Friday, February 28, 2014

Pope Francis Calls For Love and No Condemnation For Divorced Couples

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Pope Francis has said today that couples whose marriages have failed should be "accompanied" and not "condemned". He said this while responding to queries on his views on divorce and how the Roman Catholic church should treat divorced couples. Today, during the daily mass he holds in the Vatican, he said specifically on the subject of divorced couples,

Lupita Nyong'o on True Beauty and Her Full Acceptance Speech For Essence Magazine Honor

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Lupita Nyong'o was honored yesterday at the Essence Magazine's 7th Annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon. The actress who is nomimated for an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role as a black slave, Patsey, in the movie 12 Years a Slave gave the speech below about her road to being who she is today. It is a very encouraging and empowering speech on what counts as true beauty - inner beauty and accepting and loving yourself as you are. See the speech below...

Couple Love - Toyin Aimakhu and Niyi Johnson Show Their Playful Side

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Toyin Aimakhu and Niyi Johnson got married back in July 2013, and in these pictures shared on Twitter, the couple show that their love is still in the honeymoon phase. In matching white T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, the happy pair are certainly having lots of fun. More pictures below...

Magazine Covers - Biola Alabi on Hello!

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Biola Alabi is the MD of M-Net Africa and she looks amazing on the recent cover of Hello! Nigeria Magazine. In the cover story, she talks about life, love and being the boss of such a large company.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On the Nigerian Centenary Award Show - That Picture is Not Lord Lugard

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I'm all for marking how far we've come as a united country, but certainly no fan of the Nigeria Centenary Award Show which I think is just a big waste of money, and of course some will "come and chop". Most of the names on the list (here) are vomit-inducing to be clear, [Babangida and Sani Abacha as promoters of unity, patriotism and national development?] but Lugard as the chief player of the amalgamation cannot be faulted.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Flight Diversion - A Short Story By Chimamanda Adichie

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I was woken by the pilot’s voice. In the drowsy hum of the airplane, his words crackled, and I thought I heard something about preparing to land. Could I have slept so long? I looked at the time. It was only three hours into the Lagos-to-Atlanta flight. The flight attendants were hurrying back and forth. The pilot was still speaking. “We have an emergency onboard, and we have had to divert the flight to Dakar.” I could feel the plane descending. It seemed too fast. A sweeping hollowness. My fog of sleep cleared instantly. Something was wrong, the pilot was too cryptic, the flight attendants too blank-faced, snatching up cups, urging seats straight. I thought: If I die, I hope it’s quick and I don’t know.

The 10 Types of Men And Women You Should Never Marry

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By Jarrid Wilson

10 Men A Woman Shouldn’t Marry

1. The Late Night Texter
You know, the guy who only texts you after midnight. He’s the guy who only contacts you when he wants something, or someone to talk to. You can go weeks without hearing from this person, only to rarely get a text full of smiley faces and a message that reads, “Hey! How are you?” They aren’t consistent. Don’t fall into the trap.

Komla Dumor's Wife Kwansema, and Children Share Touching Tribute at Burial

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Komla Dumor, BBC presenter extraordinaire died just over a month ago and had his last funeral rites some days ago. He was survived by his wife, Kwansema, and their 3 children, Elinam, Elorm, and Araba. One of my greatest fears has been losing those I love, but when the person you love has lived a good life it is easier to have peace. In the following tributes from Komla Dumor's wife and children, we see a glimpse of the husband and father behind the public persona of the BBC presenter. May his soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Young Lady @bambiiiii_ Shares Her Domestic Violence Experience on Instagram

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Oversharing on social media is usually for people who love to show off their best faces to others, but today it was used as a tool by @bambiiiii_ an aspiring Victoria's Secret model and actress to share the face of her domestic violence experience at the hands of her boyfriend of 8 months. See her message and pictures of her taken after the abuse below...

Advice Corner: My Friend Says Her Brother Is Into Me Because of My Money

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Dear Myne,

I have been dating my friend's elder brother for months now, We met in their mum's birthday party. We are not best of friends, but I take her to be my good friend, we stayed in together in my first and second year in school, even after not staying together anymore, we still act like we do.