Friday, October 25, 2013

What Has Been Your Experience at Doren Specialist Hospital in Ajah?

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Doren Specialist Hospital commenced business back in 1996 as a clinic, and says on their website that they aim "to provide qualitative health care delivery services to the citizens of Nigeria as well as foreign dwellers at affordable rates without compromising standard." But it seems those standards are being annihilated with impunity in recent years. I came across this story that chilled me to the bone!

Like Sarah Ofili and Ikechukwu, Will You Remain Best Friends With Your Ex-Fiance?

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Sarah Ofili, model and beauty enterpreneur was a year older couple of days ago and celebrated it with a big club party. Pictures from the event showed that her ex-fiance, musician Ikechukwu was present at the happy. He actually went the extra length and left a birthday message for her on Instagram that said,

What to Do When Your Man Needs Some Space or a Break From The Relationship

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By Eniola Lawal

There comes a time in a relationship when everything seems to be falling apart or already at the verge of doing so, and your partner wants out. Whatever the reason he is giving, you are not happy because even the so-called small issues are big deals to you especially when you value your relationship. But you have to ask yourself, what kind of relationship do you have?

Quote of the Day - Moving On Doesn't Mean You Forget

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Marriage Avowals - Couples Need To Learn How To Talk To Each Other

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Ngozi Omolaiye met her husband Gordy in her first year in University back in 1991! The couple have been together since, married for over 15 years. They waited over 12 years after marriage for their child and welcomed a baby girl two and half years ago. In this exlusive interview with RML, she tells us more about their marriage, and what has kept them going so long.

Funny - Tonto Dike Lifts Her Husband on Their Wedding Day

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Of course it's a scene from one of her movies, The Illiterate. The scriptwriters sure have a sense of humor, and Tonto too for going along with it. And she must be strong too, or the guy is a lightweight, lol.... Tonto shared the throwback picture today on Instagram with the caption, "Am jux a local Champ** ... #tbt"

Thursday, October 24, 2013

#Bossladies - Linda Ikeji Off to Dubai For The Weekend With Her Sisters

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For those of us who are addicted to Linda Ikeji's blog, it's like a cold turkey when she doesn't update every few hours. Which hasn't done for almost a whole day. The answer was on her instagram where Linda posted a couple of pictures saying, "Off to Dubai for the weekend with my sisters. Yippee!" Wishing her an enjoyable trip :)

5 Ways To Make and Keep Friends and Be Loved By Everyone

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Before applying the secret, ask yourself if and why you may want to be loved by everyone. The reality is that you are NOT going to be loved by everyone no matter how nice, beautiful or agreeable you are. That said: there is a secret to being loved by almost everyone.

A Closer Look at Chimamanda's Threaded Hair to HOAYS Movie Premiere, Will You Rock This Hairstyle?

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The official pictures from the Half of a Yellow Sun movie premiere in London are out [first post], and we can now see clearly the threaded hairstyle that Chimamanda Adichie wore to the event. It echoes those threaded styles of old that some of us had our primary schools make us wear sometimes.

You Didn't Tell Me Marriage and Motherhood Would Be Like This - Part 2

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By Yetty Williams

The first part of this article spoke about the reason someone will say ah..ah you didn’t tell me, which is when one gets married and starts to adjust to life as part of a married couple. There are all sorts of things you will be reacting to and experiencing that no one could have prepared you for. After sometime as a newlywed there is an expiration date, the newlywed tag has a limit and it also ends faster when a baby is brought into the union.