Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Excerpt - When You Let Go By Unoma Nwankwor

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This was working out better than I thought. Amara had been gone for a little over half an hour. She had tried calling Ejike before she left but couldn’t get to him. Chinelo smiled because that meant Ejike had no idea that he’d be coming home to her.

As soon as Amara left the house, Chinelo took a quick shower and put on her blue jean mini skirt and a sheer white blouse. Despite the black tank top underneath, it still had the effect she was going for.
Moments later, she could hear the garage door opening. That must be Ejike. Amara couldn’t have made it back so soon.

Couple Love - Boris Kodjoe Writes Love Poem For Wife on 9th Wedding Anniversary

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Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker got married on May 21, 2005 and have two beautiful children, a daughter, Sophie and a son, Nicholas [read interview]. To celebrate the 9th anniversary of their marriage a couple of days ago, Boris shared that sweet picture above  on Facebook along with the beautiful love poem to his wife below. Their love inspires me and RML wishes them more years of happiness and unity.

Marriage Avowals - Seyi Law and Wife, Ebere on Marriage Across Ethnic Lines

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Comedian, Seyi Law, real name Oluwaseyitan Alatile,  and his wife, Ebere, have been married for three years and celebrated their wedding anniversary back in March. They speak with Punch about how they met, overcoming any ethnic bias from family members, and their marriage so far.

25 Good and Not So Good Signs You're Dating a Mama's Boy

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Some ladies go to the extreme of wishing and praying that they never have to deal with the evil mother-in-law wahala, but we're all women and some of us will have sons with wives and girlfriends someday. I'm sure we want our sons to love us, right? If your answer is yes, then what's wrong with a mama's boy? There may be nothing or there may be everything. Check out some of these clues I found :)

Friday Man Candy - Emmanuel Ikubese is Mr Nigeria 2014

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Last month, actor and model Emmanuel Ikubese beat out other contestants to win the 2014 Mr Nigeria title. As he prepares to represent Nigeria at the Mr World contest, he released these new pictures to promote the pageant. The actor who appeared as Femi in the second and third seasons of the Shuga series, is great eye candy, and we wish him the best at the competition.

University Drop-outs, Drop-ins and Drive-by Schoolings by BabaWilly

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I come from Nigeria where we love to see letters before and after our names. The problem is that letters come from Universities and study is both time consuming and mentally tasking. Why read when you can Azonto? Pepper souping, point and killing, shacking Gulder and watching Barcelona FC are much more relaxing in the tropical heat abi?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Should Women Get Paid Menstral Leave and Would You Take The Time Off?

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By Charlotte Andersen

Remember how embarrassing it was to tell your middle school gym teacher why you couldn’t participate in class that day, thanks to lady problems? (OK, in middle school it was probably because we were still figuring out how to work a tampon but still.) Well now think how it would feel to tell your boss. Yet many women worldwide are lobbying to either keep or instate paid leave for the few days the crimson tide is more like the crimson tsunami.

Kim Kardashian Looks Amazing as She and Sisters Turn Up For Bachelorette Party

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Kim Kardashian is really enjoying the last days before her wedding this weekend to fiance Kanye West. She is currently in Paris with her whole family and most of her friends have also already arrived Paris ahead of the wedding. The group have been doing all the touristy things France is known for, going to the Eiffel Tower, eating frog legs and snails and more.

Nigerian Military Releases Press Statement Denying Viral Photos of Alleged Genocide in Borno

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The Blueprint newspaper published photos of boys and men lined up in a field and who a Muslim cleric alleges were then shot to death by the Nigerian military and buried in a mass grave. The photos went viral online when some blogs syndicated them. A press release by the Nigerian military through the Defence headquarters, however claims they have nothing to do with it. Read the press release below.

Beyonce Re-rocks Long Box Braids And They are Down To Her Legs This Time

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Beyonce  is rocking box braids for the second time this year, with the extremely long, caramel-to-blonde ombre braids flowing down one side of her face and trailing down to the top of her thigh. The singer rocked box braids earlier this year, posting pictures of herself wearing box braids with hip-length blond extensions on Instagram back in January. See more pictures of Beyonce in January and the recent hairstyle below.