Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Family Time - Fidelis Duker with His Wife and Children

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Fidelis Duker is one of the veterans of the Nollywood Industry, and has been involved in over 35 home video films in the last 15 years, some of these video films. Fidelis Duker has been married to his wife, Temitope Abolanle, for the past 16 years and they have three children, two girls and one boy. Their wedding anniversary comes in a couple of weeks. Wishing them more love...

Couple Love - Kelly Rowland and Fiance Tim Witherspoon are Married

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It is being reported that Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon her manager and fiance now husband, were secretly married in a low-key wedding on Friday May 9th in Costa Rica. Among their guests were Beyonce, Solange, their mother Tina Knowles, and the other member of Destiny's Child, Michelle Willams. RML wishes them a happy married life. See more pictures below.

Parents Of Chibok Schoolgirls Claim Their Daughters Are Not in The Video

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Some parents of the girls abducted in Chibok, Borno State by Boko Haram terrorists have said they did not recognize their daughters in the latest video reportedly released by the leader of Boko Haram [see here]. Abubakar Shekau claimed in the video that the kidnapped Christian students had converted to Islam, and he would trade them for Boko Haram prisoners held by the Nigerian government.

#bringbackourgirls - Former Zamfara Governor Sani Yerima Shares Hashtag Picture

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I want to think this is a hoax being perpetuated by some groups of people who have photoshopped Sani Yerima into this picture, but it kind of looks real. This man should be the last person to hold up a hashtag campaign poster, he shouldn't even lead a street protest!

Pictures and Update From The Visionaries Hub Hangout Session

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Considering the current state of events and situation in Africa with a focus on Nigeria, it is obvious that there is need for immediate and continuous sensitization of the populace to demand strategic and solution oriented action from the leadership.

Family Tales of Woes and Victories by BabaWilly

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Catching your child wasting family resources can spark anger. With that comes an intense desire to right all the wrong ideas they harbour about the intrinsic value of things they see in the family home. The usual vehicle for the attempt at transforming their behaviour is the ‘lecture’.

The languages of love - what is yours?

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I have come across this a few times, how do you want your partner to show love to you. There is even a book called the five languages of love. Read the scenario below and let's discuss...


Chioma and Obinna have been going out for six months. For Chioma, it's been a wonderful experience. Obinna is honest, attentive, caring, supportive and generous - a refreshing change from the lowlifes that she has dated in the past. Add to that that he is well-built, intelligent and good-looking, and she can truly say that he is the perfect person for her, except for just one thing...

When Chioma started going out with Obinna, she noticed immediately that he was not very expressive, quite stoic in fact. She didn't mind this at the time, especially because some of the guys she had been out with in the past had been smooth talkers - and where did that get her when she found that they had been using their silver tongues to get other girls on the side? So she was glad Obinna was matter-of-fact, their relationship had started after months of platonic friendship while working together.

But now it was beginning to get on her nerves. Chioma loves hearing expressions of endearment as much as she loves saying them. Hearing those three magic words "I love you" from someone that she really cares for never fails to light up her day. Obinna had only said it once, a day she had kicked up a fuss after a major disagreement. She decided they had to talk again about this. She told Obinna that oh, she didn't want to nag, but he knew that saying he loved her really made her happy. Maybe he could say it more often, send her some love notes or poems, even be more receptive of her public displays of affection.

Obinna responded by saying that she knew the kind of person he was when they started dating. Honestly, he said, he had never been the demonstrative kind of person; he grew up in an environment where such displays of emotion were discouraged or not practiced. He was not used to it, it made him uncomfortable and he preferred their affairs being private. Besides, he continued, it wasn't as if he didn't show her how much he loved her in other ways, like spending quality time with her, doing things for her when she needed help or support and buying her gifts.

Chioma said that she truly appreciated these gestures, but she didn't really understand how difficult it could be just to open your mouth and express how you felt or even write it down. So she didn't really think she was asking for that much. Obinna countered by saying that it wasn't fair for her to prescribe to him how he should express his love to her. How would she feel if he told her that she must wash all his clothes, cook for him all the time and clean after him to show how much she loved him? But she wasn't insisting, Chioma retorted...

The discussion did not end conclusively, and for Chioma, the issue still lingers. Obinna knows this, and has asked whether he should record his voice saying "I love you" so that she can hear that as an alarm ring tone on her phone when she wakes up, but Chioma thinks that is a sign that he is treating the matter unseriously. She doesn't know whether she should look elsewhere as Obinna doesn't look like changing his stance, or whether she should just learn to live with it...


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Monday, May 12, 2014

Video - Jay Z and Solange Get Into a Fight After the Met Gala

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A video apparently showing Solange, Beyonce's younger sister, attacking her husband Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala has just surfaced. In the video obtained by TMZ, Jay Z, Solange, and Beyoncé are all packed in the elevator along with what looks to be a security guard at the Standard Hotel in NYC, and are all still dressed in their formal wear. In the video, Solange begins kicking and hitting Jay repeatedly, while he backs up towards one side of the elevator.

Bridesmaid Gets Proposal From Boyfriend After Catching Wedding Bouquet

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A young lady, one of the bridesmaids at her elder sister's wedding got a pleasant surprise when her boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed during the wedding reception. The proposal happened soon after the happy bridemaid caught the bouquet as it was tossed into the single ladies crowd at the event.

Eminem's Headlights Music Video is Tribute to His Mom For Mother's Day

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Eminem has dropped a touching music video to apologize to his mom, Debbie Mathers, for the hateful lyrics he had sprinkled about her throughout his past songs. The video for "Headlights" was released on Mother's day and in one verse, Eminem says his mom is "still beautiful" despite their fights: