Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BlogHer Conference 2014: Get a Discount if You Live in the Seattle Metro Area

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When BlogHer contacted me to blog about this opportunity to my readers especially those living in the Seattle Metro area, I jumped at it. First, the first post I saw promoting this year's conference was the announcement that my favorite actress, Kerry Washington, was a speaker! And did you know that this year marks the 10th Anniversary of BlogHer? How exciting is all that?

The BlogHer '14 is holding in San Jose, California on Thursday, July 24, 2014 through Saturday, July 26, 2014 and you can register here on Eventbrite. I have the event saved and by clicking on this link you get a discount code if you live in the Seattle metro area.

6 Classic Mistakes Women Make With Men

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by Kiri Blakely

There are some classic mistakes that women make with men. So classic that I honestly wish a book was made of them -- a rule book -- and women had to read it in high school. And then take a test on it. Like 50 tests. And they had to memorize every single word.

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer - Beyonce Shares Deep Poetry

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Beyonce shared the poem below on her social media pages as handwritten notes and the lines have got me thinking. The poem is an introspective by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and titled, The Invitation. What do you think of the poem?

Justified or Not? Single Mom Flogs Young Daughter With Belt

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A single mother from Trinidad and Tobago shared on Facebook a video of herself whipping her 12-year-old daughter with a belt. The young girl had been sharing semi-nude pictures of herself on Facebook and had begun to receive messages from boys urging her to have sex.

Obituary - Amaka Igwe Passes On After Asthma Attack

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Amaka Igwe, one of the most prominent figures in the Nigerian entertainment industry, a producer, writer, director and mentor, died April 28th in Enugu after an asthma attack. Amaka Igwe had gone to Enugu in company of her husband for pre-production preparations for a new Igbo soap when she suffered the asthma attack. First aid was given but failed to revive her, and she died before they could get to the hospital. Amaka Igwe is survived by her husband of 21 years Charles Igwe, three children, an aged mother.

Couple Love - Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Back Together

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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones who announced a separation last year may have been able to work things out in their marriage. The couple held hands as they attended an event yesterday. Wishing them the best!


Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Maternity Style - Mila Kunis Bares Bump in a Lace Crop Top and Jeans Shorts

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Mila Kunis has not confirmed that she's pregnant but debuted her baby bump a couple of weeks ago. She also stepped out last weekend in a lace crop top. The American actress was at the Stagecoach music festival with fiance Ashton Kutcher.

An African City Episode 10 - A Big Decision [Season Finale]

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In 'A BIG Decision', Nana Yaa starts to date one of the most powerful men in Africa, much to the chagrin of her ex-boyfriend and first love Segun.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Racist Comments Made by Clippers Owner Lead Sponsors to Drop The Team

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Corporate sponsors started to distance themselves from the Los Angeles Clippers Monday after a tape surfaced over the weekend of the team's owner Donald Sterling allegedly making racist remarks. The remarks were made in an audio obtained by TMZ in which Donald Sterling was warning his ex-girlfriend (pictured above) to avoid being seen or photographed in public with black people.

In Every Successful Marriage, The Wife Has to be The Boss - Naeto C

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Naeto C, Nigerian rapper and music producer was the celebrity guest on Ndani TV’s “The Juice” with Toolz where he spoke on his marriage, being the only 'MC with an MSc' (Energy Economics), his career and how he balances his personal life with the professional.