Friday, October 18, 2013

Short Story - Hotel Rooms and Showers and Sneaking Around Like In a Cheap Movie

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By Sifa Asani Gowon

Hand in his thick, wavy hair, he glared at his reflection in the hotel bathroom and hazel eyes stared back, vacant. Steam from the shower fogged up the mirror and ran down in rivulets, making his image appear as distorted as he felt.

Movie Trailers - Finding Love With Kiki Omeili, Uru Eke, Mofe Duncan and Denrele Edun

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Finding Love is a romantic comedy based on challenges and flaws in relationships, the perils of dating that those in search of a soul mate should avoid at all cost. The story focuses on women's desperation in search of true love, hoping it leads to marriage, but they end up being deceived and abused emotionally. The stories are narrated by an radio host who shares his opinion on the various love issues. See the trailer below...

What Details of Your Cell Phone Do You Share With Your Significant Other?

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This question is from a reader, she wanted me to share a post on love and mobile phones, which when she brought up the topic in a class group, the debate lasted about 6hrs! So what details of your phone are you willing to share with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or better half? Will you give them your password? Will you allow them to use it to browse, chat, send a text, make a call?

Ini Edo in Ekaette Goes to School - Nollywood's Fixation on Adults in Kid Uniforms

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I did a double-take when I came across this picture of Ini Edo in uniform on Instagram. My first thought that it was a flash back picture was dashed when I read the caption which goes, "Ekaette goes to school#movie title#keep a date#my life, ur entertainment". Seriously, seriously? It hasn't escaped me that Funke Akindele and Nkem Owoh have also acted roles that called for them to be primary school children, same as Mercy Johnson and Saka. Now Ini Edo

Quote of the Day - Life is About Finding People Who Understand You

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Covers - Tiwa Savage on TW Magazine

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Tiwa Savage always looks great and her cover for TW Magazine is no different. In the cover story, she talks about getting and doing her music, her life and her love on her own terms. And she's definitely showing off that engagement bling!

Daddy Time - Wizkid Shares Photos With His Son

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While Wizkid is not married to the mother of his son, he acknowledged his child and has recently has begun to hang out with the little one as he grows older. Wizkid shared some pictures on his Instagram of him spending time with his little boy. See another one below..

Throwback Thursday - Sofia Vergara of Modern Family and Her Son in 1992

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One of my favorite actors in ABC's Modern Family is Sofia Vergara, and I enjoy when she hypes the whole single mother from somewhere in South America role because actually, that was how she started out in real life. Sofia Vergara shared this throwback picture above with the caption, "22 years ago in Barranquilla !!!Manolo's first Holloweeeen! He was one month old."

Movie Review - Gravity With Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

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I’m one of those who wonders what I’m doing 33,000 feet up in the air when I’m flying. But I love travelling, and I keep flying to get around. I’ve also always wanted to go to space. Since the space tourist program started, I’ve added it to my bucket list. But while watching Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, I had a rethink.

Kim Kardashian Shares Picture in Swim Suit To Show Off Post Baby Body

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I didn't know Kim Kardashian was an October baby, and just a day before me too. But that's not what this post is about. Well, it's four months since Kim Kardashian had her baby and she's eager to show off how far she's gone in losing a lot of the weight she gained during pregnancy. So she shared the picture below...