Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beverly Osu Calls Out 2Shotz, Says He Battered Her While They Were Dating

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Beverly Osu was on Rubbin' Minds with Ebuka this afternoon and she confirmed that the rapper she had talked about while in the #BBATheChase house was 2Shotz. She has said to fellow housemates that one of her previous boyfriends had been violent with her. Though she called no names, some bloggers did, and 2Shotz actually did a statement denying the incident.

Police IG Mohammed Abubakar and Fiancee Zarah Bunu in Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

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The Nigerian Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Dikko Abubakar who lost his wife Maryam Abubakar to cancer in January 2012 will be getting married  for the second time to 35 year-old Zarah Bunu, daughter of Bunu Sherrif Musa, Nigeria’s Ambassador to France in 1999. The couple will be celebrating their marriage on September 14, 2013.

Reviews and Lessons From The Lekki Wives Web Series

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By Tobe Osigwe. 

It was the twentieth century German-American writer, Edith Hamilton that opines; the way a nation goes reflects in their art and drama. What she meant by this is, the foibles, follies, thinking and behavioural pattern of a particular nation at a particular time or cultural movement is wholly reflected in their art or drama. Inadvertently what this means is, if you want to know how the South-Africans, Ghanaians, Americans or Nigerians behave look at their art. Art in this context cuts across Music, Films, Fashion, Poetry, Sculptural Works, etc.

Visibility Zero - Even When It Seems Darkest, What Can You See?

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Visibility Zero is a short film that explores the issues of unemplyment in the Nigerian society. While touching on issues of violent crime and rape, it focuses on how one can see beyond their limitations and rise above adversity. The film is 25 mins long but worth watching when you can.

Quote of the Day - I'm Old School, Are You?

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Nelson Mandela Discharged From Hospital

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Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who has been in hospital for the past few months has just been discharged. He returned home on Sunday after being treated for a recurring lung infection, and having to be on life support for a while. The 95 years old Mandela is an icon for Africa and beyond.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stand For What You Believe In - Ese Walters Shares Her Evidence In Hopes of An Investigation

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Following the conversation spurred by the revelation of Ese Walter's affair with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA (see here) she has written what she says is her last article on the topic titled “Going Forward”. Ese thanks all those who supported her and says that her evidence is with a respected minister in the hopes that the Christian body in Nigeria will investigate Pastor Biodun to prevent further abuses.

#illNeverDateAPersonWho - What Is Your Number One Relationship Deal Breaker?

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Love me, love my dog? Many of us know what we want in those we date, and when those things are missing, we'll either run far away from the potential suitor or relegate them to the friendzone like in the picture. Those on twitter decided to weigh in on the issue and there are many gems. Cheating is high on the list, breaking promises, sharing the same likes and dislikes, looks, etc. What is yours?

Uche Nnaji and Anthonia Onwamaka - First Photos From Traditional Wedding

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Uche Nnaji, CEO of Ouch got married earlier today to his fiancee, Anthonia Onwamaka, at the bride's home in Lagos. Their white wedding will be celebrated next month. Best wishes to the couple. More pictures below...

Grieving Husband, 96, Writes Song for His Late Wife - They Were Together 75 Years

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If you don't like crying or have no heart for love or romance, this video and story may not be for you. The video is a short documentary about Fred Stoubaugh, 96, who lost his wife Lorraine earlier this year. They had been married just short of 73 years, but had been together for 75 years - dated two years before marriage.