Friday, August 23, 2013

Yes to the Dress - Solape's Wedding Story Featuring Mori Lee 1810

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Solape knew her husband for over 10 years before they got married. He has been her oasis of calm when all else seemed to be falling apart, from when they first met to when he proposed 33,000feet in the sky. However, when it came to finding her dress, it was all her, simple, classy and elegant. Enjoy her wedding story.

Couple Love - Ini Edo Goes on Second Honeymoon With Husband

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Ini Edo and her husband most recently stepped out together at the Nollywood celebrates Omotola event. She shared these new pictures of them going away for vacation tagging one of the pics #UK, #Monaco, #Paris, and another, "2nd honeymoon". Guess who else was on the flight?

Short Story - This is What I Feel

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By Kem Nathan-Gaul

I feel I am being pulled in many directions. I feel like I want to scream and the words just won’t come out. I feel like I am reaching out to grab his hand. Sometimes, I actually sit up and grab him. I know my grasp can be firm and painful. I would never intentionally hurt him. It’s just that in that moment of confusion, panic, and pain; a part of me remembers that he is a part of me. All I can think of is that if anyone can understand what is happening, he can.

Blast From the Past - Chris Okotie Before and Now

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One of the means through which Rita Dominic's movie, The Meeting, established the age difference between their two main characters was signposting the generational gap using music. Ejura asked her mother for music of the eighties and I Need Someone by Chris Okotie came up.

Genevieve Nnaji on Her First Love, Getting Married and Having Her Own Family

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I've not read any interview with Genevieve Nnaji as in-depth as this one. Before Nollywood went international between 2005 - 2009, bubbling up stars like Omotola, Ramsey Nouah and Genevieve to superstardom [see post], these actors spoke candidly to Nigerian journalists.

Quote of the Day - Increase the Dose

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Her Marriage Lasted Only 2 Days - Did This Wife Make the Right Decision to Leave?

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When you're in the crowd where two people say their "I dos", the assumption is that they must have known each other well enough, possible dated or courted for several months at least, discussed all the issues and topics that may impact their relationship, and have agreed to take each other, warts and all.

This is not always the case however, as this witness to a marriage that lasted two days shared on this FB Page. His testimony;

Mehnnn things are happening ooo! A marriage that lasted for 2days and both went seperate ways.the husband after the wedding on saturday @ night asked the wife to change her sim card and close all her accounts on any social network she operates.the wife felt that if the husband acted due to lack of trust,then there was no points marrying her in the first place.all efforts to make them see reason fell on deaf ears,even the pastor who joined dem was called to rescue the marriage but could'nt succeed.the wife said she could not stay in a marriage where there is no trust so she packed her belongings and left.What a World!!!

Was the wife right to have taken this decision? Why did the husband wait till after the marriage to state how seriously her social media activities bothered him? What is even more worrisome is that some people, a lot actually, believe the wife was wrong, and heap ALL the blame on her head. Seriously?

A Male Commenter - See how westernization & modern life is destroying girls in africa. In Africa, women are to totally submissive to men, that was why u hardly hear of divorce during our forefathres, but now, women place westernization above marriage. If the story is virtually real, the lady in question is not marriageable. She should have simply done wht the husband requires of her then later find reasons to convince her man on why she wants to keep the social network. Its only weak ladies that cannot convince a man. Men are equally soft minded but always insist on them being respect at all time. A women argues her husband bcos she lack power to melt the heart of her husband. This is one big factor that leads to fatal breakup. That lady made a big mistake cos the man has the right to ask her to shutdown her social network on reasonable grounds. Marriage is never a joke & a girl that allows such reason to marr her marriage is a fool.

 Please, these marriage from hell stories are getting too much, let's discuss.

I Love This Woman! Kanye Reveals How Kim Kardashian and North West are his Joy

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Kanye West recorded an appearance on Kim Kardashian's mom's TV show, the Kris Jenner’s show, earlier this week. The episode which airs tomorrow has Kanye talking about Kim Kardashian, his daughter North West, the hurt he felt when his mother passed away and how he thought he had nothing to live for until now. According to clips from the taping, he said;

Vacation Time - Omotola Jalade and Her Family Tour Italy

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Goodbye Rome! Hello Florence...
Yes, the children are really all grown up! Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and her husband are taking their children on a tour of Italy's historical landmarks. #mykindofvacation

Arinze and Chioma Obikili Say I do in Tampa Florida - Proposal Story and Wedding Pictures

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RML in collaboration with FotosbyFola brings you the proposal story and wedding pictures of Arinze and Chioma Obikili who got married June 1, 2013.

Arinze proposed to Chioma on November 21, 2012, the night before her birthday. He presented her with a gift bag that had lots of wrapping tissue but no gift inside. Chioma was puzzled as she searched fruitlessly for the gift before Arinze told her he forgot to put the gift in the bag. He left the room and said he’ll be right back. Immediately he returned, he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring. As you can imagine, Chioma was laughing for quite a while before she was able to finally say ‘YES’