Saturday, November 2, 2013

Must Watch Video For Moms and Dads - A New Perspective on Parenting

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This is a must watch video for parents who think they are not meeting up.

[Advice Corner] I am 25 and Never Had a Boyfriend, Am I Too Choosy?

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Hello Myne, good morning, sure you had a pleasant night. Am a great fan of RML blog and a perfect follower on twitter. You've got a great work you do out there, God bless you! Please, I am a 25 years old christian lady from Ogun State, South West of Nigeria, and for the past years I haven't had a boyfriend.

Covers - Gabrielle Union on Essence Magazine

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Gabrielle Union in the December issue of Essence talks about her new show on BET, Being Jane and wanting babies, and her confession about badmouthing and treating other women badly at an earlier time in her career. Should be an interesting read.

Beyond The Distant Clouds By Ngozi Omolaiye [Guest Author]

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I have previously interviewed Ngozi Omolaiye about her personal life and marriage, here. Today, she talks to us about her writing, and her new book, Beyond The Distant Clouds. Ngozi has over ten years’ experience in corporate communications in the local authority, insurance, telecom, and aviation sectors. She has edited company magazines and newsletters for the greater part of her career so writing a book came naturally to her. Enjoy the rest of her interview...

Maternity Style - Matse Uwatse Asks #CanYouSeeMyBabybump

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Matse Uwatse got married back in July and announced her pregnancy when severe morning sickness confined her to hospital in her first trimester leading to her being laid off by her previous employers. The radio presenter is certainly looking much better now. She is pictured above at the TW Dark and Lovely Color Me Hair Show in Lagos. See another picture below...

The World's Busiest Maternity Ward - Women Sleep Five To a Bed and 100 Babies are Born Daily

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The BBC recently aired a documentary about a maternity hospital "the world's busiest maternity ward"  in the Philippines where women share a bed with 4 or 5 other women and their babies, and where the experienced midwife who serves as the chief nurse might have delivered upwards of 200,000 babies in the past 28 years.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sunny Neji Marks 12th Wedding Anniversary With Loving Message to His Wife

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Sunny Neji, highlife crooner and music producer celebrated his wife, Peace today as the couple marked their 12th year wedding anniversary.  He left the follwing message and pictures on his Facebook page...

Celebrity Halloween - Kerry Washington, Heidi Klum, Beyonce & Blue Ivy, Peter PSquare, and Honey Boo Boo

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There has been a lot of Halloween costume pictures flying about and some of them got me smiling, laughing or flinching in fear, isn't that what halloween costumes are supposed to do? I'm not sure what Kerry Washington dressed at but she is so cute. Check out the others...

Couple Love - Gabrielle Union Gets Ring From Dwayne Wade on Her Birthday

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Gabrielle Union's 41st birthday was on October 29th and she got a surprise present from Dwyane Wade, her man of 5 years now. During a small party for the actress, Dwayne gave her a small wrapped box which turned out to contain a championship ring as shown above. Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat won the 2013 NBA Championship. Wade also won the Season-long NBA Community Assist Award. He has been on the NBA All Star team every year since 2005.

8 Types of Men To Watch Out For While Dating and Before Marriage

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1. The Toxic Bachelor:
This is one of the types of men to avoid. This man is very smart, charming and well – mannered and he will win you over with sweet beautiful words. He would always say he has not found his Mrs. Right yet, thus getting you to make hopes. He’s the type that will not introduce you to his friends and family because he is not prepared to get serious.