listen to his points in the video below, and share your thoughts.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Mugshot that Launched Thousands of Online Admirers For a Crime Suspect

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Jeremy Meeks, pictured above, along with four other people were arrested and four guns were seized in an Operation Ceasefire sweep in Stockton’s Weston Ranch area Wednesday. However, when the suspects mugshots were posted online, Jeremy became an instant sensation as people gushed over his handsome looks more than the crime he may have commited.

Comments like “he’s hot”, “is it illegal to be that sexy?”, "Sexy as hell nd cute", etc. accompany his picture posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page. At the point of writing this post, Meeks’ photo has more than 25,000 “likes” and 6,900 comments on the post, most along the same line. On the FOX news page that first reported the news, the post has got almost 30,000 shares, 40,000 comments and 180,000 likes.

Let me not lie, the guy is fine, but arrested for possesion of arms, and with all those jailhouse tattoos over him? Nah, nothing to admire there. What about you?

Diss or Love? Chris Brown Calls Karrueche Tran The B-Word on Instagram

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"This bitch scares me when she drive!! #goodluckeverybodyelse" This was the caption Chris Brown shared with the picture above of him in the car with girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The hashtag is a reference to an episode of family guy with an Asian lady driving recklesslessly, but even then, should he have called her "Bitch?"

This picture and caption is following an earlier one today where Chris Brown apparently expresses his love for Karrueche, calling her "A Real One".

So maybe this is another proof of how close the couple are and how they understand each other. But...hmm. For me, this is why I can't take their relationship seriously.

The World’s Youngest Mother: Lina Medina Gave Birth To Baby at 5 Years Old

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Lina Medina was five years, seven months, and 21 days old at the time of her son Gerardo’s birth, and she's the youngest mother on record. 

Lina’s parents were worried. Lina, one of nine children in this poor family of the Peruvian Andes, had a seemingly inexplicable abdominal growth — which was growing larger by the week.

Fearing she had cancer, Lina’s parents brought her to the doctor. The Peruvian girl was cancer-free; she was, however, seven months pregnant. Six weeks later, on May 14, 1939, Lina gave birth via Cesarean section to baby Gerardo, who weighed six pounds at birth.

Wendy Williams Show Gets Nurse In Protest After She Condemns Public Breast Feeding

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Wendy Williams is known for stirring up controversy on the news of the day segment of her show, and now the talk show host is currently facing serious backlash for her opinions on public breastfeeding. While discussing Karlesha Thurman, the 25-year-old college graduate who posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her daughter at her graduation ceremony, thereby stirring a maelstrom of criticism, Wendy expressed her staunch opposition to breastfeeding in public, saying;

"I am all for breastfeeding, but do not like breastfeeding in public. I don’t want to see it at my kitchen table, I don’t want to see it at Target, I don’t want to see it at Starbucks, in the airplane -- and I especially don’t want to see it at graduation.”

To protest Wendy Williams using the platform of her show to pull down breast-feeding, 30 lactating mothers have protested in front of the studio of "The Wendy Williams Show". All the women were defiantly nursing their babies to protest the host’s dissing of Karlesha Thurman.

Lekki Wives Celebrate Season 1 DVD With Glamorous Fashion Photoshoot

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The writer, producer, and director of the LEKKI WIVES drama series treated her leading ladies to a celebratory photoshoot to mark the one year anniversary of release of the DVD of Season 1. The DVD is now the number one selling DVD in Nigeria. Plans for the third and final season are underway

Featured in the photoshoot are the producer, Blessing Effiom Egbe, and the Lekki Wives stars, Adaora Ukoh, Chinonso Young, Katherine Obiang, Keira Hewatch, and Kiki Omeili. Jocelyn Dumas was featured in Season 2 but was not part of the photoshoot, probably because of distance. Enjoy...