Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Daddy Time - Timaya Picks Up His Daughter From School

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Musician, Timaya loves sharing pictures of his daughter  from school, and here at RML, it makes me go awww...Good one!

African Cuisine: Can It Be A Culprit in Chronic Diseases?

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By Tamara Kinja for Engage Africa Foundation

Populations in Italy and Greece have one of the lowest rates of obesity, chronic diseases and higher life expectancy. As surprising as it might be, for a country (Italy in particular) renowned for its pastas, pizzas and so on, it is a fact. Apparently the Mediterranean diet is best for preventing some types of chronic diseases.

Short Story - Two-timing by Uche Peter Umez

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As Chinedu nibbled on my navel, I couldn’t help thinking about his wife.

‘Can you keep a secret?’ I whispered.

Chinedu paused, studied my face, then scoffed. ‘What secret?’

Quote of the Day - Failure is not Fatal, Find the Courage to Continue

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Governor Sullivan Chime Forcibly Evicts His Wife From The Enugu Government House

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Mere days ago, when he thought he could hood wink the press with a smokescreen press conference at which his wife refused to speak, the governor of Enugu state has shown his true colors where his wife's health is concerned. Since the Human rights commission got involved, and have set up a proper investigation, Chime packed up his wife's belongings and virtually threw her out on the street? She even had to beg to take her son.

Christy Essien-Igbokwe Remembered - Family Revives Charity Foundation, Launches Final Album

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Christy Essien-Igbokwe would have been her 53 today if she were still alive, and to celebrate her life and legacy, her family is set to launch a final album from her collection. To promote the event, which holds this Sunday, 17 November at the Intercontinental Hotel Lagos, her family shares some of her last images, photos of her work with the foundation in her final days.

Why Do You Use Protection For Sex - Pregnancy or Sexually Transmitted Infections?

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I've heard that a lot of Nigerian men and women do not like using condoms when having sex, even when they are only in casual/non-committal relationship with the other person. Some know they or the person they are about to have sex with also has sex with other people, multiple people. Some even go with prostitutes and/or married/promiscous/runsgir/aristos and do not use condoms. Why?

[Web Series] Waiting... Episode 8

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“Hello, Dara speaking, how may I help you?” I was answering my work phone so I added a little bit of fone to it.
“Hello, Dara speaking, how may I help you?” the person responded mimicking me.
“Tayo, I swear, you need Jesus. What phone are you calling me with?”
“I’m in one of our conference rooms, I have jist for you,” she said.

4 Things a Guy Can Do When He Finds Himself Double Dating So He Won't Lose Both Women

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By Eniola Lawal

There is never a valid explanation for a man to cheat in the guise of double dating, and like I normally say to my ladies, worst case scenario, leave! The most pathetic situation a man can find himself is dating two girls YOU CLAIM TO LOVE. I say claim because whichever way you look at it, you are cheating on them both and it falsifies your claim of love. If you really love someone, you will not cheat on them.

In God's Name - Charly Boy Writes on Religion

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My guy, things are falling apart and the Center can no longer hold. People just dey craze anyhow and dem go see anyhow.  Jungle don mature, HA!!! I fit faint. When I was a little boy in the city of Peterkwa, called Port-Harcourt, I was taught NEVER to use God’s name in vain. Nowadays, everybody just dey call God name anyhow dem like.