Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ann Coulter, Nigerian Princes and Obamacare

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I knew Ann Coulter was rabid in her racism, and polarizing political commentaries, but this is especially rabid! What bee is buzzing around in this woman's bonnet, I wonder? This time she's got it in for Nigerians, and in a big way too. Ted Cruz apologized just some weeks ago for trying to make his point about the Obamacare websites with an analogy to Nigerian online scammers. But nothing will stop Ann Coulter, she's run with it.

A Plastic Bag That Will Make Difficult Labor and Delivery Easier and Safer for Mothers and Unborn Babies

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Talk about making baby delivery safer for both mother and baby without breaking the bank! Starting as an idea on someone's kitchen counter seven years ago, doctors now believe this device shown above has the potential to save lots of babies distressed during delivery in poor countries, and can also reduce cesarean section births in richer countries.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is it True That A Guy Can and Will Cheat On His Woman Even When He Loves Her?

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Since knowing I'll be apart from my husband for a while, some people have been talking. One of the topics that come up is cheating I've been thinking, what gives? I've heard the same argument before, about how men compartmentalize sex and love and it means different things to them. I'm still not convinced, some men make mistakes, we are human and that is permitted, some are just plain disrespectful of their partners.

Quote of the Day - When God Pushes You, Trust Him Fully

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pop Singer Dencia on Why Dbanj, 2face, Flavour, Psquare Are Her Top African Music Stars

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Upcoming musical artiste, Dencia recently released a couple of singles with more established singers, including Waje. In this interview with Zen Magazine, Dencia talks about what inspires her about music, her fashion, and who her top African music stars are and why.

Captain Matthew Ekeinde On Keeping Celebrity Wife, Omotola Jalade, Happy and Their Marriage Strong

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Top actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has been married to Captain Matthew Ekeinde for 17 years, and thy have four children, two boys and two girls. Unlike some marriages that falter, especially when one of the couple is a celebrity, or married before they are 20, the Ekeinde's marriage has been thriving. Knowing the typical African man, it is in no doubt that Capt. Ekeinde has a lot to do with this, and he shares the details in in an interview with Entertainment Express. Excerpts below...

Daddy Time - Timaya Picks Up His Daughter From School

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Musician, Timaya loves sharing pictures of his daughter  from school, and here at RML, it makes me go awww...Good one!

African Cuisine: Can It Be A Culprit in Chronic Diseases?

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By Tamara Kinja for Engage Africa Foundation

Populations in Italy and Greece have one of the lowest rates of obesity, chronic diseases and higher life expectancy. As surprising as it might be, for a country (Italy in particular) renowned for its pastas, pizzas and so on, it is a fact. Apparently the Mediterranean diet is best for preventing some types of chronic diseases.

Short Story - Two-timing by Uche Peter Umez

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As Chinedu nibbled on my navel, I couldn’t help thinking about his wife.

‘Can you keep a secret?’ I whispered.

Chinedu paused, studied my face, then scoffed. ‘What secret?’

Quote of the Day - Failure is not Fatal, Find the Courage to Continue

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