Thursday, October 3, 2013

Still Single Flavor N'Abania Talks About His Alleged Engagement to Beverly Heels

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Last year, there was a lot of talk about popular musician Flaour N'abania being engaged to his alleged girlfriend Beverly Heels, who was also said to be expecting a baby for the Oyi crooner. In an interview Flavor gave to Encomium magazine, he debunked the rumors, saying he's still single. Read some excerpts from the interview...

Funny Video - How To Make the World Believe Your Poo Doesn't Stink

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You all know girls don't poo, right? Right. We only do number one and the number two business never happened. That stink in the ladies, or in your loo after your girlfriend just came out? Must be your imagination. This ad came up before a video I was about to watch on Youtube and got me laughing so hard. The actress, and those lines? You have to see it to believe it, lol...

Dbanj's Finally Music Video - Can Someone Please Explain?

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I was full of praise for Dbanj's video for his single, Top of the World, but I have to confess that finally is one song and video that I could not make head or tail of. Can someone please watch the video below and explain? Just joking, lol... But it does seem like this Finally video is a nod from Dbanj to his label's Oga at the top, Kanye West.

Couple Love - Sanaa Lathan and New Boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick

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Sanaa Lathan posted the above picture on Instagram with the caption: “xoxo”. Colin also posted the same picture saying “this”. Colin Kaepernick is a 25-year-old NFL San Francisco 49ers quarterback and Sanaa Lathan is 42 years old. Some think this means they won't last, but who knows? Ask Tina Turner, and Jennifer Lopez and her beau Casper Smart are still together going on three years now.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Marriage Pressure: Why Are You Not Married?

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The pressure on young women to get married at a certain age is all too real, some families dish it worse than others, but most do it in one way or the other. In this video, Chinenye Ifepe of Rita Speaks and a friend share their experiences on the struggles of being a single young female in an African setting. Watch the video below and share your own views.

A Man Punches Female Store Clerk Over 41 Cents?

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A man who is probably a cigarette addict punched a woman in a California store in the face because he could not pay the one dollar and 41 cents needed to buy a pack of cigarettes. Police are now looking for the man. See the video below...

Kerry Washington On Being Olivia Pope And Some ‘Scandal’ Season 3 Secrets

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Kerry Washington, on the set of the upcoming season of Scandal, recently spoke with New York Post‘s Mary Murphy and in their chat, she talks about herself, and shares some of the secrets of the first two episodes of the show. Below are some excerpts from the interview. There are spoilers :)

Watch Nollywood Movies Online - Last Flight to Abuja FREE

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The movie, Last Flight to Abuja is now free to watch online via IbakaTV. You can read my review HERE.

Synopsis - A set of everyday Nigerian travelers' board the last Flamingo Airways flight scheduled to fly from Lagos to Abuja on a fateful Friday night. However, like a bolt out of the blue, through a mixture of human error, technical failure and sheer bad luck, the plane rapidly develops major difficulties that sends it teetering on the brink of disaster. As the pilots fight with the controls of the stricken plane, a series of flashbacks unravel the twists, turns and leaps of fate that put each passenger on the fateful flight and others who couldn't make it through a sheer of luck.

[Web Series] Waiting... Episode 2

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I was so glad we were taking off and finally on our way to our vacation destination. I had had a stressful year with work and every other nonsense I had allowed into my life. I couldn’t help but think about Kola and everything he put me through that year. I had met Kola at a friend, Tolu’s birthday dinner, about a year and half ago. He was introduced to Tolu through another friend who lived in New York and since Kola was moving to Dallas, Tolu was helping him sort of settle in. We spoke for a bit since we were seated next to each other at the dinner and it was a big table. At the end of the night, he asked for my number and that was the beginning of my romance with him.

Magazine Covers - Rihanna For Glamour November 2013 Issue

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This Glamour photo shoot must have been done while Rihanna wore her short curly natural look some months ago. In the interview, Rihanna talks about getting real and being her true self, Robyn, when she goes home to Barbados. She also talks about old friends, her new TV show, and where her fearless attitude really comes from. See more pics and an excerpt below.