Monday, March 3, 2014

What Omotola Got Wrong About Gender Equality And Why I Believe In It

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I just posted OMOTOLA JOLADE EKEINDE's interview where she talks about not believing in Gender Equality. She said "I don’t believe in gender equality. I do not believe that God made man and woman to be equal in any way", and then goes on to explain how allowing her husband to be the head of their home had made her marriage successful. There is something very wrong in that answer.

Meet The Writers Including Yewande Omotosho in Accra Next Friday

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If you're in Accra and want something to do next Friday evening, Meet the Writers is a cozy event where you can find out the creative process of the writers featured above and the inspiration behind their books. Yewande Omotosho, author of Bomboy, who was recently shortlisted for the Etisalat fiction prize will be present.

Couple Love - Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite Set to Get Married

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Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh and actress Damilola Adegbite have been dating for a while, about the time the co-starred on the set of Flower Girl, and now, they are about to tie the knot. According to Linda Ikeji, the wedding will take place in Lagos on April 12th. Damilola has confirmed the news via her social media. Wishing them all the best!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

#Oscars2014 - Full Winners List For The 86th Academy Awards

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It was a tight race as so many amazing films were nominated in the various award categories at the Oscars. Atala and I have this game we play, we print out the nominees and vote for our favorites, and then as we watch the show, we tick off who gets it right.

Video - Lupita Nyongo’o Wins Oscar For Best Supporting Actress!

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Lupita Nyong'o was amazing in 12 years a Slave and has been promoting it with her various appearances on magazine covers and red carpets all over. To cap up all her great work, she was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, which is a kind of belated birthday present, she turned 31 yesterday. Lupita gave a very touching speech, the best line is shown in the pic above. See the video and more pictures below..

Couple Love - The Oscar Red Carpet

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Chiwetel Ejoifor and Sari Mercer

It was a stunning Oscar celebrations today, Ellen was a wacky and wonderful host and my favorite films and actors got recognized. And on the red carpet, several couples came with their better halves...

Omotola Jalade and Matthew Ekeinde On How They Navigated Their Way to Their 18th Marriage Anniversary

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Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has been married to her husband, Matthew Ekeinde, a pilot, for 18 years, half her life since she just celebrated her 36th birthday a month ago. In this interview with the Punch couples section, she and her husband reveal how they have managed to keep their relationship going even as her star has grown as a celebrity.

5 Signs to Watch Out For That May Identify an Abusive or Violent Partner

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Toke Makinwa has decided to make domestic violence the topic of her weekly vlog in which she lists 5 signs that the man you're dating could be abusive, the famous red flags that one has to watch out for. The video is indeed very timely, as earlier this week, Arowolo Akolade was sentenced to death for murdering his wife in a domestic violence incident in which he stabbed her over 70 times. A young lady also shared pictures on Instagram of herself after she was pushed from a moving car and then dragged along by her boyfriend of eight months.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Facebook Personalities By Baba Willy - Part 2

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Facebook means that everybody is now a reporter. In the 60s, only journalists could report on events for they were the only ones with sole access to photo libraries and information. They also had the platform to reach a wide audience which was the Newspaper. Now everybody is a journalist reporting live from our living rooms. Google is there for research and any image can be uploaded in a second. Some report only on themselves as they have become biased into thinking that their every sneeze is a newsworthy item.

Facebook Personality Types Part 1

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By Babawilly

I stood before my mother armed with my Sony camera, waiting for that look on her face that said ‘I am now ready’. As she adjusted her hand bag and pushed a little at her glasses, she did not implore me not to cut her head or take an out of focus picture. She simply communicated her hope.