Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Magazine Covers - Beyonce on Out's Power Issue

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Beyonce seems to be channeling Marilyn Monroe with the short blonde hair and the retro outfits. Totally works. In the cover story, Beyonce talks about women owning the sexuality.

Jim Iyke Writes Tribute For His Mother Who Passed Away Last Month

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Jim Iyke shared a tribute to his mother in a press statement announcing her death. According to the release, “Mrs Ngozi Gladys Okelue Esomugha, was born on May 3, 1947, and succumbed to a long battle with illness on Monday, March 24, 2014. Jim Iyke’s tribute follows;

Family Time - Julius Agwu Shows off Birthday Cake From His Children

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Julius Agwu added another year today and in celebration, his family gifted him with a cake decorated with "Happy Birthday Daddy" which he cut with his beautiful wife and kids. Wishing him many mre years.

President Goodluck Jonathan Not Celebrating Nigeria Being Africa's Biggest Economy

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Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Nigeria's finance minister and some other top officials came out yesterday to reveal that Nigeria is now the biggest economy in Africa. As far as I was concerned, that is news for the birds as long as more than half of Nigerian still live in poverty, and even the middle class have to provide their own water and electricity. I'm glad that President Goodluck Jonathan is not dancing all over the place with the news. He shared the following on his official Facebook page;

The American Psychiatric Association Classes Selfies as a Mental Disorder #Hoax

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I got into the habit of Selfies when I began using a Samsung S3 which has the reversible camera. And since then, I usually take a selfie at least once a week, though I don't share most of them on social media. Now, I was with my family most of last week and when one my sisters saw me taking pictures of myself, she asked if that was what a selfie was, and did I know it was now a mental problem?

Ten Ways to Insult Other Road Users in Lagos by Funmi Adeniran

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Driving on Lagos roads can give you a headache. Horns are blaring as cars whizz by, dilapidated trucks are emitting strong green house gases from rusty exhaust pipes, and people are shouting curse words at one another. Occasionally, some people are raising the middle finger.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nigerian Medical Doctor Murdered by Husband in their US Home

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A young mother of two and a Nigerian Medical Doctor has been murdered by her 63 year old husband on Saturday March 22nd 2014 at their home in West Harris County, Houston, Texas.

Nigerian @reitchy Proposes to Girlfriend @miss_zannie Live on Twitter!

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Richards Ugochukwu (@reitchy) and Ihuoma (miss_zannie) met on Twitter 2 years ago when he tweeted that he needed a girlfriend, before the end of 2012. Regardless of his funny specs, she tweeted back at him that she would introduce a girlfriend to him. He started following her, they started chatting via DMs, then BBM and Facebook. Before long, they arranged to meet after which he asked her to be his girlfriend. A year and half later, Richards decided to propose to Ihuoma where they met, on Twitter.

Tuface on Marriage, Celebrity, Journey to Fame and the False Stories About Him

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In a recent interview with the Nation Newspaper, Tuface Idibia opened up on the rumors of him getting his account officer pregnant as well as how he is managing his home and business as a celebrity and a married man. Read on..

Dear Myne - I Need a Soul Mate, Can You Link Me Up?

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Dear Myne. Pls I ve been seeing your post online, I need a soul mate, if you can pls link me up in ur organisation, I wont mind.