Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Celine Dion Had IVF Seven Times For Her Children, and May Do it Again

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45 years old Celine Dion, through the help of IVF, is mother to three boys, Rene-Charles, 12, and three-year-old twins, Nelson and Eddy. Celine Dion is married her manager René Angélil, 71, and has not ruled out ­trying for a baby again through the same means. Her first ­treatment, aged 33, was a ­success but she struggled to conceive a second time, According to the Mirror, she says of her experience;

Twins Double Wedding - Set of Male Twins Married to Set of Female Twins on the Same Day

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This is a higher level of grace of a double wedding, twins marrying twins. Here, the Okunnuyi female twins are getting married to the Okonweze male twins, and it looks like they are identical too. One set of male twins getting married to a set of female twins on the same day doesn't happen often as you can imagine, and since I love the idea of twins, I find it amazing.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advice Corner: I am Engaged But The Man I Really Love Is Back And Wants Me.

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James is my first love, I am not his but I felt like it, he was evidently in love with me and all over me at the same time. We dated for approximately four years before he vanished. I just didn't hear from him, his mobile number never went through again, he had moved and i didn't smell him for good two years. Before the count of two years, I moved on, I met people, I made new friends and an exceptional man; Gregory.

Ann Njemanze On Taking a Chance at Second Marriage With a Younger Man

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Actress Ann Njemanze, was previously married to Segun Arinze, and in those days, they were one of the power couples of Nollywood. But they've been divorced for several years now, with Segun remarried and with a couple of children with his second wife. Recently, Ann Njemanze also got married and in this interview with Leadership Newspaper, she talks about how she met her husband, Silver Ojieson, how he proposed and the speculations that she is the older of the two.

Maternity Style - Dakore Akande is Pretty in Pink

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The blossoming actress who is in her third trimester shares this sweet picture recently on Instagram, her look to Day 2 of the just past Lagos Jazz Series. I love the serenity in her eyes, and the pink lips is perfectly set off by her loose and flowing dress.

Short Story - Two Men at a Party by Uche Peter Umez

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The room throbbed with adults – some men dancing with their girls, others leaning intimately against the wall. Flavour was crooning about big arse on the music player.

The air was a purple haze, warm, soothing, though it stank of thick fragrances.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Advice Corner - My Wife Lied ABout Her Religion Before We Got Married

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I dated my wife for three years before we married. We were both in our 30s and had had all of the important discussions before we decided to marry (kids, religion, etc.). At the time, she told me she was agnostic, and not really into "the whole religion thing."

Couple Love - Idris Elba and Pregnant Girlfriend, Naiyana Garth

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Idris Elba and Naiyana Garth went public with their relationship and their expected bundle of joy some weeks ago, and in these recent pictures, the couple are relishing some winter fun. Idris looks so homely, I guess winter cold, or maybe love and coupledom, will do that to you :)

Maternity Style - Pregnant Dakore Akande in Bedazzled Off-White Gown and Tights

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Dakore Akande is still working even as she approaches the last stretch of her pregnancy. Rocking a loose fitting off-white gown with a bedazzled neckline, and finished up a pair of black tights, the star actress was one of those who gave a pep talk to the contestants of the Nigeria's Next Super Model 2013. See a picture of Dakore with the contestants below...

Magazine Covers - Victoria and David Beckham on Vogue

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Victoria and David Beckham, who have four children between them, are on two covers for Vogue Paris December issue and look absolutely yummy together. The couple, at 39 and 38 respectively, have been married for 14yrs, meaning they were both less than 25 when they got married. The statistics show that people who get married at that age have higher chances of being divorced than when couples get married at older ages.