Friday, September 6, 2013

Good Guys and the Friend Zone: Fact or Fiction?

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By Eky Shirley

This is a sequel to Good girls like bad guys; Fact or Fiction?

I have to mention that it was sparked by a conversation I had with a certain young man (a good guy, I`d like to think), on Saturday night. He had not even seen the previous post but it was the subject of our discourse. He, is of the opinion that girls no longer want gentlemen, bu prefer 'thugs with money'. Furthermore, that gentlemen are quickly relegated to the FRIENDZONE.

Would You Wear A Red Wedding Gown?

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Many people who commented on a similar post about Black Wedding Dresses [see post] responded in the negative, but what if the color is red? Some will say red is a vibrant and lively color unlike drab, mournful black. Would you wear it?

Saying Thank You and The Power of Appreciation

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One thing about appreciation and saying thank you is the ability for it to make a positive impact on relationships. If there's any danger in most relationships is how very quickly things can become routine, and "Oh wow, you really did this for me? I'm blown away!" becomes "OK, you did this. Neexxxtttt!"

An Arranged Marriage At 17, Divorced By 31 - My Experience By Amara Blessing Nwosu

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I was reading further on teenage marriage and abuse in Nigeria and came across the story of Ms Amara Blessing-Nwosu who was made to go into early marriage for her father/ family considerations. She was married for 14 years, during which she had four children - two boys and two girls - but the marriage collapsed 5 years ago due to abuse. Amara is now a writer and relationship consultant, counseling young people on relationship and health issues, and managing an NGO, the Dorcas Generation Initiative.

Couple Love - Lara George Shares 9th Anniversary Message For Her Husband

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"It was 9 years ago when we first looked into each others' eyes and said 'I do.' Wow! 9 years ago! Seems like just a heartbeat passed since i said yes to you my love.

Toyin Aimahku Gets Surprise Birthday Cake From Her Husband [Pictures]

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Yesterday, 5th of September, Toyin Aimakhu was one year older and her new husband, Niyi Johnson celebrated it by presenting her a couple of birthday cakes, one had the inscription 'HBD to my lovely wife.' On set with them at the time was Doris Simeon and others. Wishing Toyin many more years..

Quote of the Day - True Love Will Never Let You Go

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Movie Trailer - Jennifer Hudson is Winnie Mandela

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This movie has been a while coming but it will be in Theaters before the end of this year. Jennifer Hudson portrays Winnie Mandela in a drama that chronicles the life of Winnie Mandela from her childhood through her marriage and her husband Nelson Mandela's (played by Terrence Howard) incarceration. It would be interesting to see the similarities and difference with Idris Elba's Mandela.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Family Time - Beyonce Spends Her Birthday With Jay Z and Blue Ivy

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Yesterday, September 4, was Beyonce's birthday and she celebrated the day with her husband Jay Z, and their daughter Blue Ivy along with few friends aboard a yacht in Italy. Remember how she was walking that plank in sky-high heels, here? For her day, it's all casual playing, photo-taking, and fun and hugs from the hubby. iLike!

Child Marriage Vs Islamic Law - Stella Damasus and Senator Yerima on #AJStream Network

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Stella Damasus and Senator Ahmed yerima went toe to toe on the Al-Jazeera show THE STREAM tackling the Underage Marriage issue in Nigeria. Not surprisingly, they went round in circles with none the wiser. One of the other guests, a lawyer named Aminu made the most sense.