Saturday, May 31, 2014

Covers - Laverne Cox on Time Magazine

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Laverne Cox is on this week's cover of TIME. She is the first transgender woman on the cover of the magazine and what most are calling an unlikely icon. Laverne was born a man and says she was bullied and harassed for appearing feminine while growing up as a boy. Eventually, Laverne came out as transgender and is now a star on the Netflix drama Orange Is the New Black, as well as an outspoken advocate and activist for transgender people. Read the cover story here and see more pictures of her below.

Still is a Book on Christianity, Suicide, Mental Illness and Alcoholism - Eniola Prentice [Guest Author]

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Eniola Prentice was born in Lagos Nigeria where she began to pen her stories as early as nine years old, inspired by an eclectic group of writers. Her budding writing career was put in the back burner as she pursued her dream of becoming a medical doctor, completing her undergraduate degree in Chicago, Illinois and her medical degree in Washington, DC.

However in the third year of medical school inspired by the holy spirit or the voices in her head (she would prefer to blame God for this one) and the unique and inspiring stories of friends that became her family in medical school she began to write her debut novel and series, Still. She hopes that her writing compels challenges, inspires people and draws people to the Christian God’s redeeming love. Please read her exclusive interview with RML below...

Bride Gets Married Dragging Newborn By The Train As She Walks Down the Aisle

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Tennessee couple Shona Carter and Jonathan Brooks got married last weekend, and the couple, who had also just welcomed a newborn daughter, wanted the baby to be a part of the wedding in a creative way. Shona finally had the one-month-old infant attached to the train of her wedding dress as you can see above.

Charles Novia Makes Himself Moral Police On Top Tiwa Savage Music Video 'Wanted'

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When the furore arose on social media about what Tiwa Savage wore or did not wear as the case may be in her music video for Wanted, I was surprised but determined not to comment. I thought it would blow over when everyone has tweeted, Facebooked and instagrammed their hearts out.

Lupita Nyong'o Options Film Rights For Americanah By Chimamanda Adichie

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The film rights for Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie has been optioned by actress and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o. This was confirmed during a book session Chimamanda had with the Stylist magazine yesterday in London. It was earlier reported that Lupita was simply to play Ifemelu, but this is even bigger. Congrats to both amazing women. See the tweets below from the blogger who attended the event.

Things You Should Know Before You Fall in Love

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Ignorance of these things have often resulted to heartbreak. If you have more, you can share so that I will also learn (and add to my collections).

Kim and Kanye Continue European Tour Honeymoon, Kanye Shows Off Wedding Ring

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Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are currently in Prague, Czech Republic for their European honeymoon, continuing from their time in France and Italy. After their wedding in Florence, the couple were first spotted heading out of a cinema in Ireland where witnesses said they watched X-Men: Days Of Future Past. In Prague, Kim and Kanye were photographed going for dinner, and the new husband and rapper showed off his wedding ring. See more pics below...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Maheeda's Latest Nude Pictures Are An Artistic Inspiration

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It was Mrs. Jada Pinkett-Smith who wrote recently of the human body, calling it "beauty, art, creativity, expression, a vessel for the soul, our temple and a magnificent machine." Jada Pinkett shared these words as caption to a picture she shared on Facebook - in the picture, Jada was lying naked on the couch in muted lighting. I appreciated Jada's toned body in her picture as I do Maheeda's in these her latest nude art photography, see below.

New Condom Invented That Covers Just Erection Tip Leaving Shaft Exposed

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A new condom has been invented by American Charles Powell, which he says is stronger, safer and enables better sensitivity. And the new condom is called the Galactic Cap Condom or Penis Helmet. The new condom sits only on the very tip of the erect penis, which leaves the shaft exposed for those who complain of the lack of sensitivity with regular condoms.

On Pastor Chris Oyakilome and Wife's Separation, Members Ask, 'Where is Rev. Anita Oyakhilome?'

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the general overseer of Christ Embassy Church, along with his wife, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome. Pastor Chris is mostly based out of Nigeria and South Africa while his wife operates from the UK and Europe. This living apart has led to speculations of separation over the years, but the couple have withstood it all so far.

However, the latest information from the UK arm of the church seem to have moved beyond rumors that the couple have divorced or separated secretly from their marriage. The members are asking after the whereabouts of Pastor Anita on a Facebook page dedicated to teasing out the domestic and pastoral issues between Pastor Chris and Anita, and how it affects the church.