Monday, September 9, 2013

Tamar Braxton in Ebony Magazine, Talks About her Infertility, Abusive Relationships and Self Esteem

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Tamar Braxton and her new baby, Logan, are on the cover of the latest issue of Ebony Magazine where she talks about her painful struggle with infertility before getting pregnant and how she got her post-pregnancy body right. She also discusses past abusive relationships and how they have affected her self esteem, as well as having vitiligo. Here are some excerpts from the cover story.

The Meeting - Behind the Scenes and Interview With Midred Okwo, Rita Dominic and other Actors

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Rita Dominic's The Meeting remains one of the best Nollywood movies I've seen and a great romantic comedy for any audience. The producers are preparing to release the DVD version of the movie in the coming months and this promo of behind the scene snippets and interviews with some of the people involved in making the movie is a must watch.

Viola Davis on Essence Magazine - Talks About Natural Hair and Her Identity as a Black Actress

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Viola Davis is beautiful inside and out on the cover of the October edition of Essence Magazine. She debuted her teenie tiny afro on the 2012 Oscar’s red carpet [here] and in this cover, she shows how it has grown and inside the magazine, she talks about accepting her natural beauty as it affected her work as a black actress in Hollywood. Excerpts;

UshBebe and Annette Share Pre-Wedding Photos

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Justice Nuagbe, Nigerian Comedian and Radio Presenter for Naija FM in Lagos popularly known as Ushbebe, will be getting married to his long time girlfriend, Annette Osa-Agbontaen, in a traditional marriage in October. The white wedding ceremony will hold on the 23rd of November. Congratulations to the couple!

A Cry For Help? Miley Cyrus Cries as she Goes Nude in 'Wrecking Ball' Music Video

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After her hard girl act at the VMAs, see here, Miley Cyrus is going for the soft inside in new video for her single, Wrecking Ball. Shedding tears at the beginning of the video, she sings of being wrecked after charging into a relationship like the tough one. I like the song, and the lyrics, some say the video is more of her provocative, girl-gone-wild side, I think it's quite mature. Or could it be a cry for help?

How To Be The Wife That Your Man Wants by Gerald Rogers

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Remember his message to Men, here, on how to be an epic husband? Read and share these tips for women who want to enjoy a great marriage…

Last Sunday, just after my marriage of 16 years ended in divorce, I was up at 1:00am capturing advice I would have given myself if I could go back in time… things I wish I would have known as a husband earlier. I shared my thoughts with my friends on Facebook hoping that maybe out there somewhere, there was one person like me that could benefit from my hard earned lessons and recommit to being the man their wife deserves, before it was too late...

Kendra Spears becomes Princess Salwa - Changing Your Religion and Your Name After Marriage

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If you watched the Disney princesses as a young girl, or ever crushed on British prince William or Harry, you may have dreamed of one day becoming a princess. And for Kendra Spears, an American from Seattle, she did get her prince.

All the Actors in Half of a Yellow Sun Movie at the Toronto International Film Festival Premiere

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The Half of a Yellow Sun movie premiered yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been getting some publicity and favorable reviews, [see first photos of Chimamanda, Genevieve and a review here]. The financiers of the movie led by Yewande Sadiku and Muhktar Bakare were also present, as well as director Biyi Bandele and producer Andrea Calderwood. See the entire contingent present at the movie premiere below...

Couple Love - Thandie Newton Pregnant - Expecting Baby #3 with Husband Ol Parker

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Thandie Newton was at the Toronto Film Festival with her husband, Ol Parker to attend the premiere of her upcoming film, Half Of A Yellow Sun. This is amidst reports confirmed by her manager to US Weekly that the actress is expecting her third child. Thandie Newton has been married to her writer-director husband, Ol Parker for 15 years, and they have two daughters. Congrats to them!

See all the pictures from the Half of a Yellow Sun Premiere, here.

Monday Man Candy - Dr Sid in a Scottish Kilt For a Friend's Wedding

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If this were the cover art of a movie, Dr Sid himself titled it best when he captioned this picture he shared on Instagram, "A Scottish Wedding, a Naija Grooms Man and a Kilt". Dr Sid was among the groomsmen at his friends wedding and along with the Scottish groom, they all wore the kilt with their suits.