Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bemyoda - Always [Music Video Romance]

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This music video for Bemyoda's Always was released for the first edition of Ndani Hearts Music Presents on Valentine's Day, and it's awesome! “Always” by Bemyoda is a somber tune dedicated to that special someone that you're missing.

President Jonathan's Daughter Elizabeth Sakwe Weds Godswill Edward

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Faith Elizabeth Sakwe, the foster child of the President Goodluck Jonathan married Godswill Osim Edward today in the capital at Abuja Ecumenical Center with many state governors and other dignitaries in attendance. RML wishes the beautiful young couple a loving and fruitful marriage.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fall in Love For Life - 7 Tips From a Marriage of 73 Years

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After 73 years of marriage, 94-year old Barbara Cooper knows how to get through matrimony’s rough patches. The author of Fall in Love for Life shares her hard-earned wisdom.

Mommy Time - Ibinabo Fiberisima and Her Children

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All I can say is Wow! Ibinabo Fiberisima is surrounded by all her children and their happy faces just makes you smile. Love this. Three of the children are hers, and other are related to them.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Advice Corner] My Boyfriend of 2 Years is Chatting Up Another Girl

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Hello Myne, I am in a relationship now for almost two years.I love him so much even while he never had time for me l waited hoping he would love me someday. Along the line, he changed, started giving me attention and love and care.

Usman Dantata Jr - A Modern Nigerian Farmer with Anadariya Poultry

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Usman Dantata was the youngest in a compilation by Leadership Newspapers of 10 biggest agricultural farms in Nigeria. he was listed along with Olusegun Obasanjo, Adamawa governor, and Abdulsalam Abubakar, among others. I follow Usman on Instagram and admire his choice of agriculture - and a farm situated in Nigeria - to invest his family's wealth. Below are some of the pictures and snippets of his work he shares and then you can read what the newspaper had to say.

One day, I'm going to write a Love Poem by Atilola

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Blogger, Atilola is making waves as a celebrity spoken word artiste and poet and it's for a very good reason. I regrettably had to miss this poetry show held back in February, and the videos, especially this one by Atilola, which has just been released show that I missed a lot. Enjoy her piece titled, One day, I'm going to write a Love Poem.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Karis Gouldbourne's Fiance Needs Life Saving Heart Surgery

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Karis Gouldbourne is a young British woman, and she's been dating her fiance MJ for seven years. MJ has a terminal heart condition which started when he was eleven and back in Gambia. MJ moved to Britain hoping for corrective surgery but due to lack of funds and other problems he has not received treament over the past fourteen years. Now Karis wants them to take matters into their own hands by raising the funds needed for the surgery. So far, they've got over  £10,000. If you can, please do help. Click here

Kaffy on the Fastest Shredder, But Is it Only For Women Contestants?

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Dance and fitness guru, Kaffy was on the set of the ongoing bootcamp for participants of the TV weight loss show, the Fastest Shedder to motivate and give them pointers on healthy living. I wonder if the show is for women alone though? The US shows it is based on, The Biggest Loser, showcases both men and women learning how to lose weight and keep it off and is one of my favorites. Hope this one offers that same help to the participants and watchers here.

Slapped in Public, Chased Out in a Torn Nightie - Estella Ogbonna Shares DV Story

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Nigerian fashion designer, Estella Ogbonna opened up on her experience of domestic violence and abuse in a marriage that lasted only 8 months and how she got the courage to walk away. She shares her story as a way to encourage other women in similar situations to know it is possible to live again after an abusive marriage or relationship. She writes;