Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[Video] At Home With John Legend - Where He Likes To Get Naked A LOT

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In this new interview with Funny or Die, John Legend takes us into his home and shows us a day in his life. And he reveals almost everything, and we do mean everything. From exercise, to sleeping, to making music to watching the TV, the musician loves being in the nude!

Kate Middleton and Prince William Release Family Photos With Baby, Prince George

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Yesterday, our favorite royal couple, Prince William and wife Kate released two informal family photos at her parents, the Middleton family home, where Kate and the baby stayed for a while after they left the hospital. The pictures were taken some weeks ago by Kate's father, Michael, one sunny day in the garden.

How Long is Enough? Woman with Longest Dreadlocks Vows Never To Cut 55ft Long Hair

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One could call Asha Mandela the real life Rapunzel, her 55ft long dreadlocks are almost two-stories high, stretching from upstairs to downstairs. But this is not a Disney movie - in real life the weight of such long locks have an effect on the body. Asha Mandela's doctors have warned her that her hair, which weighs three stone could paralyse her. However, she says she will never cut it.

Speaking Out - Why I Had to Leave My Sexless Marriage Of Seven Years

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Tessa Writes of her Experience;

I truly empathise with the author and understand cos I have been there before. seven years ago, at the age of 29, I married a man who "presumably" loved me. We have 2 lovely girls together, but he has only slept with me on 8 occasions! Unlike the author of this post, I was not a virgin when I got married. I got married at the prime of my youth to a man whom I have to literally beg all the time to sleep with me.

Couple Love - Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Show PDA

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been married for eight years and have three kids together. After his 41st Birthday last week, the couple snuggled up close as they paid for parking. Jennifer Garner planted a kiss on her husband's shoulder, quite a tame PDA but very sweet still :)

The Wedding Pictures - QuestionMark's Kevin and Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel

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After a beautiful traditional marriage ceremony [see pictures], the white wedding of Kevin and Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel took place in London last Friday 16th August. Some notable faces were Tuface, Basketmouth, Uti Nwachukwu, and Lilian Unachukwu.

[Women Online] Ramat Oiza at TrendyRammy

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Ibrahim Ramat oiza of Trendyrammy says if there's one thing blogging has taught her, it is that patience is virtue because most comments can be very annoying and frustrating but she has learnt to just read them and smile. She is a fashionista and her current project is to create a diary of fashion related stories on her blog. Enjoy her feature;

Kim Kardashian Attends Funeral With North West

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Baby North West, well, her legs and tiny feet at least, were sighted this weekend in Oklahoma as Kim Kardashian cradled her during Kanye West's grandfather's funeral last weekend. Unlike the last photograph of the family, Kim was the one carrying baby North West, whose upper body was covered by a little green blanket, in her arms.

Magazine Covers - Mo Abudu on Style Mania

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Mo Abudu is one of the foremost media personalities in Nigeria. She is the founder of Ebony life Television and on this issue of Style Mania, she shares about her journey so far. The magazine also features Ruth Obih and Betty Irabor.

Quote of the Day - Communication

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